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  1. shin

    aRO BG Event

    Don't have 20 but lets do it. See yall tmr :)
  2. shin

    aRO BG Event

    13 signed up. Lets get at least 7 more.
  3. shin

    aRO BG Event

    I'm organizing a BG event for everyone to get together to have some fun and help get newbies some BG tickets to gear up. Date: December 6th 2019 (Friday) Time: 7:00 PM SERVER TIME Please sign up in the sheet so we know how many people are showing up because if we don't get at least 20 people I'm canceling the event. If you want to participate, just put your IGN down in the sheet. Sign up sheet Spread the post and so we can reach as many people as possible, I like having options when I eat. This will only take an hour or two and shouldn't really interfere with your irl commitments. I am open to changing the event time if it means we can get more people to join. If you have any feedback just leave a comment down below. Won't be duoing with anyone so we can have fun without making anyone cry. Sign up and let's have a good time 🙂
  4. +1 if this lets us swap out both our accessories and potentially free up more slots in our skillbars This isn’t going to simplify swapping in pvp. Idk about you two but good players have more than just two build sets. Even with this implemented we’d still have to swap using battlemode
  5. shin

    Duo Partner Thread

    Hi everyone, I am making this thread for those who are looking for players to duo queue in BG with. Find your BG soulmates here, maybe make some friends, and play some OP BG combinations together. Newbies or vets, good or bad, all are welcomed! I’ll start. Name: Shin Classes: I main linker, sniper, pally and creo Contact: PM me in game Availability: Evening server time About myself: Everyone here knows me as one of the friendliest people on the server. So don’t be afraid to invite me to duo with you 🙂 I am also salt free, win or lose. Provide some basic info about yourself down below if you’re looking for a duo partner. Good luck and have fun!
  6. shin

    June BG

    come lead a guild or something
  7. shin

    June BG

    Hello Kitty Online is more challenging.
  8. Love song for a loving community
  9. My boy told me to revive this thread and hopefully others can keep this alive. Here are players that I believe are head and shoulders above others at the classes they play or players I simply enjoy playing with. The list is in no particular order. Mages: Popular classes capable of dealing high amount of damage and have good utilities. You can do just fine spamming bolts/AoE, but the best players also utilize supportive abilities, with smart positioning and skill placement/skill selection to work around reflects. Kiting is also important yet underutilized, a skill that makes great mages difficult and frustrating to kill. Valk & he who shall not be named: Complete package. Great mechanics and game knowledge making them terrifying to play against. I was fortunate enough to play with them in the same guild and honestly learned so much from them. Their mages are well known and feared but they’re elite at every class they get their hands on. Ray: No one kites as well as he does. Everyone knows how frustrating it is to chase him. He is probably responsible for the recent web nerf. Feared by many when he was active in bg. Very intelligent, also a great duo partner and a great friend. Spoiled me because duo with him makes the game so easy for me. Also gave me some great tips regarding my gameplay and build. New and old players that are looking to improve their game-play, this is the guy you go to for help. AJ: Another player with great game knowledge and more than a decade worth of high level game experience. Smart and a skillful mage player overall. What makes him different from other players is his ability to lead his guild to victory through methodical practices and analysis. His adjustments and preparations before and after WoEs are some of the best and his impact on the WoE scene makes him one of the most influential players on the server. Ming: Skilled and smart, capable of playing many different classes. Apparently also a great mentor for new and old players. Eroll: Pretty good at mages and other classes like whitesmith, champ and sinx. Cholesteroll is a great name. Front-line Melees (Whitesmiths & LKs): With the buffs and the addition of battle potions and elixirs, they are getting more and more popular. They are important to a team’s success with their melee physical damage, in a world where every motherfuckers are stacking mdef and LR resist. The best players often don’t have the prettiest stat line, but you know they’re good because they make their presence felt, diving face first into every fight to wreak havoc and provide pressure on the enemy team so your backline can do damage safely. Uriel: One of the OGs and is widely considered the best LK in his prime. He is looked up to by many, a great mentor for people who want to learn the class. A lot of his students turned out to be very good players. Yuji & Grandpa: Knows how to make their presence felt. Can tank a ton of damage and do a ton of damage. Prioritize team success over their KDA. Willing and capable duelists that provide a lot of entertainment for me. They both also play other classes well. Jimmy: Great team fighter that knows how to do damage. Also excel at classes like sinx, champ, and sniper. pvp is active 4head: Really good player that plays many classes at a high level. Active and is great in both pvp and bg. New players probably don’t know how good his linker is. Honestly a great player if he wants to be but nahhh he decides to play some troll ass shit like high vit wiz with no GR that dies to 3 AD or thana bait elemental sword bolt stalker. Pineapple Express: Another LK feared by many due to how tanky he is. Paladin: Most paladins just devo and keep people alive, which is completely fine, but the ones that really shines are players that knows how to abuse their ridiculous speed and tankiness, keep up with devo to keep their team alive, while draining their opponents sp to force pharaoh swaps. White Daisy & Roll & Alabaster: If you wanna know how to hard carry a team as a support, just watch these players. Capture the Flag and Stone Control is over quick if you don’t find ways to contain them. Extremely fast and tanky. Knows how to keep your team alive and win fights for you. Angelina: I have no idea who this is. She played for a week and disappeared. Plays the class differently from the ones I mentioned. Very tanky and annoying to play against as she drains your sp and can chase you down to do decent damage. Jadi: Reliable and plays the class the right way. Can keep up with getting dispelled and is also very tanky. High Priest: They are my favorite to have on my team and I absolutely hate playing against them. Extremely hard to kill on the class I play and every time I get dec agi’d I wanna Alt + F4. With that said, it’s kinda hard to stand out as a high priest imo, you’re either good or you’re bad. These are some HPs that are memorable for various reasons. Aeryn Winter & Sherwin: Alright I lied about not being able to stand out as a priest. These players are probably the most reliable HPs I’ve played with. Hard to kill and are great at keeping up with heals, buffs and debuffs. They are also capable of playing many other classes. Sherwin is my guy. Willing to experiment and is very helpful towards newbies. Angel Cake: I think she’s lagging half the time or something?? Aside from that, a very reliable priest with decent heals and very tanky. A fun person to be around for the most part but Idk why she feels the need to always announce in public chat that she’s going to poop like damn keep that shit to yourself I’m tryna eat here. Freyja: Underappreciated. Don’t see him around anymore but he was really good too when he was active. Dirty: He really improved a lot. What makes him stand out is how overly friendly he is. Was friendly towards me even when I pissed off half the server and had a whole guild griefing me in bg to fuck me over that one month. Rixen, Tinker Bell, Marie Louise, Pyxis, Bun, Robb, Bruno Mars are all great priests please leave me alone. Creator: It’s an easy class to play. There’s really no way to be bad at this. The best players are the ones that do more than just AD, either by utilizing supportive abilities or know how to deal with deviant swaps with either bolts or mammo. Great creos can have huge impact on the whole map with their speed and team fighting abilities. Great playmakers. Without any defensive abilities other than their speed, great creos are also great at swapping defensively to improve their survivability. Ken: Ken is also another player that is elite at basically every class he plays. His LK, Grotesque was also feared by many and his sniper’s traps are arts, some Mona Lisa shit. What makes his creo different from most is how he utilizes mammo. This guy is a killing machine and I learned a lot from him. Floe: Valk’s creo. He didn’t play it much but most of the things I do I learned from him. Excellent swapper that really knows how to fight. Lucky Charms: The OG creo player. Plays the class how the class should be played, with good positioning and smart target selection. Slick and is hard to kill. She’s been at the top since the beginning, and is still widely considered the best and you have to respect that. White Chocolate Milk: Starting to see him in bg a lot. Always willing to put up a good fight. Utilizes bolts with elemental sword to deal damage and potion pitch to support his team. I love abi: The creo that fucked every team up in the pvp tournament. Please don’t flame me for not mentioning any of the natg core. Sinx: When played right, sinx can do massive amount of damage, drain your sp, while being incredibly hard to kill. Very tricky to fight even in bg. Some of the most memorable ones are Neo: Is there anyone that can beat him in pvp?? I don’t pvp enough to know but I’ve seen him play and he is legit scary. Shaltear: She (?) was so hard to kill. That’s all I remember about her. She’s inactive now though. Noctis: More active in BG than the two I mentioned (at least I’ve had more experience fighting him) even though I haven’t seen him in a while. Great duelist. Soul Linker: Saku & Buckets: Not much to say about these guys. Very good at the class and were hard to kill. Torturing mages probably brought them a lot of joy. Fucking sadists. Christopher: New guy??? Been doing some work in bg these days. Stalker: Borrum’s stalker: His sniper is considered the best by many but tbh his stalker was much scarier imo. Hard to kill due to how slippery he is and is a great asset to have especially in game modes that require capping stones/ flags. His snares were on point which makes stealing stones incredibly difficult when playing against him.
  10. Good. Thank you for your hard work
  11. Welcome to the server! Aside from bloody branches and natural MVP spawns, MVP cards are also obtainable through bounty system, Poring King's Castle, and MVP invasion that happens 4 times a day. You can read more about them here If you ever change your mind about PVP and want to give BG a try, be sure to check out Ray's budget WoE build as they're also decent enough for bg. Everyone is friendly in BG so hop on and join the fun :)