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  1. finally we all can wear this without sacrificing 1 WoE Drops to make the original one HOHOOooOoO p/s: @dirtysin yours are no longer exotic :P jk

    Contracts Guide

    easier way to earn forging materials like Oridecon Hammer instead of farming Teddy Bear @warp geffen_in 110 172

    Armor Tiers

    perhaps it's time to hire someone? pay them good money and leverage the donation pool collected? maybe.
  4. well yeah. his suggestion is kinda cool too.... I believe Anomalies are smart people and there is no problem figuring how this shit works through the npc... regarding the restriction, I vote for double-accessories swap only. let's hear other people's opinion.
  5. well yeah, your arguments make sense. alright. thanks jus10 and soob.
  6. THE SUGGESTION I would like to suggest a "Monthly Headgear Box" that only obtainable by spending (read: gambling) MCs. The objectives is to create balance between hard core grinders and donators, so that the economy will be running smoothly. There will be people EARNING money, and there will be people SPENDING money. THE SITUATION Let's say the box is costing you about 20MCs per box. Depending on your RNGesus luck, you might get one of this : common, rare, super rare, or extremely rare HGs.... if you get the common, you will lose your gambling money. If you get the extremely rare one, you will make more money. Basically the RNGesus thing is the only ONE FACTOR that affects your investment (the gambling money xD). No skills required, pure luck system implied. THE RESULTS These are my rough ideas about the RNGesus chances : 1. 50% Common HGs - sellable for not more than <10b 2. 40% Rare HGs - sellable for 10-45b 3. 7% Super Rare HGs - sellable for 45-60b 4. 1% Extremely Rare HGs - sellable for >60b or more THE LEAD GENERATING TOOLS (or you can call it as an ADVERTISEMENT) We can change the whole gambling outcome every month. So every month, there will be an update news in AnomalyRO patcher saying "this is what you can get from July Monthly Box blah blah blah, click here for more information" and when players click on that link, they will read the information on forum. Perhaps including the pictures as well. This will create the demand for the marketplace. And also, changing the box outcome on monthly basis will motivate people to farm for MCs immediately if they want something in one particular month, because they know they are not going to get it if they wait for the next month (to create the sense of urgency).... THE CONCLUSION I see this as an opportunity to make GR running all the time. The donation-oriented players will help the server to financially sustain. The hard-core grinders will help the server alive. And I think that's balance.
  7. It will be lit af if we have this feature....
  8. +10 newbie halo/wings combined with donation/vip HG costume = can save billions billions saved mean the zeny sinking mechanism will be dead, sooner or later
  9. the emergence of new animated donation headgears came together with donation happy week. this is awesome.
  10. 1) The archievement Overview Table indicators is kinda messed up. Only General and PvP section bar indicator are that showing the right parameters. 2) Same case with this one, The Four Stags of Yggdrasil. Kill 1 Durathror, then it shows that something else killed (I don't remember whether its Dainn or Dvalinn, but you get the point, its absolutely not Durathror). I wasted too much time before I actually realized that it's the indicator that being messed up. 3) Top 5 Monthly Bounty Hunter gave title as "Monster Hunter". This is the same title as in PvM section. Were these similarity intentional?
  11. Ok lets wait then. Problem solve. Thank you.
  12. @ii command stating that NOTHING is drop by any monster. by right it should tell the highest drop chances. I notice this happened after the latest updates. meanwhile @whodrops command is working exactly as the way it should be.