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  1. I like to live stream so I made a guild named Twitch.tv which is also a URL link to a website for live streaming. Expect me to live stream a lot, when i'm not doing boring stuff like farming or leveling up. If you live stream and would like to join the guild just ask me and I wont mind. My live stream? it is Twitch.tv/coolspeedy Follow me, maybe when I get rich in anomaly I can give away to my followers? :D
  2. For people like me with horrible eyes and empty wallets to get better monitors, give us an option to increase the in game text so we can read things with less stress (Which may also cause our eyes to get worst). My examples: Original CoolSpeedy : Hello, I am CoolSpeedy. Edits CoolSpeedy : Hello, I am CoolSpeedy. CoolSpeedy : Hello, I am CoolSpeedy. CoolSpeedy : Hello, I am CoolSpeedy. What I have done is BOLD it, and also increased the text size. If it is possible to do this to the text in RO it would help me a whole lot and decrease my chances of getting a headache for looking at the small text.
  3. Rings of Saturn - The Macrocosm
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    CoolSpeedy's Art

    Whoever wants to see more of my art, I will post if you ask for it but for now have this. and yes it was done with pen.
  5. When I am in the mood to draw, I can ask for any requests.
  6. I asked perry about it in game a few weeks back, he said it was possible but I wanted to make an official suggestion on the forums lol.
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    This last meme I mentioned in @main in game and caused everyone who previously camped the kiels to get really lmfao.