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  1. thx for all the support and good vibes guys much apperciated! also best way to join is just to find me in game or pm me ill be on my pally Joe Scurvy Darkblade
  2. Also newbies welcome althought i cant promise u free gear i well do my best to help you to the best of my ability
  3. Hello some of you may know me by joseph joestar well im recuiting memebers to join my guild called whisper im starting out as a social guild but if i do see that we have WoE potential then yeah we will for sure woe. So yeah if ur interested in joining me friends just hit me up
  4. BG weapons Would give people a reason to bg more so they can farm and refine them and no the weapons that are made out side of bg arent nothing compared to a real bg weapon and whitesmith isnt about tanking dont you think we have enough tanks on this server would be nice to have some damage dealers besides wizards and lks in bg
  5. So Necromancer cards are not working on creo but work just fine on wiz i will post screenshots
  6. I think this server needs BG weapons it would help alot of classes out ive noticed that apart from sinx and LK's other melee classes do low damage. Also clown is one of my favorite classes and it makes me sad to see that they are not viable here maybe with a bg guitar there dmg would be better. Whitesmiths are very weak here aswell they should do the hightest single target melee damage but LK does more.CT should do more damage and scale with cards and CT should slow targets down to about -70% movement speed for 2 seconds that way there can be more incentive to play ws over lk in bg and woe. So in conculsion the addtion of bg weapons to this sever would not only bring new players but also give people more reason to run bg more often and also give more viarity in pvp witch is what most people want
  7. Whitesmith deffently need a buff there is no reason to go WS over Lk. LK is faster does more damage and is just as tanky clowns need a buff too and i believe u can make bg more active if u introduce BG weapons....Not only will this help out other melee classes but it will atract more players