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  1. After thinking about it some more I'd probably prefer this over improving the attack speed debuff
  2. @valk It doesn't have to be 188, I was just giving some random numbers. It could be 1 aspd per 150AGI (or 166 to enforce getting near 500 AGI for full effect), which would result in a ceiling of lowering it to 190, which is 5 attacks per second (APS) Here are the attack speed numbers for reference 188.00 ASPD = 4.17 APS 189.00 ASPD = 4.55 APS 190.00 ASPD = 5.00 APS 191.00 ASPD = 5.56 APS 192.00 ASPD = 6.21 APS 193.00 ASPD = 7.14 APS
  3. Right now slow grace's attack speed buff is pretty much completely insignificant because it can be undone by accounting for a few points in agi. I tested on an ungeared LK, putting ~120 points into AGI (leaving me at 128), giving the LK 193 attack speed. Slow grace brings the attack speed to 189. The issue here is that slow grace pretty much acts like an agi down; By allocating 13 points into agi I was able to once again reach 193 attack speed. I'm suggesting one of three solutions: Make slow grace effect more effective over time (the effect gets stronger the longer you stand in it) I'm guessing this would be a pain in the ass to implement but it'd be a neat effect and probably imbalanced AF lol Make it scale off of agi since it currently does not, but leave the counter-play where you can offset it with AGI This would probably be hardest to balance since some classes can get aspd way easier than others This would be a risk vs reward option, as you'd have to put in more AGI to account for the slow grace. Make it scale off of agi, but reduce the attack speed by a static amount after the aspd cap has been reached. No real counterplay These are dummy numbers, but let's say target has 193 attack speed, gypsy has 500 agi, and it is a flat 1 attack speed per 100 base agi would leave them at 188 aspd no matter how much agi the target puts in. As far as "offensive" songs/dances go, I THINK slow grace is the only one that can be pre-emptively negated like this, so it'd be nice if it actually had defensive utility since right now putting down slow grace is the equivalent of putting down a speed bump that you can completely ignore and just run right through.
  4. Cell

    Open WoE 8/8 (Evening)

    May god have mercy on the emperium..
  5. I'll try and get one up by Wednesday but I died a bunch so it wont be that good
  6. I'm gonna have to ask you to...
  7. Are you entirely set on number tweaking as a solution for this? My main beef with SP drain comes down to a couple of factors. I'll put down why I think it's an issue and a potential solution for this AOE affects a target the same as single target, causing a huge impact from little to no effort. As a pure utility character you can shut down entire guilds in a matter of seconds if they don't default 100% SP reduction AOE vs Single Target The main issue I have with this is how you can affect an entire group of people at the same rate that you can one person. AOE could probably use significantly reduced mana drain compared to single target. Maybe the drain becomes relative to the number of targets you hit, up to a cap? No Downside Outside of the loss of potential damage from running dps cards, there isn't much of a downside to using this card. Guess there would only be a couple of ways to change this - Either a significant reduction in survivability or have it affect the player in some way for wearing it, or affecting them on hit. If addressing it with a change to survivability I guess instead of running things like Raid stalker people would just use bows, so probably not good Can't think of any on-hit or passive effect that would be good for this. Maybe someone else can. I think a number tweak is still a useful start to see if it actually impacts things, but It feels like the card will still cause problems whether you can drain a group's SP in 2 seconds or 6 seconds. Mostly because the things that are using DPs are either going to be very tanky/mobile, or ranged so they are safe and have the time to just drain your SP. I'm partial to an AOE nerf for the card if that would be possible. Give just as much overall impact given a certain timeframe, just harder to bring ALL targets to 0 sp so quickly.
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    Wild GM Crystal Event

    IGN: Kielbasiago Crystal: Esper
  9. As you can see the WS sprite is very elevated compared to the creo here and makes it look as if the WS is floating. it is offset by almost an entire cell.
  10. I feel like the main issue with reflect is that it is a passive solution that punishes proactive play which, in my experiences, is very unfun for the proactive player. Could there room for a passive solution for the caster to the target's passive solution so this becomes less of a problem? These are a few off the top ideas that come to mind that would either make reflect a bit less passive or allow a passive solution for the caster Add a cap to reflect Allow reflected damage to be resisted by the target of the reflected damage Unsure what the current cap is Maybe limiting to 1 maya? Encourages balanced builds instead of extremes Example: If i cast fire bolt, having 50% fire resist would reduce the reflected fire dmg by 50%. This is also the type of passive solution I referenced earlier. It introduces to the caster the same risk that the target introduces to themselves by equipping reflect. Cap how much resistances are taken into account for damage that is reflected. This would probably be similar to just capping reflect Maybe limiting to 1 deviling? Encourages balanced builds instead of extremes Add a slight delay to how often the target can reflect damage. Would probably make most sense to be per player if that were possible A professor double bolting himself feels really bad when it pretty much comes down to being unlucky. Would let the caster attack in bursts rather than needing to "test the waters" for almost every target they cast on. I like this solution the most I think Add diminishing returns for reflect chance? Would probably make most sense to be per player if that were possible Kind of the opposite as the previous solution. Encourages focusing a target rather than having the need to split. Let's the caster continue to be proactive. Add a way to significantly reduce reflected damage Could be a card Could be an equip etc. Allow reflected damage to be reflected...... lol Again, these are a bit off the cuff and I know a few aren't exactly conducive to a healthy / competitive gvg/woe/pvp environment. But I really think the takeaway would be to limit the 'passive' solution or give the caster a solution themselves (which could come at significant risk, the same as the target).
  11. @Perry the Platypus In regard to macros, and this is paraphrasing because I'm on my phone and cant easily reference the rules atm, but the rules regarding cheats refers to third party software that can give one player an advantage over another. But it sounds more or less like this is just blanket targeting anything that can simulate keystrokes which seems like it could really have some collateral damage. I've known handicapped players that played RO with a controller since they were physically unable to use a mouse and keyboard after 20 or 30 minutes of playing. I know this is anecdotal, and the example is few and far between, but it's something to consider. But Is this accurate? Do the anti cheating systems in place specifically just blacklist anything that COULD macro or is there leeway with it? (no need to go into specifics here)
  12. Cell

    False Accusation

    Oh please. You take the least serious part of my response and try to debase my entire post. Your response is about as childish and well thought out as this sad excuse of trying to justify shit behavior. "Pseudo intellectual" lol... Get out of here with your pathetic attempt at high horsing the situation and just stay in Morocc with your guild so nobody will have to deal with you and the garbage that comes spewing out of your mouths every chance you get.
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    False Accusation

    That's not really how it works. Intent is always going to be far outweighed by impact, especially in 2018's political climate. There's a time and place to have a filter. Why try and play the victim because you failed to use one in a 'public' setting? That's some standard to have when it comes to self discipline. "I should be allowed to do this because nobody asked me to stop".. Okay. Interesting. The fact there can't seem to be one shred of responsibility taken for this is just kind of juvenile. People were in town. They were cursing a fair amount with friends. It is in the rules not to do that.
  14. Welcome back! If you're in need of a Maya card feel free to message me in game. :F