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  1. Let's meet in BG, Senpais /gg *twitch twitch*
  2. Bob

    How to Find the Rarest MVP

    @dirtysin oh don't mind me, it's just funny how in this day and age, some guys are still gullible. My philosophy is: All players are guys until proven otherwise. ^ Gender equality /gg
  3. AKA The Trap Checklist A passing remark about a certain Whitesmith who hangs around in her underwear in Caspen drew my attention and planted the seeds for this guide. (I’m using the female pronoun here loosely ‘cause hate to break it to you kid, I’m 99.99% sure that hot chick is a dude.) But don’t worry Ms. WS, I ain’t judging, in fact I’m applauding, ‘cause who doesn’t appreciate a well put together sprite? With what feels like 80% of headgear options leaning toward the kawaii as opposed to the cool side, we’re spoiled for options when it comes to making traps… errr picking out our ensemble. And I’ve seen female sprites ranging from cute to elegant. In fact, I know a guy (no, it’s not me) who ONLY plays using female sprites. His philosophy is: I’m a guy, why would I want to look at another guy (sprite)? And it’s not like female sprite users are actually passing themselves off as real life girls. So always keep in mind, don’t judge the player by their sprite. There’s more to us than meet the eye. But if you’re really curious and gender is that important to you, here’s a checklist of what I have observed, so far: 1. She is someone’s girlfriend If she’s new to RO, then her boyfriend probably invited her… or her brother or some other male relation. (I wonder if there’s a dad somewhere out there who’s teaching his daughter to click gold porings.) If she’s a vet, she’s probably someone’s mum or wife or (again) girlfriend. Hey, this game’s been around even before some players have been born, of course vets have lives. 2. She knows her Bio Maybe it’s because of their nurturing nature? IDK but girls seem to gravitate toward this specific job, and not just for AFK farming. So if she can wipe the floor with your sorry… uhh corpse, then congratulations! You’re looking at a 20% RL girl. 3. She is a GM I’ll share my theory with you. Most (if not all) of the GM’s that last in this server are girls. Why? Probably because they have a higher tolerance for BS than guys. You gotta admit boys, we’re not the easiest crowd to get along with. (At this point, I wouldn’t even be surprised if the Admin turns out to be a girl.) 4. She is a guild leader/officer If you combine the 2 previous qualification, this is what it leads to. You guys better appreciate it. 5. She is wary of boys They’re smart. They’ve been around enough online games to know how to handle flirts, pickups and whatnot. So don’t even think about it, even if they’re all friendly. They’re just that, friendly. If she seems TOO friendly, I hate to burst your bubble Kavach, but wise up, she’s probably a trap. So there you go. The more items you tick off this list, the likelier it is that the attractive player you’re looking at is a real life girl… Well either that or she’s a very good trap. Huh, I guess I just made it harder for you. /gg
  4. LOL Senpai, if you're doing the clean up, maybe I should give this build a try: https://www.anomalyro.com/forums/topic/917-the-definite-guide-for-paladins-in-lhz_dun04/ /gg
  5. Thank you very much for this update. Wow Senpai, you make HG! That's so cool! 😲
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    Cart Ring

    Thank you. (I thought I'd be spamming this topic for all eternity)
  7. Whoohooo! No more getting knifed in a dark alley.
  8. Maybe if I can train my cat to sing it... no?
  9. Please change BGM to: Pros: Fits the neighborhood Cons: uhh... none?
  10. Bob

    A Linker lhz_dun04 Farmer

    Sorry Dirty, computer is clumsy, can't get decent vid. (yeah, blame everything on the device *eyerolls*) Thanks for the feedback Saku Senpai, I've been trying different jobs, but I haven't found the one that satisfies my thirst for damage AND survivability that will also kill all the mobs. Imma keep searching tho. Thanks for the input Perry, imma add em to the first post.
  11. Awesome update! Great new mobs. Good thing we can't kill fellow farmers in there, cause it is downright confusing XD But that's part of the fun, imo Looking forward to more PvE /gg
  12. Bob

    LHZ Dungeon 4 Farming

    Thanks for the inspiration Senpai
  13. As of the latest update, there’s a new amusement park for vets. I’m sure they’re having fun gearing different jobs and testing out how well they fare against the mobs over at Lighhalzen’s fourth floor. If you’re one, please pardon this humble guide and if you find fault with it, kindly correct me in the comments bellow. Your suggestions and constructive criticism are always welcome. Thank you, Senpai/s. For those of us with limited resources, I’ve chosen the Soul Linker for its OP magic damage and the fact that it’s the only job that can bring itself back from the grave. On average, you’d be able to get 100 kills in an hour or so, give or take some minutes for distractions such as respawning (may be bypassed with the use of berries, seeds, potions, etc.), automated events, making and eating snacks, or whatever RL throws at you. WEAPON AND EQUIPMENT Headgear Custom HG of course, I highly recommend refining them as high as you can. Upper for MDef Mid for +% damage on demi-humans Lower for +all stat boost Cards = 3 Kiels and 3 High Wizard These will bring down After Cast Delay by 90% and bypass 45% of enemy MDef Armor Celerity Armor - from the Battleground Shop Well, this map is practically PvP, so we might as well bring out the big guns. Do refine it as high as you dare because 2 Taos will reduce your DEF and MDef by 10, and you’d really want to compensate for that. Cards = 2 Tao Gunka HP, lots and lots of HP, you need it. Shield Valkyrie Shield What’s not to like? 20% damage reduction from Water, Fire, Undead and Shadow attacks. Again, please refine as high as you can. Cards = Any resist you like, you can experiment on this one Ogretooth Card = 25% damage reduction from demi-human attacks and +1 Def Thara Frog = 25% damage reduction from demi-human attacks Weapon Survivor’s Rod (item ID 1620) - from the High Wizard mob (monster ID 1639) This is the +3 INT staff which forms the Survivor’s Set. Do farm lots and make a +10, you’ll need it. Bloody Rod - quest item This handcrafted rod reduces reflect damage on you by 20% and gives +1%Matk per refine level. If you're not into the Survivor's Set, this is your best option. Cards = 2 Necromancer For the total 4% bypass on enemy MDef, bringing our total magic pierce to 49%, 1% shy of the max, but that will do. Garment Survivor’s Manteau - obtainable from Ktullanux This garment will amplify your +10 Suvivor’s Rod to give +20% Matk. I highly recommend you refine this as high as you dare, as it will give you 3x Neutral Resist of its upgrade level, but do take note of the cards you’re going to put in it first. As soon as you have 50 Mithril Ores, I highly recommend you Enchant your garment. The higher the refine rate, the better as enchantment will give your garment +1% HP per refine level. Cards = Feel free to experiment on this one as you’d be up against all sorts of attack. Here are my favorites: Kapha = +8 MDef, only if your manteau is refined at +5 or lower Noxious = 10% long ranged physical and neutral resist Footgear Sleipnir - epic gear Highly recommended for its +10 MDef and +25% HP and SP (you can never have too much HP) Titan’s Boots Though it only gives +4 MDef, this is something to consider as being knocked back and tossed around is seriously annoying. Cards = 2 Fallen Bishop +10% Matk and 10% damage to demi-human, don’t worry about the 50% reduction on your SP per card, you won’t even need Pharaoh as you’d either be eating berries or respawning long before you run out. Accessories INT Belts - epic gear Boosts damage by roughly 3K per belt. As mentioned before, we really need the big guns, and you’d want these on you if you don’t mind the remaining 10% After Cast Delay. Cerulean Band - epic gear This ring reduces damage you suffer from reflected magic by 15% and magic damage dealt to you by 3%. Also gives +5Mdef. Trade off vs Int Belt is damage, but what's an extra round (or so) of Estun+Esma combo when it can improve your survivability? Orichalcum Band - quest item If you don't have access to castle drops, this is the next best thing to a Cerulean Band. With damage reduction from magic reflect at 10% and +4 Mdef, it's not bad at all. Sorcerer’s Rings - quest item This takes care of that 10% ACD the 3 Kiel cards couldn’t handle. It gives +2 MDef and reduces SP consumption by 10% per ring. Not a bad option at all. These rings give you options for offense, defense and speed, you don't have to wear the same on each accessory slot (not unless you want to of course) go ahead and try different combinations to suit your play-style. Cards = 1 Osiris for full HP resurrection The remaining 3 slots can be filled as you see fit, here’s a few recommendations: Alligator = 2% long ranged physical damage reduction Errende Ebecee = 2% chance to auto cast Level 1 Pneuma STATs str = 100 Because the INT belts are heavy (why do they have to be so heavy?) int = 500 Because you’re Matk type dex = 180 total Because you’re gonna get Quagmired vit = everything left Because you need to stay alive so you can kill THE MOBS All of the lhz_dun04 residents are of different elements. I imagine they’re created with the Soul Linker in mind, the way f_forest was with the Sniper (but that’s just my ego talking ‘cause I haven’t got around to asking if this is true.) This is why Warm Wind is your bff, Estun and Esma are your bread and butter, and Kaizel is your safety net. Always keep Kaizel up and do go back to town to heal/replenish SP, or eat a berry before you die. Pay attention to enemy element and you’d get the bonus 100 Mithril Ore before you know it. One more thing, you need Full Chemical Protection active for as long as you’re in the map. Trust me, do not go there without FCP, better yet, get the Unlimited FCP Scroll. Assassin Cross Warm Wind Holy These guys cloak, so don’t be surprised if they show up on top of you and start hacking away. Don’t worry, you can tank the damage long enough to kill it. Gunslinger Warm Wind Shadow One of the easier targets once you get close enough to Estun & Esma them to smithereens. High Wizard Warm Wind Wind One of the most annoying ones because of Storm Gust, Jupitel Thunder and whatnot, but nothing you can’t handle. Lord Knight Warm Wind Water There are 2 kinds, the one that’s on a Peco peco and the one that’s dismounted. Do be careful as both variations have Magic Mirror. Keep an eye on your HP and take necessary measures when you fight them. Professor Warm Wind Fire Another easy target, if you kill them fast enough. Beware of Dispel; watch out for your WW. Stalker Warm Wind Ghost These guys are as rude as Ifrit and will strip you down if you don’t have FCP. They’re all over the place so stock up before you venture forth. Sniper Warm Wind anything but ghost They are neutral, so you can use whatever. However, they have longer range and use Charge Arrow to knock you back, so reaching them can get a bit annoying. Whitesmith Warm Wind Earth Another mob with Magic Mirror. Same deal with LK, watch your HP, and berry up when necessary. The mobs in lhz_dun04 are like the Senpais, they’re all deadly. Only difference is, they cannot switch gears, elements, etc. (which is the only reason I am able to survive long enough to make this guide.) I highly recommend not getting close to them. Do your best to deal as much damage as you can from a distance, if not outright killing them. Spam Estun+Esma as fast as you can, cause once you're in their range, it gets annoying. Especially when the WS stun you successively, long enough to kill you. You'd really appreciate Kaizel and Osiris. Honestly, the website says they’re all level 255, I shudder at the thought of what they’d be able to do if they’re 500/200. That's it for this guide, good luck getting the HG you want XD. Happy farming.
  14. When I first read the description for Amara's Amulet on the June 12 update, the first thought that came to me was: /! Those stat boosts! followed by: /omg No MDEF? /slur So light! /ic This stuff is tailor-made for GR! /gg So long story short, here's my Amara inspired build. Weapon, Cards, etc. +10 Composite Bow + Crystal Arrow 2 Turtle General, Caramel and The Paper cards OR +10 Orc Archer Bow + Steel Arrow + Water Converter/Box of Storms/Prof + Frost Weapon Turtle General and The Paper cards Equipment: Custom headgear of choice *refine lower HG to +8 Shark Leather Armor Flame Manteau of Naght Sieger Crystal Pumps 2 Amara's Amulet Cards: 6 Vespers 2 Ktullanux 2 Giant Whisper 2 Amon Ra 4 Ifrit You can wear Kazareth's Shoes: if you want to leave your lower HG unrefined, or if you want to drop 5 of the Vesper cards, or if your HG is enchanted with +DEX or +% damage to non-boss Do take note that the headgear and the cards in it contribute +60 DEX and that each Vesper card gives +2DEX so adjust accordingly. Or why not go for broke and do all of the above? The GR party will certainly appreciate your damage. If you’re not into Kazareth’s Shoes, Cinderella's stilettos are the next best option for the +5 LUK. (Yeah, male characters can wear them too, no need to level another Sniper trap, boys) Amara’s Amulet rounds up the DEX, but wait... there's more Just look at this deliciousness: +25 STR AND +25 DEX! If this doesn't scream GR Sniper, I don't know what does. The Ifrit cards! We push LUK for the CRIT, this time let's get straight to the point and get that yummy +20 CRIT per card. Bet you won't leave Ifrit roaming the town after invasions now, huh? Yosh! Now that we're geared, let's work on the STATS DEX = 500 LUK = enough to get 140 CRIT unbuffed, and with the 80 from the Ifrit cards, you’d save a lot of points for… STR = put the rest of your stats here, gotta stack em for the weight limit and the bonus damage (every 5 STR) This guide is far from newbie friendly, but all cards and equipment are available from either Poring King Castle or Endless Tower, except for Amara’s Amulet and the optional Kazareth’s Shoes of course.
  15. Bob

    Cart Ring

    There's this noisy and unremarkable marksman who plays woe and likes to farm GR, cheapskate that he is, only uses one sniper for both, switching stats as the occasion arises. He has a problem with carrying capacity cause he's adamant about some stuff - can't put switching gears on storage cause it's full of crap -won't put switching gears on gstorage cause he feels it's only polite to put stuff for all guild member use there and doesn't want to deposit his humble collection of bows, glass stilettos, gob armors, garments and headgear switches in there (did i miss anything... who cares?) When he woes, carrying capacity for traps is not sufficient to satisfy his paranoia When he switches to GR mode, he goes overweight before he can carry 1MC's worth of gold Point to make: a cart would really help this guy out