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  1. Lol, personally trying to attack someone on a post meant to encourage productivity. I don’t know if its just me, but these screen shots a missing a lot of context? Maybe cut out to hide your hypocrisy? Dunno Well, heres the constructive part of my post. On a server that I assume only has maybe 15 people that are on (I don’t know I don’t play anymore), regardless of what that number maybe, a draft woe would hurt the server more than help I feel like. No matter how you hide it, the server’s community had always had dislikes with each other. I feel like the players won’t be able to set aside their differences to woe their “rivals”. I can just imagine the finger pointing after each draft woes. As far which castle, FE woes are full of spawn in choke point strats which are not fun to deal with. SE however only has 1 spawn in strat which is the entrance. Once that formation is broken, it hard for defending team to regain the strat. However, as pointed above, newbies tend to have confusions with SE with the main confusion being the flag ins. I think a text bubble that “reminds defender members to use the flags” on flags would be helpful. But as I have lead a fresh newbie guild before, most newbies do not read..
  2. If the targetting mechanic was put in place, I think giving the skill a hard cooldown would balance it out. As far as WoF goes, right now I find it too op to be able to safety wall on top of WoF. You are already negating a lot of damage by just placing WoF. Maybe disable the use of safety wall if the player being targetted is on top of wall of fog and/or the other way around (like if the player is on safety wall and wof is cast on top of it the sw will be cleared off if wof and sw range over laps)
  3. Thats not really a problem consinder lp is always on top of emp. Emp room always looked like a disco room due to all of the ground effects always being reapplied
  4. Lets all keep in mind that Wizard class doesnt have Wall of Fog.
  5. I dont think pnuema needs this as it has a 3x3 effect so its a little forgiving to miss but safety wall is different. Maybe if safety wall can be a target spell instead? Not sure if its possible
  6. This is not gonna fix the problem of Star Gladiator. The problem of Star gladiators right now is they completely rely on hatred to deal damage. Along side with Running/Flying Side kick which would be a good source of damage if stacking LR resist wasn't so easy and common in the server. Also, using running/flying side kick combo is hard to pull off on tight places which further render the class useless. Of course they wouldn't be a bad class if they stance and kicks actually did damage but pretty much any auto attack damage builds in this server (except emp break build) is just utter garbage. Hatred should never be used as a main source of damage but rather just bonus damage. I heard of a Star Gladiator rework long long time ago but who knows when that would come to life.... This is a band aid solution that won't even work. Even if this got implemented, you are still dealing with running/flying side kick problems/cell bug problems (common in woe) and lacking reliable damage on tight spaces.
  7. I posted this thread in the wrong section lol. But here is a good resource for you if you want to get in touch with some players about some of the classes Also, welcome to the server! Good on you that you decided to read the wiki and the balance changes. You’d be surprise how many people dont do that. Also, theres plenty of detailed guides in the forums on how to progress in the server so make sure you check that section out.
  8. Exroh

    lets put the work in

    I remember when you first joined the server. I think it was the first week of September, I was going to invite you to NBH but you were unsure of your schedule which lead you to not join the guild. Lots have changed since then. Unfortunately, I can’t do what I did back in the beginning of September where i’d just sit in caspen whisper each newbie like characters “hello, are you new” then proceed to give them advice. I’ve gotten a lot more busy compared to before and I dont have much patience from what I had before due to the constant repetitiveness of baby sitting newbies. I think Simmy is trying to baby sit newbies with TR guild but it looks like she’s doing it alone. She could really use the help. As for newbie baby sit, you shouldn’t be giving anything to newbies specially if they’re begging for items. Those kinds of players will drain your supply and they won’t be staying in the server for long. I can 100% guarantee that they will. I did this back in NBH and I ended up regretting it at the end. Good newbies on the other hand seek valuable information so they can progress on their own. Take Xylon’s guild guild for example. He was bribing his members a lot of donation credits to woe and join his guild. When I talked to one his former members, he was glad he joined X-men because we gave him proper directions on how to progress in the game and not just dump currency on him and expect him to learn on his own.
  9. Exroh

    lets put the work in

    I have mentioned this before and i’m going to say it again. The RMS review is a reeling tool to get players in. It does not guarantee new players to stay in the server. I’m not saying advertising the server is a waste of time but there is no one in the server that will baby sit newbies. Most of the time, newbies wander around the server not knowing what to do. As sad as it is, most newbies dont read the forums, which makes player guides kind of useless. When NBH and X-men guild were formed, it provided newbies a guild to accompany them so they don’t feel left out and they have people to talk to or ask questions to. I’ve seen a couple of newbies who have left the server who have been in the server for weeks or a couple of months and have left the server because they had no one to talk to or be part of a group. What i’m saying is, advertising the server is only part of the problem. The other part is holding newbies’ hands, showing them how the server works and giving them a guild to be a part of.
  10. Hi everyone! Don’t know how successful this thread is going to be but i’ll give it a shot. The point of this thread is for everyone who would like to mentor new comers to teach them how to play their class. I’m seeing a lot of newbies who are underperforming on their classes on BG. I’m not really sure if they’re underperforming because their lack the knowledge of how to play the class or just having gear problems. If you would like to be a mentor, please follow the format below and I will update the mentor list on this post Mentors Name: In game name: Class expertise: Best way to contact: Availability (server time): Mentor List: Name: Sherwin In game name: Ichor Class expertise: High Priest/Gunslinger/Soul Linker/Star Gladiator Best way to contact: Discord: Exroh#1930 Availability (server time): at the moment i’m fairly busy but the best times would be friday 6pm.
  11. Albus is back!!! Yaaas. Welcome to the server s-sir.
  12. Thanks to everyone that applied and participated in the guild. Before I have a Gm close this out, I’d like to thank a couple of groups and folks. Meeko, Jadi, Evo and Pierre - the first 4 recruits of the guild and the ones that lasted till the end. Glad you guys joined the guild and woed with X-men. It was fun strategizing and improving with you guys along the way. Special thanks to Jadi/Pierre/Evo for helping out with guild organization. Ray - my savior!!! Thanks for helping me out with X-men. I was already drowning right when I started. Didn’t help that I got bombarded with life stuff the first couple of weeks of the guild but glad you were there to help the guild out when I was mia. Also, I wish I can type out guides as fast as you can LOL. I got a couple of guides that I want to write out. Ponch and friends - one of the best recruits i’ve had in a while. The last ones being Jimmy and Hanzei in Silm. Thanks for joining and being our Pally, Ponch. It was fun listening to your music while woeing. Though the music was distracting sometimes. I also would like to thank, Brian, Mon, Josh and the others (sorry I forgot your names) for joining. I’m really sorry you guys joined a dying guild. Really wanted the guild to keep going but my schedule was making it difficult to lead. Rozzy, Soob , Simmy - thanks for helping out the guild. Simmy, I know there were some players that you wanted to strangle but thanks for guiding them. Rozzy and Soob, thanks for the generous donations. I tried my best to hand out those cards to the right players. Nyok - thanks for helping me out with the guild discord. I know it was terrible working with me at the time since my mind was scattered everywhere. Really appreciate the work that you’ve done in the discord. Lastly, thanks to everyone who was smart enough to read the first post of the thread and follow direction. You guys made my life a little bit easier. Thank you. With all that being said, X-men... disband.
  13. Exroh

    State of WoE

    I dont think theres anything Perry can add into the game that can make leading/maintaining a guild easier. I have helped maintain a guild and I also lead a guild. Both times I did the same thing. Devote all of my time in RO by sitting in caspen, saying hi to newbies, welcoming them to the server and offering them a hand. Leading and maintaining a guild requires a lot of time and patience. You have to help your guildies, help newbies out, organize your guild if you’re woeing (roster, classes, attendance ,salary) it is a lot to do for just one person. Just the first two alone already takes up a lot of your time. I dont think theres anyone who is willing to do what I just listed. Which results in newbies not having anywhere to go which pushes the newcomers away. It doesn’t matter if we get a big influx of newbies if we dont have anyone who is willing to house those newbies. Which was the entire point of NBH And X-men. As far as guild packs go. This isn’t gonna help making a guild as it will only hurt the economy. At the moment, I dont think theres a big competition on mvps right now, so obtaining mvp cards shouldn’t be a problem. Also, we have Poring King Castle now, which relieves a lot of that competition. This isn’t usually the case. Take Xylon’s guild for example. Xylon had the best salary offer in the game, yet newbies joined the guild and ended up not having a good experience in the guild. When I created X-men, Xylon was so threatened that he bumped up the salary. Xylon’s guild ended shortly after X-men was created. My point is, most players would rather have a good leader than good salary