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  1. Hi! I just met you in game C: Welcome to Anomaly! Hope you like it here~
  2. Thank you for the updates!! (especially for the headgears!!!!) Hope you get well soon!
  3. -directs all the newbies to this guide- I like how these builds are viable in both BG and WoE~ If you're unsure of how to be a helpful teammate in BG as a newbie, please follow this guide! c:
  4. IGN: Pyxis Desc: Santa has come to visit! Making sure the kids are asleep before putting the presents down~
  5. Pyxis

    Guess the Card!

    IGN: Lucky Charms Answer: Goblin Card
  6. Pyxis

    Wild GM Crystal Event

    IGN: Lemon Crystal: Cara Screenshot:
  7. Pyxis

    Wild GM Crystal Event

    IGN: Freyja Crystal: Surtr Screenshot:
  8. Pyxis

    Wild GM Crystal Event

    IGN: Lynx Crystal: Scrub Screenshot:
  9. Pyxis

    Guess the Card!

    IGN: Lucky Charms Answer: Ungoliant Card
  10. Morning WoE: Revert it back by an hour // 07:00-08:00 server time // 02:00-03:00AM Syd/Melb time I would honestly like to have it 2 hours back so that I can sleep more, but that's not an option unfortunately, oof :c So I'll take what I can get. Evening WoE: No preference
  11. Pyxis

    WoE Time #DST

    I'd like it to be changed because DST in Australia began around the same time it ended in the US. It puts the WoE times 2 hours forward for me. I can't make both morning and evening WoE times cuz I have to go to school and I normally wouldn't mind staying awake from 1AM-2AM for WoEs, but 3AM-4AM is overkill. Then again, I'm just 1 of the 3 players from Australia on AnomalyRO so if it doesn't get changed, I'll just not WoE.
  12. IGN: Eevee Description: "Is that the last house for trick and treating?" "Yes, but I don't think we should go in.." Description: "DID YOU FEEL THAT" "I think we should leave.." Special thanks to Bae and Nove <3
  13. Pyxis

    Halloween Event Quests

    thank you for making this! 😻
  14. Pyxis

    Box Maker (NPC)

    It was just an example. Just because it has no use to you, doesn't mean it's worthless. But yeah, box of consumables makes it easier for us to carry things since we won't need to constantly grab things off @storage.
  15. Pyxis

    Box Maker (NPC)

    Some of these boxes are being sold in the BG/PC shop (take Sunlight Box from BG shop for an example) and they weigh 1 each. I don’t see why they need to be heavier? o_o You would still need to open the box to use the item, ideally 1 Sunlight Box holds 100 and the item itself weighs 20, so once you open the box, you would use 2000 of your weight limit. You’ll still need Gym Pass anyway. The purpose of this suggestion was to make farmers’ lives easier, so that they could sell items as boxes and price them as a bulk.