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  1. if i'm available i'll show up. i just don't feel like playing LK/HW/prof/creo so anything else goes i guess, would just need some time to swap gear around some of my non-readily available characters.
  2. That's pretty unethical for a GM to say, but if you'd like people to log in for events you should ping the Amusement Goers role in anomaly unofficial discord. And I have thanked and wished best of luck for @TSXLV, since unfortunately I won't be able to participate due to time. Hopefully we get some SS's of people finding them!
  3. @Simmy hey you should do that some time. i mean an event, hide and seek sounds like a good idea 🙂
  4. I have literally no idea what you're talking about. All I did say once during gold room was for more people not to join SA when they were dominant(aka Silm wasn't even bothering showing up). Basically to form some kind of non-silmarillion guild to compete against SA. Which directly correlates to saku's point. And yes, I do trash talk. A lot less than other silm members and a lot more in the public eye. The problem you speak of I have absolutely 0 idea of what it is. Please elaborate, because apparently I'm out of the loop of a problem I had no idea existed.
  5. Commiting a crime 8 months ago doesn't mean you didn't commit said crime. Just took time to get caught. But then again you "farmed" from someone else's account, very fair farming. Unfortunately those items are lost forever now. Your last message does sound a lot like the ones of your preferred group friends, the ones of sore losers. Enjoy your permanent time out :)
  6. RO itself rounds up the halves, so if you get 0.5 points it shows as a 1 score, but if you get another 0.5 it'd stay the same. but i guess you mean its awkward because the bg tracker is a customized feature?
  7. +1 for this, if not lowering even more the points gained in an effort do disencourage using it to climb ladder, but mainly to have fun which is why "people want to duo queue", altough the people who duo queue don't really care for the fun aspect, they want the instant rewards(bg tickets). win rates of duos is probably around the 75% mark. and as it was said before in this topic, duoing is one way to minimize the randomization of teams, which in itself is counter intuitive on a all-random team objective game. so if you wanna boost your fun while detracting from the others, there should be some form of "payment", because right now if you don't want/enjoy duoing theres no point besides getting upset, but this is a game so i'll just opt out until "the fun" gets fixed.
  8. -1. Unless you host gr and not just join or if you ask "how many in gr" before joining, with the current zeny situation you have no base to sustain your zeny sinking suggestion. And yes, i know most people fit in the only join never host and the "how many in gr" question is asked pretty often. Knowing pretty much no one except me, charmi and jess host GRs in the past ??? months i can't support this thread. Currently the server doesn't need more zeny sinks, it needs more people willing to host GRs to get it started for the newbies.
  9. +1 Altough that exact interation is renewal and, not only that, from newer client versions than the one anomaly runs would make it pretty hard to implement. If implemented I'd probably be inclined to supporting the vanilla mechanic, with a 10s cooldown between uses. But considering this is a 2 slotted server, maybe limiting the amount of gear swapped at once would create a good balance of things. And no, it won't make pvp/bg any easier, it'll likely increase the skill cap of those who are already proeficient with their swaps.
  10. So you're telling me if someone getting repeat offenses for the same problem isn't as problematic as the guy doing RMT or using 3pp? The RMT person does get banned instantly, but the 3pp user if it gets detected by the server's anti-cheat you get a short time ban, which usually gives people enough time to contact a staff member to tell them what happened. If the 3pp doesn't get detected by the anti-cheat the person gets perma banned i think. I agree, the severity that you mentioned is correct, Person A doesn't deserve as severe punishment when compared to both B and C the first few times they get punished. But the fact that the person A got punished 3-5 times and still hasn't learned, how does punishing the person repeatedly helped? the answer is pretty simple: it didn't. It may not leave them unscathed, but the progression system in ladder isn't even what is in question here. The problem here is someone being punished and still doing the same thing as they did before. The person may not be as strong, but bg isn't about one person's strenght, its about team. You said yourself the difference is small, if the person in the #1 or #2 get banned for a BG problem, his points should be stripped. If they got banned for anything else, his point won't be stripped but he won't be able to progress anymore. Thanks for the comment and concers tho, because it is an interesting discussion that should be held in public. Because I do think IP bans, while being more servere, they do make a straight-to-the-point punishment when it comes to authority and reforming. If the person wants to be able to play the game, play by the rules and not by loopholes.
  11. I would say 6 for 1 poring coin, which would be half of the content you'd get from a regular converter box. Also, a bit of a piggyback on this topic(converters?): Would a npc to convert 3 of a specific converter into 1 of a different converter be too much work? If it's possible, that'd be great, probably most if not all physical dps players(except snipers maybe?) have fire/water verters just piling up. Maybe similar to the bulk npc, with an added zeny tax for the conversion.
  12. -1 for me. Altough I also suffer a lot from positioning lag and SW i do see a good point(being a 1 cell wide effect), pneuma is already pretty forgiving as mentioned above. The changes would trivialize a priest's SW+KE self cast spam to tank literally any melee class, and when not spamming SW, pneuma + self cast KE. On the wizard end, WoF doing the pneuma's job, when it comes to the dps part it makes a single command do what mouse movement+keypress would do, making much easier to spam. +1 to this command tho.
  13. Yep, this server's auto cheat will just ban you for using macros. Just avoid it, this server has its max aspd 193 so its humanely possible to spam at max aspd.
  14. I don't have anything to add to this, at least nothing comes to mind right now. But i do think this topic deserves more attention... i was waiting to see more people pitching in and maybe also read some negative points, but besides "making it harder to defend" i can't think of one. +1