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  1. Now this I can get behind :) Great post my friend.
  2. Yeah, there's generally a promotion for all big real world celebrations AFAIK.
  3. Take care mate; good luck with your search.
  4. This has actually been tread over a few times already, but I'm glad that it's being discussed finally in the form of a forum post. It'll be interesting to see what kind of communal reply this gets beyond the same handful of players who see the glaring issues with this feature. Overall, I still feel exactly the same now as I did back then, see here - I think the elephant is clearly in the room when it comes to the potential problems posed by duo'd characters. There are certain class combos that, when ensured to land on the same team, pose a massive threat to the enemy team and even become a nuisance when consistently landing on the same team to the point where they almost consistently impact the outcome. Scholar + Creator is just one classic example, but there are many other instances of why this feature is a pain in the arse such as High Wizard + Creator, Paladin + pretty much anything, and even a Stalker + SinX or certain High Priest combos. Allowing players to pick their own duo'd class which they may have almost perfect synergy with is unbalanced because all other aspects of BG are randomised, and it really shows in games where players duo. Especially so in games where there are multiple duos since they have a chance of landing on the same team and suddenly you have 4 coordinated players on the same team participating in an otherwise totally random game mode. One of the biggest arguments of course is that duos encourage players to help out a newbie or "hang out" with mates, but this is not how the feature is being used to date as far as I can tell, and if nothing else, simply alienates the players who want to just play the game. The feature is instead being used in order to flex, farm more objectives effectively and to min/max with broken class combos. Another factor of course as well is that from trying to be in the shoes of developer, this feature took time and energy to implement, and this shouldn't be overlooked, but with how the feature is being used currently, it also shouldn't be the boon that keeps the feature as is either. You should be able to enjoy the game playing with or against friends. I know that I personally do, but I may be a minority there. I'd like to hear from both types of players, but as a person who has experienced the plague of 1 or 2 duos on a team, including my own, I don't find them to be particularly intuitive to the "fun" factor. Additionally, it is much worse on certain modes than others, and while that's beside the point, it's still food for thought considering this is a server whose big feature is its BG.
  5. I think you're kind of getting to it near the end there, yeah. What I'm basically saying is that: - If, and only if the GM team deemed it acceptable to feel the need to actually ban a player based on their own actions of escalation. - Then it logically follows that the player should respect that decision instead of simply logging into other accounts to avoid it, regardless of the fact that the perpetrator believes it to be "inconvenient" for them to not be on their main account. This reasoning totally misses the point of the ban, and instead of taking the necessary time-out that they might be wise to take, they are weaving around it by playing on an alt account with a mate's gear. You've identified, I believe, with your final question as well that perhaps the issue lies with the punishment itself, and I do think there is something to that, yes. If a player has escalated to the point where they are being told by the GM team that "here's a ban, please don't log in for X hours/days/weeks/forever", then there is a message being conveyed there. A message that is being lost when the player knows they are able to log into another account and at large continue as they were. It may be inconvenient, yes, but I do believe it kind of defeats the purpose of the GM team even banning the player in the first place. Dissecting what Perry was saying here a bit, he does refer to account bans as jailing, but then says that "we prefer account bans as they affect the whole account rather than a single character". This to me presents the above problems that I and a few others have discussed, because if jailing is considered to be ineffective because it limits just a character (I'm speculating here, and may be wrong), then the same can be said for a player who escalates to a point where their entire account is banned and they simply turn around and log into the account of somebody else or an alt using a mate's gear. Of course, as Perry outlined as well, there is a line that mustn't be crossed, and the level of escalation from the staff's perspective should likely remain as it is to avoid players feeling trapped or unwelcome, but when it comes to a point where a player has been banned for their actions, then they likely should remain offline as requested (in my opinion). Well, that was longer than intended... Hopefully I didn't just make it even more complicated, lol.
  6. Perry and Seuv have more or less covered a lot of what I wanted to initially say, but to delve in further with my 2 cents. I think the main takeaway from what they both said is that the pendulum swings both ways: - On one hand (and this is something that did happen on Inertia) rules can be viewed as petty or too obtrusive if they are too strict. Escalating punishment too quickly can lead to an effect where the player is not only made an example of, but also feels discouraged to even play anymore. There was a particular GM on Inertia who did do this, and although they were a great asset to the team otherwise, their actions and escalation led to certain players simply throwing in the towel and leaving the server altogether. - And then the pendulum swings back the other way, and we have a situation where players are likely not getting the message from the punishment they've received, simply because as Seuv said, they choose to play the game through loopholes rather than by the rules. This type of player is a problem because they're not only demonstrating that they're not calculating the error of their ways properly, but are also flaunting that it simply does not matter because they're going to get onto another account and continue doing what they're doing with a mate's gear, hence more or less ignoring the ban and the intent behind it. The BG ladder, nor any other means of progression within the game, should never be considered as an outlier to justify a wrongdoer's actions. Since although it is true that they're no longer able to participate on their main character, it is equally as valid and logically follows that the perpetrator did something wrong to warrant the "inconvenience" of being temporarily banished from the ladder and other activities in the first place. To simply hop onto other accounts is indeed a loophole, and should be treated as such in the future by whatever means possible. This of course extends to all rules, and when players are left asking "how can I best avoid it?", then the chances are good that this same player is the one who will likely run into trouble in the future; statistically speaking.
  7. You're Mickey Mouse though... Does it get much more honourable than that?
  8. I'd be very wary of making either of these skill self-cast for not only reasons that Justin and Saku pointed out, but for a few others. My issue pertains to Safety Wall because: - It'd make walling out melee classes even easier when it's already too easy to do it as it is. High Priests are already annoying with Kyrie, but to allow them to self-cast Safety Wall on top of this is a bit obnoxious. Professor comes to mind next, being able to just self-cast without much thought while inside of WoF. Both classes would be able to just wall out most melee advances, along with High Wizard, which is just not something we need right now given how strong the two Mage classes still are. The micromanagement involved in placing SW is likely something that should remain due to this, considering all that's needed is to zoom in a bit on yourself to really use it well. Pneuma is likely a definite no. The skill already has a 3*3 cell area and with the help of using the server's SRH, it really shouldn't be hard for people to tell where they are. This is actually more of a concern in PvP where Champs play a major role. Allowing them to Snap and self-cast Pneuma again removes micromanagement that should likely remain given it's just not a big deal for a good Champ to use Pneuma rhythmically with Snap. Nope, and thank God if there is one that they don't, lol. Considering HW is capable of kiting around a Sniper with their damn Cloak spam, they really don't need such a change to make walling out melee just as easy.
  9. -1 as well. There are more people on the server than those who just want to WoE during WoE. People who are still not confident in joining WoE should have something else to do during these times. Invasion is a perfect example of this actually. An Invasion during WoE means that less veterans are out there taking all the MvPs from them and landing into the hands of newer players. Like Saku said, perhaps Happy Hour (apparently this doesn't happen anyway) or the GR Event could be considered, but definitely nothing else IMO.
  10. Hylian Spectre

    June BG

    I don't know man, Hello Kitty Online is pretty hard to install :( Nice footage though, as usual.
  11. Is that the strobe light Mickey Mouse hat? Lol
  12. Cheers for that. I'll add Glass Bracer in since it does have uses with specific comps. Also added a section concerning the BG potions. Direct, additive +5 MS when you attack with a bow for 3 seconds. Meaning that when using them you're actually at +15 MS when attacking with them as opposed to 10 on Sleip. Similar to Sleip, you won't see much effect with Badge or Moonlight since they don't directly stack with many things, but WW is another story. Thanks! You should give it a try :)
  13. Updated to address a number of changes which have occurred over the past year or so. Will likely see a few more tweaks.