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  1. use incantation(just 1) to ignore defense and the paper card for more crit dmg. then u can mix it with turtle general and abysmal knight cards p34ce
  2. +1 if this lets us swap out both our accessories and potentially free up more slots in our skillbars I don't even care about the other armor pieces. if u can make the accessories only swap, that would be valid and could be the solution for the other post that was brought up a while ago dealing with accessories swapping.
  3. Alright... I think it's about time I input my opinion on this topic regarding players who are good at their classes and what not. not to mention a certain someone is holding me at gunpoint to my head to finish making this. my list is gonna be simple, I will try to order it from greatest to least, but I might get lazy and just go with the flow. likewise, I will sperate with sections and follow up with an explanation. Assassin Cross pvp James: pretty sure he knows why he up there and if I were, to be honest, I actually set him as a goal to beat playing other classes. If I did say goal I know I accomplished something lol. Noct/Shaltear: hard to tell which one is better due to the fact I only seen shaltear fight very few times mostly against James and he/she would put up a good fight. Noct too puts up a good match, but if I were speaking in technical terms I think, maybe, just a tad bit, shaltear might take it and also to the fact that Noct lags 24/7 (lul data wifi user). me: I know I have beaten these people a couple of times so imma just insert my self here. Aburame: almost forgot to add this guy. this dude was good simply put it was fun watching him cuz he would utilize grimtooth which I rarely see these days just10: honestly the only thing he lacks is playing the resist game but he doesn't enjoy it, so yea... get ya resist up lil ni- Sebaz: what happened? I thought you said you were gonna pvp more often Woe/bg Siblyx the NBA player name that plays on the bucks(dunno how to spell it) Sebaz 2 of the 3 I woe with so I have seen how good they can break the emp, but let's say there were my enemies and I'm playing as an LK, just know I'm locking you down with spiral pierce until you get booty blasted by the rest of the team and that includes you especially seabass. Champion pvp Erin: Yup u guys may find it odd that I'm putting this dude up here, but you gotta give respect when its due. to elaborate, simply put, his playstyle is just too annoying. slightly regret teaching him too but it's all cool. he makes efficient use of mostly all of the champs skills(pretty much asura) and it is your job to neglect him from using it or avoid it. However, if you take away a few of his methods he pretty much in last place of the list I will provide from here. Me/James; hmm... can't really decide but I feel like I would be up top but we just haven't played enough matches for me to confirm this. Just10: same reason as before he just doesn't like playing the resist game as stated from himself. Also, the fact that he has trouble with the position lag woe/bg- not even gonna mention anyone cuz it just champs using FO or asura which is just bland. Lord Knight pvp Me: I believe I'm the only LK that plays pvp right? and not even bragging, but I think I could beat every LK on this server. woe/bg I don't know how to list this honestly because I never really looked at LKS like that but if I were to decide based on presence this is how it would go. Pineapple Express: whenever I see this dude he is always killing someone at the very least before he goes down. Jimmy: I remember back in my SL days I would avoid this man because the way he spams bb be looking faster than others and it packs a punch. sry, imma just add other people in a grp because I honestly can't think from this point. (Uriel, Just10, Kaye)- I would see them putting in work as they should. Creator woe/bg Grime- just as many already said he's the best that plays this class. I dunno if its just me but it's on sight whenever we see each other always trying best each other. I wish this b**** a** would pvp more just because of how knowledgable he is about the class. it would be interesting. that cereal brand one: she actually uses mamo in her kit so I guess that's a plus. Simmy: compared to most generic bios she knows how to choose her fights than just potato spamming ad. That actually a skill even I lack lol. I'm not even trying to downplay you Simmy kappa. Whitesmith: woe/bg Soov: I remember this dude ever since I first started and he presence was so good that he alone could change shifts of a team fight. other than that he knowledge not only on the class but the game itself makes him very good. He too is another b**** a** person that would like to see in pvp, but as he quoted himself "he's too old". me: there weren't many WS being played until I decided to pick up on it and then the next then u know everyone else seemed to pick up on the meta and the fact that I put in work. Diyoso: a disciple of Soov from what I heard of and I notice her talent and abilities. at first, she would kill me if I didn't take her seriously but I learned my lesson xd. Gelokart: ill slide him in here just because his name reminds me of mariokart. High Wizard pvp Ray: just when I thought I was prob the best wiz in pvp the man himself Gandalf had to step in and gave me a lesson on how to humble myself(LOL). all jokes aside he is probably the very pinnacle of what you aim to be as a wizard and another b**** a** that I need to see in pvp more often me: I've beaten some of the best, so I think that's good enough. Kratos: never seen him pvp before but I heard he used to and it probably would be fun watching him, so I would like to see his b**** a** too. woe/bg Ray: again, the use of his kit----blah blah blah we heard this already. Eroll: he's a good wizard all around. nothing much more to say. another b**** a** that won't pvp Professor woe/bg wise: Ray/Valk: again back when I was a scrub SL he/she had a presence. I think she prob be on the same league as to ray when it comes to Professor, so this was hard to decide Rozzy: in conclusion, your chances of winning are increased if she's on your team. Sniper pvp= omegalul woe/bg Borrum: he's the best that plays this class knowing how to trap, kite, just flawless. low key another b**** a** I wanna see in pvp too. Bagel&Just10 these two are like those flies that like to be a pest and u gotta go the extra mile to slap it to death or away. Lunabell: Cant-not-mention her. She's so cool that people gotta focus her because of how much of a threat she is to that emp. High Priest woe/bg Rozzy: I'm not even being biased or anything, shes just that good at this class. Charmi: uhh... I guess she's good? LOL just kidding, she does her job well on being a bufferhoe and she does have a cool personality. Paladin woe/bg Roozy/Retribution: both pallies are one of those pallies that u just gotta focus and if u don't their team are just gonna stay alive. Issa tie between these two. shampoo guy: not sure if this is ming or Mond but he is on point with the pressure spamming. Stalker woe/bg Borrum: when u thought stalker was just annoying- he upped it to another level. Me: I refuse to believe that my stalker doesn't put in that work bolting people to death with my thana bait elemental sword build LOL. Klavius: a well-rounded talker that can do his job/role Soul Linker woe/bg Saku: "I run strong shields with Alice and Devi mant lul"- no one2019. lol, I just didn't know what to say about u Saku, rather just make memes. Me: a lot of people referred to me as that one SL that was really tanky but I think it not true at all. given the meta back in da days, it was fairly easy to tank a bunch of mages and bios because of the lack of diversity in different classes. however, its the complete opposite and I can guarantee you that I cant tank magic/LR/Melee all at the same time lol. I'm just a reg SL at this point. Gunslinger I forgot his name but he looked like that dude from Hellsing. he was a good GS and had gotten better over time. Kratos: can't really tell if GS were effective during woe but I think he did put in DPS in ya bodies. As far as the other classes go, I didn't bother mentioning them because of how rare they are played. Likewise, I know people that have played those classes but it pretty much comes down to them testing the waters with them and I can't really count that. for example, I know Eroll played SG and was pretty much-whooping everyone asses except for champ. soov tried out Gs for awhile but didn't really stick with it. I think scrub played clown/gypsy. Super Novice is pretty much like dinosaurs- nonexistent. At this point, you should get it. Don't feel offended that your name wasn't mentioned because me being me, I hardly even know my own guildmates names nor characters. I also tend to not mention people that play more than 1 class at times and actually be better than most(shout outs to you just10)and just stick to the ones I mostly see them on with. to those that made the list
  4. +1 to Perry's idea overall because i was gonna mention that maybe you could change the amount of fire/water scrolls given in the box and had more to earth/wind because of how mainly there are used than the other two. however, since you brought up the idea for unlimited, just as Saku said I don't think it is gonna be a hindrance to the overall speculations of things thus making them a valued item to get and help the economy concerning DC
  5. Buckets


    Just play thana bait elemental sword troll bolter stalker like me 4head.
  6. Increase the chance of parry procs and let it also block aoe magic
  7. Buckets

    S>MCs = anything

    T>my pvp skills for 200mc, pm me in game or forums for serious negotiations.
  8. there still 5 minutes just to let you know. i thought someone would point this out already but no one using them I guess except me
  9. hey ani welcome aboard and i hope you enjoy your stay. as for starter pack, we don't have anything particular towards that but you do get a newbie halo and wings that will help you start off. other than that i could guarantee u would have fun: there's lots of pve content you could do, events, and etc.
  10. Hey man whalecum to the server, I suggest u read the guides or the forums in general and you will be set. Just ask around during in game there will be people willing to help. That about it and if u wanna pvp just drop your main class so I can Set u straight.
  11. Yea with /q2 does it not only allows u to lock your screen into place but, you can access the use of skills just by using the scroller on your mouse as a way to make life easier for you than pressing the keys F7&8. like for me I use skills that or instant like buffs, aoe: desperado, those two ninja moves, defensive skills: cloak, pneuma or even for the use of switching gears. hope that answers your question
  12. This was a idea that I thought would be helpful regarding to recent past post/topics about newbies in general not reading the guides on the forums or the forums at all. all the while we kept forcing newbies to read the forums we automatically assume they know some form of English because they wouldn’t be able to even make a acc or even download the client right? However, I’m pretty sure it’s easy to navigate and notice where the download link is and etc on any given ro site from just imagery alone. Having said that there are players out there that don’t have English as their primary language and probably struggle to even read the forums. my solution is having a translate option like google somewhere on the forums so people can choose their preferred language. im not sure how hard this could be to implement but if it could that would be cool for the handicapped players that struggle with this.
  13. When I re brought the topic of disabling pets talk/ emote spam, my intentions was because of the exact reason tttwww brings up when they expose your hp when you hit 25%. Now in my opinion, it’s not necessary anymore because the threshold amount of vit you should always have is 380 total. So, if anyone is still bothered that they still do must be Thana bait. Most of you guys don’t pvp so we wouldn’t be able to tell if your thana bait or not in bg but, I would sometimes swap to that and examine whether players die quicker or not regardless. i would rather start using a pet because of how beneficial it is to gain the extra stat points. Let’s say even if u didn’t had a pet, for those who pvp we could tell at what point and when your hp is at a certain point. For example, when u see a significant dmg decrease that means your opponent hit 75% and is busting out the swaps. When u start seeing big reflect dmg or somehow out of no where they starting to do more dmg or even some random stuff that means they hit the 50% mark and went into last resort. Obviously you would have a hard time if someone could sustain their hp mainly acolyte and paladins depending on certain build structure. So all In all, I think people are afraid to get exposed of how much vit they have in bg or in pvp in general and it doesn’t matter if they start going more into offense when they notice you are low in health because of your pet because that should be the motive either way. If u scared then don’t use a pet but, if u give no fuks then Go ahead and use a pet.
  14. o-ohhh..... so u were actually serious when u had done the caculations for the original price. i thought it was a joke LOL, i done myself omegalul.