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  1. they have a respawn timer, so someone had already killed them(probably for sleipnir quest)
  2. Seuvagem

    Convex mirror

    Yes, the exception to that is only LHZ mvps iirc, since convex doesn't work on them.
  3. Seuvagem

    Cart Ring

    ^ i love you for this, bob. but as for the thread: -1, we have @alootid and @storealootid and @gstorealootid commands available. we don't really need cart ring besides GR...would be useful in GR so people would stay longer inside(not necessarily in party) but less fluctuation in gold gain amount. but that problem would also be solved by making the afk timer higher than the few minutes it is right now, but thats something for another thread.
  4. Welcome, good to have another South American in the server! I hope you do have fun here, altough we don't have a starter pack it isn't hard to get the basics. Make sure to check the guide section here in our forums, they'll give you a lot of information about quests, builds and other topics!
  5. +1 The idea of changing skin color to match a bit better your headgear set, it'll just to give your character a bit more of your own unique touch. Essentially the same as the headgears where the only difference between each different skin is the skin itself.
  6. pretty much free, as you can get them on mvp room alpha
  7. I think the immune zone is an okay idea. But maybe added with gon's idea it would be pretty good and a great way to discourage. But the lack of incentive is also a problem, which comes to what we've been discussing about point system quite a while ago, only kills and objective caps are rewarded, not the whole team around those who got them. Altough for objective captures i can see it being a hassle to implement. I don't know how easy it would be to implement the team play rewards or punishments in this case, but yea, there is very little reward, but the point would be that it should be understood from the start that its a team-based game mode. And yea, rush and conquest aren't a real problem, not only those game modes don't really start often, but in the case you mentioned: the sinx should've told the team he was being camped and they should've done something as their only breaker. The objective being achieved is a team effort. It is also a gear gap problem, but those aren't something we should just hand people out mvp cards. The mvp cards are "valuable", they should try hunting the mvps themselves. There is also a gear gap in mvping, but its way less noticeable in PvM compared to PvP. CTF and SC are a lesser problem, and yea, blocking spawn access is one thing, sitting at the spot the enemy team spawn and literally just stand there isn't the same. I'm talking about actual spawn camping. TDM and TI objectives do involve killing other players, so I don't think those are necessarily a problem for that reason. The problem of "just start bg" is another issue to be addressed, because they do get rewards for just playing and its there they notice the gear gap. But then again, we always redirect them to guides with builds(mainly your woe budget build) and most of them don't even take a look. So the problem is not just one sided, information is available and at everyone's disposal.
  8. Hello, for those who bg quite often or try to probably notice spawn camping is quite common lately. Some players going out of their way to spawn camp just to try and look good with their k/d/a scores. On some game modes this is not a problem, ie TDM & TI for the PvP-type and Rush & Conquest for GvG-type battlegrounds. But Domination, CTF, Bossnia, Eye of The Storm and Stone Control the spawn camping habits are often problematic. Often time that leads to either people giving up and leaving bg(usually that is the case of new players) or the team of the spawn camper ends up losing since its a team-objective game mode. One could argue that spawn camping helps the team by eliminating enemies, but often its proven inneficient due to the lack of team play and that same team ends up losing, since they spawn camp the ship(on domination, bossnia and EoTS). The spawn point on CTF and SC are different, since it is kind of close to the objectives. I'm open for suggestions on how to solve that problem, to either help with the health of battlegrounds and also discourage spawn camping. My own suggestion would be, for the maps where the ship is the spawn point, creating a "safe haven" area where the enemies(and MvPs if its Bossnia) aren't allowed to enter. And this is only applied to the ships, not the side spawns in the respective flags, since those are still extremely close to the objective, so creating the "safe haven" would easily lead to abuse.
  9. welcome to anomaly! hope you enjoy your stay here. any questions feel free to ask anyone in caspen. altough most afk during the US afternoons, some will help you. also, make sure to check the guide section and take a peek at the wiki, those 2 have a lot of useful information!
  10. heres the link for that: http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=detailedlistserver&serid=19992&itv=6&url_sname=AnomalyRO reminder that your review gets automatically removed 6 months after your review gets posted. and please, be honest about how you feel about it. the reviews not only attract new players but gives the staff a broader view of what can improve and what they can do about it. so if you've written one already, check if yours is still there. if it isn't, please write a new one. it helps the server grow a bunch.
  11. @Extreme Just add her and ask for an invite. She'll invite you whenever she can.
  12. Seuvagem

    Word Game

  13. Name: Soov In game name: Grandpa Class expertise: Whitesmith/ Gunslinger / Sniper / Soul Linker / Priest / Lord Knight Best way to contact: Seuvagem#8732 on discord Availability (server time): 7am - 2pm, 7pm - 11pm. Feel free to ask me about other classes as well, I may not have as much experience on them but I can sure help with general knowledge.