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  1. Instead of blatantly trying to get a reaction from my guild member, how about we stick to the topic or you know, try to look at everything else i said, including the original topic here of what we can do to improve scores on Sakus post. @Bowo @siswa Considering what @Seuvagem has told me and what I've seen first hand, it seems more like a personal problem than anything, so leave petty aside, because i personally don't care what problems either of you may have with one another. With that, i won't be replying any more unnecessary comments on this post. As i originally said, my main concern is WoE, and at the moment, there is no woe scene on Anomaly, with the current state of it that is. It's been an off and on again issue where one guild dominates and the competition just gives up and doesn't bother showing up. The dominant guild gets bored and disappears. Of course, i do understand to some extent why the weaker guild wouldn't want to show up anymore but with the current state of things, it's been pretty even in terms of numbers. The issue i'm seeing is lack of experience or understanding of how to properly woe/counter, even with the low number woe's we've seen from both ends. And i don't mean to sound rude, but what I've seen is, if Silm decides to woe for weeks, it ends up to maybe 1 or even 2 members showing up from opposing guild, which have been none at some points because of. . .? I'm assuming discouragement. Which leads me to believe, and I've seen it, once we disappear for a bit, the opposing guild shows up again. To resolve it, I do think a good woe is better than defending or attacking empty castles for a more enjoyable experience, is definitively doing Draft WoEs. The idea I had was to hold a Draft WoE with two leaders. Not necessarily SA Lead or Silm Lead; they can nominate themselves and if there's too many we can randomize the two-three leaders depending the size of the WoE. But the idea is, two people who take the initiative to lead WoE will then draft people one by one. Those people who will participate in WoE would before hand up vote that they will be in WoE, and that will be the player pool to grab from. The draft woe leaders will/can assign the guild leader of their choosing to ecall, restore, shot call , etc. or they can do it themselves if they wish to. Players who would want to woe, will post the class they want to play for woe at latest an hour before the drafting begins in order for the two draft leaders to have an idea what they're drafting to form some sort of composition. Rewards for WoEing will obviously be woe drops, including berries. Number of drops earned depends who holds the Main castle at the end. Winning side of a main will get more, where as side castle will get less. Fragments gained from holding castles should then be deposited into some sort of guild Draft vault which will be transformed into woe drops to be given out for woe rewards purposes so there's some sort of income to the participants of WoE. I would personally fund said vault early on since it would help start the econ of a Draft WoE Vault so as people do Draft Woes, the more Draft WoEs and participants, means the more it'll build and rewards will go up for participants. Drops from castles during the off days would go into said vault, and build the economy up for when more people participate in draft woe. Of Course, draft woe doesn't have to be an every woe thing, it can be for Yuno/Mardol WoEs only- since those are 2.0 WoE days. We could also just do Payon/Yuno Draft or Prontera/Mardol Draft. Some sort of mix, which can be decided on in a later date if people like this idea. I personally would prefer 2.0 Drafts, since i see them as the most fun. Anyways, let me know what you guys think.
  2. There's no problems between the two guilds, at least not from our end or my end for that matter. Hell, I haven't been as active as I have due to irl obligations and other reasons. With that said, I made my guild to focus on WoE at the time to compete against THW. I love a good WoE, which is also why our members have been absent for the last several months/year. While they're a few of us still messing around from time to time , that's just it. We're just messing around, which has seem to be enough to face SA in it's current state. Which personally, isn't fun, hence the on and off appearance in WoEs from our end. We are, were, a guild that cared for the WoE community, we tried when guilds decided to leave for reasons be by doing Draft WoEs, helping smaller guilds build and rebuild, and continuously helped out the newer players. However, when the efforts seem to have been all for nothing, doing things again is a bit discouraging. If there's talks about wanting to work together to make woe interesting, I'd be open for it of course.
  3. Hey it’s Uriel, It’s been a pretty long time since I've posted on the forums, and for the longest time I've wanted to post a guide that states exactly what the title says, an LK guide. I’ve been playing LK for years and I thought it’d be nice to share some insight on how to play LK. Note, that there are many ways you can play LK, however these are my preferences. During my time in Anomaly, I’ve taught and helped many LKs, though many have come and gone, I do feel they always lacked the ability to remain on the class or be consistent, with the exception of a few of my students. They either give up because they die quickly, or feel like they lack damage. I’ll discuss various builds and thoroughly go through why certain weapons, armor and skills are better during certain scenarios. Stats Skills Strategy Equipment That should be it for 1H-Sword build, now for something I prefer, 1H-Spear Build. Skills Strategy Equipment Armor, Shield, Shoes and Accessories are the same as the other so i won’t be relisting them, just look above. So that’s about all you need to know about LK! There’s a few things I didn’t mention, or go in depth to min/max damage, but I won't list that, as it’s a bit harder to obtain/play with. Plus, it’s best you figure it out for yourself! Can't give everything away. Good luck and enjoy playing LK, and hope you enjoyed the read.
  4. +1 Gear swap mechanic as renewal servers have would definitively be a big help in clearing some space in hotkeys for those on Anomaly. While, at the same time, adding more variety to builds/improve current builds without going through the hassle of accidentally swapping something else with the same name but different cards. It's a nice quality of life thing for pvp, woe and BG players - even pvm players who need to switch an armor, weapon and maybe acc at the same time in order to kill certain mvps faster. With the gear swap, you'd could be guaranteed at least 2 builds ready and easier to manage. While even pushing it to 3 or 4 builds (not have them with the swap skill- but manually or even skill bar switches), which personally, I prefer having multiple builds/set ups for various scenarios. The mechanic would be a nice added feature in my opinion. Not sure if its possible but, would it be possible to make an Alt+Q window to show up so you can drag and configure? Or is this why the NPC would be needed? With that said, would pressing the skill button, say for example, switch to MDEF gear- would pressing the same skill button return to the previous gear you had on? ( Basically, will the skill button to swap back from A to B then B to A )
  5. Borrowing your format out of laziness @shin LOL Thank you <3 The last one i posted was earlier this year, and reading these updated or new ones got me motivated to post this. Sooo. These are players who I've felt are top of the top, the best, that can be key players to have in any guild or team in Battlegrounds. Mages: There are a lot of mage players out there, but I'll mention those who I feel have been most noticeable for me in BG and WoE that i'd love to have on my team/duo and not against. :x ?????????? (Ray): I shouldn't really say say much about him, but I will since I didn't say much in my last one. He pushed the limits of HW, knows when to fight, how to kite and lead a group of enemy players to come to him. While he leads you to him, he'll literally kill you while you're charging into him, just leave him alone. Didn't leave him alone, did you continue chasing? Did you survive? Not for long, his team is right behind him to get you, and if it's just a Pally and Lk or creo to help him, yeah no. Have fun at the respawn. I'll change the ????? to a IGN once you tell me one LOL Hiyo (Valk): As I've mentioned before, he pushes the limits of a professor. He was a great ally to have back in SA and very knowledgeable at the game. Reflect might have been his bane - but he found ways around it. He's someone i enjoyed playing with in and out of BG. lkjewq (AJ): Similar to Valk, very knowledgeable at the game, and the reason I believe why my guild personally reached it's high around the time his guild was active. Pushed us to adapt and grow. There is no doubt that he was the reason to the success of NATG while on Anomaly with the ability to be strategic, tactical and execute properly. While my guild and his guild may have differences in terms of play style ( defensive/offensive), I can respect the methodology of how he can lead his guild to victory with tactics and strategy. Professor Ming Ming Kun & Tori Black <3: He (Ming) was one of the first few I met on Anomaly, friendly and easy to talk to about builds ( from what i recall ). Mond, sneaky one with his ecalls, great team player for woe, doesn't BG much anymore though. Eroll: Similar to Ray, he understands when to shift spells, kite, or stall. Nicksuo: He's been playing this role more for me and he's been doing great - listens well and very aggressive, not afraid to die along side the LKs Aeryn Winter: She does it all, need a support? You got it! Lack damage? She's got you covered! Well rounded player that can be a great assist to have in any BG match or on a WoE Day! Front-line Melees (Whitesmiths & LKs): The ones that aren't afraid to go in, care about KDA, and can bring fear to the squishies and others alike. All around team players. Yuji: It's dat heat boi - my "partner in crime" as we double team enemies. Grotesque: Isn't quite "dat heat" but can bring some kinda heat, am i right? Really strong player that knows the game well, and can easily switch classes when needed. He isn't afraid to all in, tanky and high damage. Grandpa: The first real WS main; outside of the old guard Vyra, he really understands the style of team play - This guy will single handedly tank a team for days. He might be old ( not really, if you think he's a grandpa wtf) and has a bit of cobwebs pre Prof web nerf (no thanks to Ray), he'll crush you down with his Cart. Be careful with him, might look "cute" with his bunny ears, he'll happily eat a pally or two from a HW or Creo - which he'll then go after you (LOL). Not someone to take lightly. Jimmy: One of my successful LK students, I have nothing left to teach you. Go son, break joints <3 pvp is active 4head: A pvp player that can play mostly anything, really good at what he plays to add onto that. Friendly and chill guy to talk to Pineapple Express: In my opinion, The best LK THW has on the LK line up when it comes to BG/WoE. Really tanky and knows how to abuse this while dealing consistent damage. Dioysa: Up and coming WS, listens to the advise of those who are knowledgeable of the class and demonstrates what she's learned. Very scary in BG :c dirty & T0m0o (bazz): These two have come a long way when they started, great students to have and still learning every day! Paladin: Durable , long lasting and don't drain easily no matter how long you hit them or get them hit as a person on their devo. White Daisy: She truly is a battery, team player, and annoying to face against. She'll keep you alive until she chooses not to. Very quick at taking objectives and leading her team to victory while you're dying instead of sticking with her. Gurgalo, ~Scourge~ & Kengo: These two are quite the reliable pair for any team, great team players. Retribution: This one is just insane, he'll have 3-4 on his devo list, and he'll still pick you up if he sees it fit. Very reliable. Jadi: I see him run around a lot with Ray, and believe me, he's just as scary as Ray. If you see him around, he's not alone. Run. Head N Shoulders & Super Peco Rider: Keeps your hair clean; I believe this is Gon, so he isn't as scary on the emp. Is what i wish I could say. He will carry the guild leader and get the ecall off. When it's BG, he's a solid player to rely on. Super Peco Rider may not keep your hair clean, but he can also get the guild leader or sinx into that emp room pretty clean, imo. High Priest: Same as the mage classes, there are a lot of them, but personally, these are the ones I love to have on team or guild. There are a few others than the ones i'm going to mention, but I'll only mention my top 3. Franklin Richards: Tactician and a very resourceful player. Understands when to use certain skills, skills most HPs don't even know they exist. Angel Cake: I can't wait for her net not to be nub, but even with bad ping spikes, she'll keep you and a team alive to the best of her abilities! She claims to be nub, but she's just being modest. Aimee Leila: I swear she's a pally with an HP suit. Creator: These players are those who stand above the rest of the Creos, for one simple reason - they don't just AD. grime (shin): Honestly, the best creo I've seen on the server - he's also one of those knowledgeable players and has pushed the limits of Creo. Very unique to the rest of the Creos on the server. Mechanically gifted and pushes fights to test himself. It's fun to play against and along side with. Dabeliuteef: Not as good as grime, but a fan. No but really, he's really good, his play style on Creo reminds me a bit of his WS. Lucky Charms & Strawberry Milk: These girls are usually so sweet. Just, don't run into them in BG. They know how to chase you down, and play the class quite well as team players. Jimmy Firecracker: The biggest PP, very reliable as a solo PP Creo as well. Symphonia: She'll throw her PP around, so long as you keep her alive. When she isn't throwing PP, she'll make you regret the default GR. Careful with this one. Champion & Sinx: From pvp to woe, these players make a strong impact on anyones team - or against. Neo: James, someone who has taken the role as a pvp veteran, and looked up to by the active pvp community. If you haven't met him, make sure you talk to him when you see him in town and not pvp... C: Noctis: Really good pvp sinx, lags a bit which causes a few hiccups in BG/WoE but overall great ally. Careful though, he does like to sneak up on you. Sebaz: Reliable as a breaker, goes in when he's told to, although he does get a bit aggressive at times - still a nice sinx to see on your team. Doesn't just spam SBK. Giannis Antetokoumnpo: "WHERE'S GIANNIS/GON?" Should be on your mind, because he'll break your emp when you least expect it. Erin Palm Strike: He's a student of the game, he'll exploit everything a class can bring - imo the best Champion to date with his meta. Just as scary as a sinx cloaking to pop up and get you. He'll sura when you least expect it. Other Champions: Buckets, Goku Black, Jimmy, James, Lance - these are just too good not to mention Soul Linker: Not a lot of people play this class, but these are the few that, im my opinion, have done a good job at being annoying for mage players and very helpful for the team. Saku & Buckets: Are you a mage? (yes) These guys will hold your hand, for better or worse, same team or not. :'D Are you a mage? (no) You have SP? Not anymore :'3 ! Zyg: This one, oof. Even with the lag and untimely disconnects, he tries his best, thank you sir! Depression: Literally threw him on this class his first day on Anomaly, and preformed well after not touching the game in 5 years! Well played~ Range (Sniper, Gunslinger and Stalker): No shield? No problem! ( not referring to stalkers LOL) Sceadugenga: Really started something with this class. From the boring and brainless DP - FSK, Gan really brings fear to all classes with his Stalker. I consider him one of the LKs. Tony Master: pew pew pew; Watch where you're positioned or he'll catch you off guard and won't know what hit you until you're back at Caspen/respawn. A very skilled and knowledgeable player. Although, get's bored easily. Next game/class. Lunabell: She makes the last minute of WoE feel like an eternity if she isn't focused. Ru/Danbo: This one is just as scary as Lunabell, quite sick with his trap skills as well. Borrum: The father of Snipers, kites, traps, kills - all in a nice little line. :) Bagel: Student of Borrum - Learned quickly, studied Gan sniper guide and asked questions. All around great sniper for BG and WoE. Urang: Student of Borrum - The latest sniper student, learned quick as well as Bagel, but still has a bit to go. I've seen him play with less gear, and I thought he was already fully geared - was shocked when i seen his equips. Another reliable player for WoE/BG There are a few classes I didn't mention, due the lack of activity from them, sorry in advance.
  6. Judging by the lack of attention this has gotten from the community, be they don't know what to say or don't want to say anything ( 229 views and only 5, soon 6, replies ) I'd like to see what others think about this by bumping this. Specifically from other guild leaders or who have had the chance to be a "lead" (or even stepped into the woe Scene as this is a WoE topic). Of course, if things change and isn't approved or sit well with the rest of the community, then (: ! As for the flag ins, the idea I had was to do something similar to BG flag ins, where you don't really have flag in but a respawn instead. Inside the waiting room, you can have a respawn NPC choosing where to repsawn, however the cooldown to respawn can be ?? (i'm not sure how long it can be). Or you can choose to exit the waiting area and walk back from entrance but can't flag in from the gold flags in the 2.0 castles. The main difference from the BG death waiting room would be, you can pull them (the dead) out of the waiting room with an ecall. I'm not sure how well this would work, but just an idea.
  7. It's been said, if you're going to +1 to something, at least put your actual input instead of coming on to just back an idea up whether you agree to it or not. (Or because someone tells you to come back up the idea to get it attention) Like, okay cool! You agree to it, why? Not here to attack you Bins, this goes for anyone who post these silly "+1" on here. As i said, explain/elaborate since that's the only way to get real input and get Perry's attention. Anyways, back to this topic. This is a quality of life thing for SG, something similar to the Stalkers with preserve if I'm not mistaken, It's a nice idea, less of a hassle for the SG player to ask around to switch Hatred jobs. As Ming stated, he doesn't use an SG, neither do I, but it's a nice idea for the small bit of the community that does. Would be useful to have when you're in BG or WoE and notice there are certain classes above the others so after the match or mid WoE you can go ahead and switch without bugging someone or dual client (which mind you requires those classes in the 2nd client) to switch the hatred. I like the idea and would be nice to have.
  8. To add to this: For those who are going for Azula's Ring, after speaking with Castor to start the quest, he sends you to read Azula's Diary which is located in @warp prt_church 173 25 For Baphomet's Ring, after speaking with Castor to start the quest, he sends you to read Alfric's Journal which is located in @warp geffen_in 152 111 Note: Both are located on a book shelf
  9. Name: AngelIn-game name: UrielClass expertise: Lord Knight / Other Classes [ While I don't consider myself a Pro in other classes, i can teach the basics - Creo, HW, Bard, Sniper ]Best way to contact: Forums Private Message or Discord ( However, It's better if we talk in game first so I know who to add ) Discord tag is Uriel #7470Availability (server time): I can be on most hours but the best are around 12:00 - 18:00 Server time ; just message in main for Uriel and I should see it ( If I'm on haha )
  10. So I decided to make a new list instead of updating the old one; since I've noticed a few new players that stand out to me be it in WoE/BG over the last few months. I will add a few veterans as they still play :3 Lord Knight Yuji - There so much to say about this one, we push Lks limits and we hope we don't step into the Payon temple and get stripped; even with the nerfs we manage and continue to theory craft the next meta for this dying class Sir Jimmy - My last student from so many. I've gotten messages from a few people "Why did you teach him that" so you're doing a good job <3 Pineapple Express - Always a great person to have on the team; tanky and consistent damage Gen. Hanzerk - Not a student but a consistent LK to have in WoE; no questions asked you go in and while you don't BG much on this, the times you have a great team player Sniper Borrum - Well, so much for updating this thing. Still the best Sniper to date. Make it look so easy 😏 "That's it, stay in that nice little line" as the SS eats Bagel - Son of Borrum, a great student to the original WoE/BG sniper; since you've been under my guild you do such a great job trapping while managing to SS mid traps Assassin Neo - Absolute monster in pvp; glad to have him on the team LOL flaming flamingo - The most active and great pvp'er on the server since the death to Lks and rise to sinx/champ meta; but don't get me wrong - he isn't afraid to change classes Sebby - My latest and consistent breaker <3 We've always had an issue with having a sinx main but we finally have one~ We've had many clutch moments since the first day ! c: Meeko - I admired this one, coming from an inactive guild, to becoming a better team player in x-men; you knew what you were doing and have only gotten better Champion DAT AINT FALCO - Same thing as I said about the sinx ( flaming flamingo), just really good on this class as well, paving the meta for it here on Anomaly with the insane heal spam Mitsuo - While a bit inactive lately in pvp, the return has shown a bit of rust but still overall a great champ. . . Just push palm moar 4head Gogeta - You didn't really pvp much the first time around here on Anomaly with Champion, but you sure started after the pvp tournament; really like watching those 30min matches with buckets Gabriel - James, the OG champ around here with Luis, while he doesn't play much - make sure to join pvp when he does for a fun time. . . 😏 Erin Palm Strike - The first WoE he attended for me, just left me speechless - up there with the rest of these guys High Wizard Treeck - Our time in SA was fun, and when you followed to Silm it was amazing to have another soccer/futbol fanatic LOL Reliable HW to have Kannushi - This one running around with no health, but manages to survive going back and forth the castle, oof ????????? - You know who you are, one of if not the best HW in the game, who pushed the class from being just a JT/Bolt spam fest to the versatile class that it can be as he's shown time and time again. Eroll - One of the other HW that were deadly in BG and in WoE; although I haven't seen him on much lately with the HW High Priest Angel Cake - She may say otherwise, but she is one of the few that paved the way for the "I'm going to tank half a guild while the others kill you" High Priest ( <3 ) Literotica - I still have the skull, it'll be worth millions of MC one day. ( Reference Vulpecula post above ) Rixen - The newest HP I've been seeing in BG/WoE, really annoying to face but good to have around. Franklin Richards - Tactician, life savior, and battle priest all in one. Pyxis - The Bloodhair doesn't just kill, but heals <3 White Smith Grandpa - For an old man, he sure runs a lot faster than most of the peco riders at times. Don't let him catch you or he'll smash the face Professor Aeyrn Winter - She's one of the great leaders the server has had, with the ability to rally her people to make the effort to woe. Not to mention she's a great support and dps prof to have Charles Xavier - Annoying, simply put, annoying. Stay away from this one or he'll web you for hours. You might as well put your hands down, get a drink, and come back. Maybe you'll be dead, or he catches another one of your team member(s). . .LOL lkjewq - The Lead of NATG, while some of the things he has said or posted haven't left a good impression for many, he knows how to lead his guild to victory and has helped make woe fun. Stalker Cancer - Started the meta <3 Sabina Iris - Stop throwing your kicks plz :c Paladin Alabaster - She protecc she attacc but most of all - she stays alive even with Greg pp'ing her. Kengo - Devo Pally that holds so many and keeps them alive <3 Jadi Tambah Sayang - The Shield of Ray; a tank that takes a bit of time to crack but also plays objective games quite well Creator Symphonia - From the moment she came back last summer, she's been such an important person to have on my team <3 To have her on any team be it in BG/WoE is a huge plus with her AD and heals. ( Plus super kewt on all her characters <3 ) Strawberry Milk - She takes after her Bae, The Bloodhair, she'll chase you down be it in BG or WoE. . . grime - A NATG original that has stuck around playing WoE and BG with different guilds; very intelligent for various reason and a viable asset to have for any guild or team. While we haven't talked much, a lot of what he does or inputs shows in the guilds he's in Lucky Charms - I said it before, I'll say it again, Magically Delicious - The Bloodhair of Silm <3 Jimmy Firecracker - The biggest PP of all; so consistent since he joined - while he doesn't use this much in BG; during WoE is such a good person to have to keep you alive ( Even with a Pally that sacs and goes in to die ) Soul Linker Saku - Happy Little Accidents Bard/Gypsy Sangs Ebil Sister - The true Ebola to Sangs LOL Gunslinger Cable - The 360 no scopes am I right? Gol D - Taught by Cable, a great team player and one of the few GS that were around Blitzkrieg - Please reference Vulpecula post above Ninja Barcode Killer - ||||| RIP ; one of the first few I got to see play Ninja in woe; also has abola <3 Toby - W E T Thank you @Vulpecula for the format <3
  11. Welcome~ <3 Hope you enjoy your stay :3 I'm sure i'll see you soon ;o
  12. IGN: Uriel Crystal: Vanilla
  13. IGN: Uriel Crystal: Cara
  14. Morning WoE: I'm not sure how to properly vote for this; if it were me, thinking for myself I'd say leave it be, but thinking about the server as a whole- i'd have it move an hour back. I left my vote No Preference as I tend to miss or be late for morning woes to begin with. Evening WoE: Nothing to be said about this really, it's a good time for me as its after everything I need to do throughout the day.