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  1. +1 because i don't have friends that i can invite to server.
  2. iAloneAmHoly

    aRO BG Event

    Record that shit and post it at youtube or something then use a very click bait title...
  3. Just an example: Swapping to orc lord and +10 Valk mantue quick enough is already stronk imo, now adding like maybe a Radgris weap to it without delay is even stronger ,(againts melee), and who knows what other combo players can think of, like nuke linker itll reduce the chances of catching them with their pants down with that physical element weakness cause they can quick switch the moment they see physical classes. Now accessories? am still againts it especially if both it and 1set gets implemented. Players are already tanky like crazy. Even magic classes who are supposed to be in the back lines are already kinda tanky but its highrate sooo i didnt/wont complain on them much. * i dunno if its because of ping / latency that i can't switch like 3 or more equipment super quick even tho im sure i pressed the keys but i just took it as a balancing feature of RO. And i can also notice that players i go againts also experience this delay and i try to capitalize on it as much as i can but thinking of quick switching a whole set (even just 1) scares a average player like me : ( sorry -1
  4. Hmm, i was thinking that it was the zerging that made woe "bad". If i correctly understood the post, this encourages zerging more imo. *On second thought it does stop the instant regroup of wiped defenders.
  5. If its multiple equipment switch in one click, - 1 Good luck killing those Vets, full long range switch then full reflect then elements etc then add the duo system, No... Players gonna Make Meta sets for certain situations. Its kinda legalized macro
  6. iAloneAmHoly

    The BG Zodiac

    How bout the "<insert ign> has left the game" guys LOL
  7. Assassin cross card nerf wont matter much for wiz cause their Storm gust Range us literally insane. They can leak away from their stack and harass the opposing stack with little consequence.
  8. -1 WOF+safety wall = sad LK. Yes we can detale n reflect but that is such a hard counter to make for one class imo *I play generally physical class most of the time soo i might be biased
  9. Yeah, am over all these... my boner's gone :|
  10. Nice one whitey, but really? After all that you did not get the point? Your beyond help whitey, sit down whitey and stop tryin to be a hero. I bet you Just wanted to show of that sick album of yours huh, When was that released btw whitey? You jerk off to that?