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  1. Still the cutest thread to this day
  2. well written guide so i hope you get a prize but the build you suggest is very far from optimal
  3. hello and enjoy your stay
  4. you can basically ignore detale if you just don't hit people with magic, if you watch back your recordings you should be able to see us (me) casting level 5 LP straight on top of loki and ignoring the gypsy
  5. for the record i figured out a reliable counter to loki (not sp draining) about 15 minutes after i saw a gypsy use it in a vidblainn woe (it was over two weeks ago), and it was not by using detale card (which is also not reliable), i dont care about this drama but no misinformation pls
  6. valk

    Halloween Event Quests

    ty for guide easy winner of the month
  7. statistically irrelevant outlier cases
  8. +1 maybe some modes won't be about who has more pecos on the team anymore
  9. I'd say giving slow grace part of its official behaviour similarly to clown's apples (some seconds of trail) back and improving the slow would be the way to buff this skill and possibly make gypsy not a complete joke of a class, 188 ASPD from 193 inside a guild would basically mean lowering everyone's DPS by half with 1 skill that can't even be canceled so I'm not sure that's the play for this skill
  10. valk

    Box Maker (NPC)

    worthless for BoS useful for slims/whites/gemstones etc
  11. I wish you could track of AD bottles using that actually
  12. it's a buff from the wiki: Hatred Level 3 damage has been reduced by 50% allow them to wear trans stuff, for example