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  1. we're ready for 2020 Olympic! synchronize sight XD 


  2. Welcome to anomaly riddle don't be shy to ask us or the GMs on game as well as in forum <3 Behave of us in anomaly Welcome to our lovely server Enjoy!! <3
  3. IGN:Eimie 😋 Name or Nickname:Rain [realname]😎 Time Zone : GMT+9 [ Japan ]🗾 Job Class : Wizard [ Heard u guys need a wiz But even other char will do :D ]🤙🏻 Online Time : I'm Shifting at work but almost everyday i'm on and in dayoff probably 6~10hrs ⏳ Discord Tag : † Dragon Himura Kenshin Rin †#6901 👾 Additional About me : study/work hard play harder.
  4. Hi and welcome to the server ;D see u ingame!!
  5. GeneralRin


    S>SinxCard Pm me on game or Reply here 80mc or 4k DC
  6. IGN: Kenshin Himura [aka Dragon Heart]  Name or Nickname: U can call me Rain [real one] Tell us about your self: (I'm Here To Help :) .) playing Class or classes you want to play: Lord Knight [or anything needed for woe] Are you willing to fill for classes needed: yes Do you have Discord: I do † Dragon Himura Kenshin Rin †#6901 How active are you: very active If dayoff 6hrs max Timezone: Japan Time GMT+9
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    Cart Ring

    Hello Again! For My 3rd Suggestion So I was Thinking again! if u guys can put a Cart Ring Why:Cuz Every Sniper Can't Carry As Much as A Bio can And storage can only holds 30k let's say +guild Storage So if you guys implement the "Cart Ring" it'll be so awesome for Farmers So they wont get out to Exchange[maybe when all 3 storage are full] You Can Sell Cart Ring On BG tix,Donate,Vote points,Poring Coins W/e U guys Wanna Put it, So Hoping this one will be approved Thank U
  8. Hey Guys So The Public Players Decided To Have Their Own Public Discord You Can Post In It If You Want to Hold A GR party or Wanna Know IF there's One I know We already Have a Discord Channel But Hey It's A freedom right? So Here it Goes Please Join And Be Part Of Our Growing Community https://discord.gg/4AcY8y I'll See U In Game! :D
  9. Hello Again! So I was thinking again "Since" we are Super High Rate Server. Why Not Put a 3rd Job Sprite Mounts that Adds Walk Speed. That Can Be Brought Via BG tix,Donate Credits,Poring Coins or Even Quest [it depends Where u guys gonna put it in]. The Twist is you cant Use Skill While Mounted [+10 or +15] Walkspeed. While the BG Shoe[Celerity Shoes] can the Mount Can't [skill]. It can Help A lot of NEW players since every newbie can't BG[battleground] at first 1~2weeks. Im Looking Forward For New Updates! <3
  10. This is like a year ago :D IGN:Dragon Heart,Blue DeviL Rin,Himura Kenshin
  11. +1 For nice update thanks perry <3 IGN:Dragon Heart,Blue DeviL Rin,Himura Kenshin