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  1. A very clean and helpful guide! /no1
  2. Danii

    gachiBASS Clap

    Macho, macho, macho macho~!! I prefer my man squishy, but this song is disturbingly catchy and underrated.
  3. Danii


    This is my wolflike doggo! Apparently she is suppose to be a “purebreed husky”, but i have my doubts. ;p (I’m guessing husky/german shepherd) she is 11mo :)
  4. Ahah, i like the humour 🤣 This came up when i needed it, so of course i read it! :P
  5. Awesome guide! Very helpful :D
  6. Hello! Welcome to the server~
  7. IGN: Mami Brief description: ROTISSERIE!!
  8. Danii

    Guess the Card!

    IGN: Dani Answer: Aqua Elemental Card
  9. Welcome to Anomaly! You’ll love it here~ hehe
  10. 102~ This game will take a while 😅