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  1. I'll see if anyone wants to record before we start 👍 That's fine. Just show up on whatever you want to play at 17:30 server time on Sunday night (10:30PM for you). We're not rerolling, so whatever you show on is what you're playing. If you come late, we might have secondary picking if we don't have even teams or if an even number of people show late.
  2. This is an invitation to participate in a draft WoE led by myself and Saku. Drafting will take place at 17:30 server time on Sunday, March 8th, 2020. The castle is [Mardol] - @warp aru_gld 158 272 and WoE will be from 18:00-19:00. How it will go down Show up on the class you are going to be playing during the WoE, there won't be rerolling allowed once you are drafted to a team. Saku and I will dice off for first pick, then alternate picks until we have everyone drafted to a team. Suggested but not required; voice/text channels will be available here: https://discord.gg/8b72WAu Objectives This WoE is more or less a GvG oriented event, which means the goal is NOT the emperium. Team leaders will be picking areas within the castle to fight for glory or whatever. . . Da r00lz Emperium breaking is strongly discouraged. No portal camping/precasting. We will reset after each GvG with full teams. No flagging to get back to the fight after you die. If you die, you can come back, but just stay back until that fight has ended. If someone comes late, they may or may not be drafted depending on the current teams we have. Questions If you have any questions, feel free to contact either Symphonia or Saku in-game or via the discord link above (Vulpecula#5076 or Saku#6671)
  3. I'd be down to join draft WoEs if there are any Saturday or Sunday evening (server time) for the hell of it 🙋‍♀️ Or BG. . .
  4. Vulpecula

    WillOwO Tree

  5. It'd most likely be 1 set switch, whatever you're wearing to one alternative set switch, like Justin said. Not 1 key from full long range to full reflect to full elemental to whatever else. Opinions on 1 full set switch? Or just accessories?
  6. Assuming it's just 1 skill level (not multiple armor sets on different levels), I think 1 full set isn't a big deal honestly. As Shin said, most people (especially PvPers) have multiple sets for different scenarios in PvP, and I'm sure BGers do as well. I'm all for your NPC with menus/Skill idea sirrrr. But if others disagree for whatever reason, I'm fine with just a double accessory swap too
  7. +1 seen this in another server I played just before Anomaly released and it came in handy. Though I'm not sure if this "change" window feature is available in the current client version we have. (I know you love playing with clients Purry hehehe) ^Those guys made a custom skill for it tho ACCESSORY SWAP SIR!!!!!!!!!!!! 😏
  8. Vulpecula

    Duo Partner Thread

    Hi friendly Shin! This is a great idea, we need more people like you in our server 😀 Name: Becka Classes: Creo/Pally is all I really wanna play Contact: IGN - Symphonia Availability: 21:00 server time until I fall asleep About myself: I'm friendly, but not at friendly as Shin. I'm also really bad at this game. . .
  9. Excuse me Saku, what about the poor folks with horrible position lag who gotta @refresh every time they use a skill or breathe??? +1 for SW for suuuure! #rayisbae #showmeurnips <3
  10. Vulpecula

    June BG

    @LegendaryKapaw he took time off from his girls to make this video for you <3
  11. Vulpecula

    Lost Pet

    He's on a strict diet of chips, cupcakes, and bolt scrolls. . .