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  1. Name: OB In game name: Treeck Class expertise: High Wizard/ Ninja/ Soul Linker Best way to contact: Discord (Masser#9420), Forums Availability (server time): 10pm+
  2. bump Reinstalling Geforce Experience did not solve my issue
  3. good luck recruiting! hope to see u in woe soon fams
  4. ohbee1

    Christmas Event Quest

    The antonio location is missing @rozzybut thanks for the guide!
  5. resets the attacking animation so you can attack slightly faster per auto attack
  6. Morning WoE Move it back one hour(07:00~08:00)(12 am at GMT+8 time) really difficult to make it Afternoon WoE Leave it as it is, 10 am is better than 9 am as I like to sleep Late
  7. whitesmith here i come🤑
  8. ohbee1

    mvp test dummies

    +1, this will allow so many players to test out builds on certain elements,def,mdef,resistance and go more in depth into the aspect of damage testing. This will also indefinitely open up more builds and counter-builds, expanding variety in the server regardless in bg/pvm/pvp/woe