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  1. If not for MVP invasion i wouldnt be playing this server by now. WOE/BG server you say, the WOE is dying already and the only lifeline this server is holding on is BG. Cant wait BG to die too.. its been 2 days without BG. Server population has dropped dramatically, maybe its time to wake up and start balancing stuffs. Im a gypsy lover and played on official RO. It was able to solo PVP until you tweaked some skills. "Clown/Gypsy is supposed to be a support class. That's how it was designed. Not every class is going to be viable in solo PvP, and that'll never be a goal of ours, because support classes shouldn't have their support abilities completely gutted just to make them viable in an environment that they were never designed for." That means RIP gypsy/bard. Gypsy now is even USELESS, and the only useful thing about clowns is the apple of dun. If your real goal is WOE/BG why is that i dont see any gypsies on WOE/BG since the last class rework?? You arent even contented and went on nerfing tarot which could be the only last card for them to make it the other way around. For god's sake tarot is single target and not AOE and could provide a great support against WOE frontlines, but tarot as it is now?... Meh** I respect your decision but im just responding accordingly and i got snapped abit cuz this server has a great potential but went on declining instantly for some reasons, im also a gypsy lover and i cant stand the fact that you just concluded them to be a pure support class. I mean, What is Arrow Vulcant and Throw Arrow for?. Lul I really hope server will regain back its feet. cuz right now i smell a faint smell of server closing, my 3rd month of playing here is just starting and i want to savour more the items that i farmed for 1 month+ :c
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    Im good with aspresio can be casted on other players as long as if the unfriendly unit wears GTB he doesnt get affected by any buffs. :) You can always bring alternate weapons and swap anyway, aspresio is single target so its not like 1 priest controls the element of weapons of the oposite guild. lol. Anyway i agree to this
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    Hello, i just wanna talk abit about deadbranch drop rate and Enchanted branch zeny cost. Ive been playing here now for 5 days total and i havent earned a single 100m zeny cuz theres no gold room party. Since the gold room activeness isnt that great i hope the server would make the GR event more often so it will encourage us to hunt branches, or atleast make the EBB zeny cost down to 50m ea.. And speaking of branches. its so annoying cuz sometimes i count how many monsters i should kill before i get 1 dead branch and when i tallied it, its like 5-8 monsters before 1 branch, since WOE will be activated soon and to make the server lively, i hope the server would be generous to increase the drop rate of branches by abit.. about 5%-10% increase? Well i dont know if im lazy but i can also see that theres no one here farming for branches (only me alone in (gon_dun01) i have alot of time but after getting online for 1 hour sometimes, i just log out and watch anime all day. the drop rate isnt bad and the cost of EBB is not also bad but the current farming rate doesnt give me any hype or hopes to play longer.. anyway just speaking from my perspective..
  4. HELLO, I experienced a bit of PvP on BG yesterday, although i dont see the damage.. my HP is 600k and some skills mentioned below can just 2-3 shots me like Acid and bolts. My Gear: Nothing much special, im a poor in this server so i only have vali's manteau + 10% demi resist and a bow with 2 Turtle. and if a bow has 25% resist then so be it. Asura Strike: I guess theres no need to explain things here since the staff is already on action. Bolt Damage: Since my HP was 600k and i was a sniper any prof or wiz there only bolted me 2-3x then im dead.. asuming with my gears, they did 25-30k ea on me. Acid Demonstration: Even with 15% neut / 10% demi and 25% resist from bow? (not sure about this bow) i assumed i got 20k-25k acid. my vit was 150.. Homunculus Bolts: Im not sure what homuns can do here but i hope vanils can do some bolt here.. about 7k-10k each lvl 5 bolt maybe?. GTB Card: if we dont want some harmful tarot and spells why not enable this card that if worn 2 pcs it blocks all buff (including heal) and harmful statuses.. this card will also serve as another substance to balance magic damage by making it 32% magic resist per card? It depends.. Sniper/GS: Since this class cant wear shield i guess its not bad to tweak their weapons abit more.. like 25% physical resist + atleast 45% magical resist? i suggested it that way cuz if you remain that 25% all resist then it would stack with 45% magic resist. maybe also give them a custom weapon on BG shop or somewhere that also grants same stat with their normal weapon but also nulifies negative and positive buffs. Huuma Shuriken: I also hope that their 2 hand weapons would gain some resist atleast. SinX Melee Damage: I dont know yet but with proper equip i think they would deal 70k ea? or maybe worse (100k ea). not yet sure, i just felt like they need to be inspected. (anyway if they are OP, they can be balanced by either reducing EDP damage or Increasing perfect dodge CAP to atleast 60-65). SinX Sonic Blow + Link: Another hunch that this thing does OP damage although i dont have all the means and power to test them. I also think that this thing needs inspection. Slim Potion Pitcher/Potion Pitcher: SPP can be spammed alot but they have low heal amount while PP can be casted like normal heal but does tons of heal with LINK ( I guess you already can see the idea here but if its already balanced then leave this part ) Status Ailments: I propose to return the vit to counter statuses. they can be pretty annoying but yeah i hope we can get rid of them either having 400 LUK or 2 pcs GTB. Kyrie Elision: I do believe they need cooldown , since theyre 10 hits maybe 3-4 seconds is reasonable. If bolt scrolls will be available soon wont i wish it would stay at level 3 cuz you dont want to see an immortal paladin/priest with 20k heal while doing 10k ea bolt right? but yeah im against about enabling bolt scrolls in server. Dispell: I also believe that this skill needs to have a CD. ( 5 secconds maybe? your call ) Soul Burn: Same, this must have a CD ( but if you can balance the asura damage theres really no need to disable SP pots in PVP, my strongest opinion ). Esma: I dont know what the damage looks like but im having a feeling it would do 50k ea. maybe reduce its level down to lvl5 if it is really proven to be OP. ANYWAY if you need a balancer you could PM me in forum if you want me to help, im willing to spend time on somewhere private in game and test everything with you guys, Im not that great but i can brag about my balancing skills :P. im also a hardcore PVPer and ive played different kinds of SHR, from 2 slots to 4 slots and even with +100 refines.
  5. @Perry the Platypus Regarding SP: I think its good that you just enable specific SP pots for PVP ( Box of Panting, Blue Potion ) instead of disabling them in PVP. every class needs SP and profs can just soul burn you to death. a sniper with falcon while wearing 4 Dark Priest can also drain SP alot. Regarding Headgear Slots / Kiels and Pharaoh Cards: I can imagine now the terror that mages would bring in PVP now that they have SOUL BURN.. You equip kiels and pharaoh just to be able to fight back and counter soul burn but I can smell very well youd be getting 10k-15k ea bolts ( That would mean an average person can just be spammed 20-25 bolts and hes dead ) because of no resist. I guess this is another reason why the server needs to increase HP mods or HP% given by Taos. Reflect is out of question since the NEW RO now can resist magic reflect by wearing same armor element on your bolt being used. I can also imagine playing a wiz just running around and spam AOE with cloaking doing 10k ea storm gust and 5k ea meteor storm.. GTB CARD: I feel like this would be a game changer and a good idea, ( 2 PCS GTB Card = 60~64% magic resist + neglect any buff / debuff / harmfull spells like Dispell,tarot,lex ETC ). OVERALL SUGGESTION: 1ST SCENARIO: (Enable some SP pots) + (increase HP based on Asura / Bolt damage. OR Balance Asura / Bolt damage depending on MAX HP of 100% tao card) + (pharaoh cards stays 30%) 2ND SCENARIO: (Disable any SP pots or HP pots) + (increase HP based on Asura / Bolt damage. OR Balance Asura / Bolt damage depending on MAX HP of 100% tao card) + (Make Pharaoh cards 40%-50%). Anyway.. to makes things less complicated i guess you should just balance the HP depending on the damage of burst skills, theres actually tons of OP stuff aside from asura like SINX MELEE, BOLTS, SACRIFICE, ACID DEMO (maybe? i think it can reach 20k ea with 500 stat), SINX SONIC BLOW WITH LINK, NINJA's FINAL STRIKE. I like the classicness of this RO so i hope you wont tweak too many things.. i think it would be the best to leave the cards alone as they give you the classic RO feeling.
  6. @Perry the Platypus So if no pots to regen SP then prof>every class cuz of soulburn. I guess its better to enable but do give them cooldown same with soul burn.. hmm plus anyone can just use imaterial + 2 darkpriest right, or a sniper with 4 darkpriest.. then swap to 2tg2hydra again
  7. @Perry the Platypus Hello perry, cant champs use blue pots/box of panting and other stuff to regen SP? Or are they disabled in PVP? And i hope you would test maximum damage skills like Sacri/Asura soon, so HP issue will be finalized for pvp..
  8. hi.. @Perry the Platypus pls take time to read LR RESIST: long mace + 4 alligators + 2 noxious + goibne spaulder + 2 horn cards + upper with 10% LR resist like yellow bandana = 98% 10% + 8% + 20% +10% + 40% + 10% = 98% i based all my stuff on @ii, noxious card is 10% right. (and even if YB isnt around you can get 88%, i its better to make horn cards about 15%) HP MODS: Hello, judging by asura's damage it could easily deal 3-4m MAX on PVP on my theory, or even more.. reducing it with 2 thara i think itll become around 1.5m-2m.. plus GR card which is 70% neut becomes 400-600k and with raydric mufflers itll be around 250k-350k... wouldnt that minimum damage still hurt you since tao only gives 100% HP? im suspecting the max attainable HP averagely is only 2m.. so the champ can just reloc every after asura even if you wear full resist ( ofc deviling isnt an option ). Paladin - TBH paladin is the best PVP char if you made it a PVP char on this state.. they can still use bash and shield chain which hurts alot and can be used simultaneously depending on the resist, 15k bash would still hurt and atleast 5k ea shield chain while they get alot of LR resist and reflect.. not to mention they can just wear solar sword while healing from reflect + healing, they can outheal most of LR damage following that they have a healing headgear set (6 whitelady cards). they have both 60%-70% demi while 30% chance blocking rate from auto guard. LK - they are initiators and they chase at pvp.. i suppose you should increase their HP abit.. if they are 90 now and 150 originally i think 115-120 isnt bad following that sinX and paladin stays at 90 / 95. Tao cards - i think following that asura can easily eat your HP and since the damage standard is around 20k-30k.. i think 1.5-2m max hp with 2 tao is still too low.. i think it would be better for some % adjustment like 200% HP ( this will also enable us longer fights which is exciting ) 250% for non trans class and 200% for trans class is good.. smth around that... I think with the asura damage.. max standard HP should be around 5mil.. cuz we dont want to see some champ just use asura and reloc all the time, not unless you put CD on reloc right after asura is used on PVP areas or put CD on asura on PVP areas. then the current HP should be fine but doing it the other way is better i think. PRIEST: Meh. im a pvper so im already asuming that alot would hate me on the future, i just dont want someone to make priest and TT me in pvp while laughing on my attacks if ever i played physical classes. but you seem right, as long as they cant attack its fine but it will be another story if they buff my enemy and keep on healing him or put lex alterna on me all the time.. the previous server is nice and i dont want this to be change class type just to kill someone.. it should be any class must be given chance to counter all classes.. like phantasmic arrow or charge arrow or throw arrow can pierce through pneuma.
  9. Hello I'm a newb and i just played yesterday but sad to say that im gonna quit for today. thanks for the classic gameplay i loved it but when i began to see the changelogs it dismayed me like the HP mods.. im a PVP person thats why all that motivation in hunting is lost.. Like paladin is resistant class who doesnt require angeling and has default 80% range resist has the highest HP. plus even if you have 2 taos i guess max HP you would be getting is 4m which wont suffice against asura even if you wear ghostring youd still lose 30-40% of your HP atleast. and if you wear raydrics youd die on finger offensive and champ would just kite you to death.. not to mention even champ has slightly higher hp than sinX and LK now.. i made chars so i began comparing with same stat and level and gears. Sniper and GS HP also is not in good terms plus the sniper is really buffed up while it should be the GS who has walking speed to catch enemies using despe.. sniper has been given tons of chance to kite enemies even better. so far these are my findings with same gears and stats and level: 500/200 vit 120 (same gears) just a newbie top and bottom Sniper = 330k HP SinX = 349k HP LK = 357 HP CHamp = 362k HP seems like all class has same HP mod. i also calculated the max long ranged resist you could get.. its attainable at 98% if youre acolyte class and 88% for non aco class. kinda stupid considering magic is also ranged skill. i think making the horn cards 15% and noxious cards 5% would be better.. so we wont see guys just wearing this and swapping to thara if enemy gets close. another thing is CD of protective skills like KE/safety wall i ddnt see those to have CD so i assume they can be spammed 24 hrs and the priest would just laugh at you.. theres alot of stuff that needs to be balanced but i guess the server is not done yet. ill just go back after the server is finished. maybe? other than balancing the server is good and i hope you find this post interesting to improve the server @Perry the Platypus.. xiao