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  1. Yup, love them xD The member after me Loves anime~
  2. Truee x) Blue / White / Black The member after me has a weird fetish o:
  3. True :< The member after me reads Fifty Shades of Grey
  4. True x) The member after me is a anime lover
  5. True o: The member after me haven't watched The Walking Dead yet.
  6. Simple game. I'll explain through an example. Person 1 : The member after me likes potatoes. The next person will have to answer with "True" or "False" and write another random question. So let's start! The member after me will try to humiliate the next person that answers his/her question o;
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome guys ~
  8. Hello everyone! My name is Brand Vincentino, i'm 22 years old . It's super nice to meet you. I look forward to playing with you all in-game. I'm hoping to stay for a while, and I'd really like to make some new friends in the process~