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  1. This literally only benefits taekwon right? Its not that hard for other jobs to swap weapons back and forth (you only need 2 slots and fingers)
  2. Theres still 162 hours left in the week if you take away the 6 hours(thats 3.5% of the hours of the week) and the number of online players usually only peak during woe times. A lot of other older players usually only go on for WoE too. I don't think its a huge of a loss and I think its disruptive. I'm more thinking of Invasion rather than any other automated events.
  3. Please turn off automated events (Invasion, etc.) during WoE cause it ruins woe for some people and I know a lot of people wanna do invasion but WoE is just one hour. Can't all the other events wait? Keeping it short.
  4. Robb

    Cart Ring

    +1ish? Having it disabled on WOE/BG/PvP maps is actually not a bad idea. Cosmetics aint a bad idea but it could be very useful for farming.
  5. Not a lot of things to do with friends besides woe and bg.
  6. Nicely written guide. -I also always keep cranials ready just incase of those linked sonic blow sinxes or when you're ganged. - I keep an extra HG with 2 Bacso so I can sanc heal the emp with 6 Bacso+Sanctus Rings -I main 4 Bacsos because I have lots of int. If the SP drain isnt that bad or not consistent, you'll regen the SP immediately. -I also main a Goibnes Spaud for the extra LR resist. Rather than Valis.
  7. Robb

    Speed Pots

    Im actually just here for argument. LMFAO. SHHHHH.
  8. Robb

    Speed Pots

    You don't fix something thats not broken. I personally, don't care about speed pots cause I dont use them but if people used them efficiently, it'll work out for them and maybe not nag about it?
  9. Robb

    Speed Pots

    I know where the balancing changes are? What is your point? My point is: Class nerfs are different from Speed pots? and if you analyze the Items section of Balancing, almost all if not all of it directly/indirectly affects a CLASS. Usually they're about resists and damage. In another note, Speed pots were already nerfed from +50 to +40 and is dispellable and can be slowed. :)
  10. Robb

    Speed Pots

    Those are class specific nerfs. Thats why it was considered 'imbalanced'. Speed pots is something EVERYONE can use. Easily farmed and used.
  11. Cool. You got Holy, a main that basically has 24 econ. Do you invest btw? Also, Kriem? Come on. Almost nobody plays Pront except Silma and THW that aren't from SEA. Congrats though.
  12. Robb

    Speed Pots

    you dont just nerf anything/everything that you find unfavorable???
  13. Best in videography goes to NATG tho
  14. Robb

    Speed Pots

    They are two different things. You can slow people on speed pots. Can you counter people from flagging in besides killing them again and camping flag in? If both teams utilized speed pots the same way, would there be an argument? Just because someone can utilize a tool in a way that it benefits them more and some can't doesn't mean the tool is the problem.
  15. Robb

    Speed Pots

    Speed pots are easy enough to acquire even without BG. Did y'all see that 15k zeny per piece? or am I mistaken? Y'all need to calm down with these kind of stuff. I rarely use them too (Badges are enough) and theres lots of ways to disable someone from moving. (Web, hitlock, knockback or whatever) Also, if you're annoyed with people utilizing speed pots, you need to step up your game.