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  1. or instead increasing its HP, you can change their property to plant type and change the HP to 200~300, so you will need to spend a bit more time killing it (not sure if this is a good idea)
  2. Is this the time that we can finally kick Greg from discord already :> ? (Pokes Charmi and Angel) Anyway, goodluck Greg!
  3. but still, reducing magic damage towards demi human by 10/20% or make it didnt stack if you wear 2 seems more of a viable option for me (imho)
  4. when it was the first time i play BG as an ungeared newbie HW (just basics without mvp cards), i dont have any problem tbh facing other geared HW/prof, most of my problems coming from how tanky LK is. Elemental resist potion (which most of people ignored to use and say magic classes are OP because they cant stack elemental resistance properly) already reduce magic damage even further (yeah it does reduce opposite of the element potion used). Most HW will use Jupitel Thunder as their primary DPS which has lightning elemental resistance and has 12 hit unlike other bolts which will result more DPS. There are tons of cards which reduce long range damage and wind elemental damage (aside from giant hornet which hard to for newbies). While classes that didnt use kiel cards in order to function properly, didnt have to sacrifice their damage and able to obtain more resistance if they want to do so. Reducing FBH card didnt hurt fully geared HW or Prof too much because they still can do another continuous damage with AoE combined with single target magic but the newbies' damage using the said classes will also be lowered by this nerf (since most HW will try to get FBH card first before other cards), there are other classes that used FBH such as stalker that mentioned by Forced Lux, MvP Soul Linker, MvP Prof, MvP HW, Creo that switched weapon after they ran out of bottles and forget to restock, bolter sinx if they are still alive, linked High Priest that swaps to FBH to spam holy light and all those classes will get their nerf as well.
  5. Instead reducing FBH card, why dont just reduce magic damage against demi human by 10-20% ? Im a magic class user and im rarely use 2 fbh card because most of the time i switch to FBH card + GEC/Cat o'nine tail/MF. With the reduce magic damage towards demi human, most of magic class will be forced to use 2 FBH to deal the same amount of damage pre-nerf. Or other solution is to make 2 FBH card didnt stack
  6. Gym pass quest give you Enlarge Weight Limit which is a char bound skill, sex changing make it more convenient for some players to keep the skill while changing their appearance to fit certain headgear imo
  7. +1 to this because female sprite fits with most of headgears in this server :')
  8. you can check it on here : http://ratemyserver.net/quest_db.php?type=40000&qid=40006 but if you quite determined to farm dyestuff, try use myst case card (headgear card) and mimic card(s) (accessories card) while farming, as those cards will give you chance to obtain Gift Boxes and Old Blue Boxes which also have a chance to give you Dyestuffs and other stuffs , and the only farm-able dyestuff (CMIIW) is darkgreen dyestuff from Cookie (xmas_dun01)
  9. Ign: Omniscient Crystal: Cara Screenshot: Ign: Omniscient Crystal: Scrub Screenshot:
  10. Orpheus


    I guess the mdef is just a bonus for Endure skill, which allow all classes to chase HW better while they spamming AoEs in order to delay a person or group of people chasing them/ walk fine without being delayed by attacked animation in GvG
  11. Orpheus

    All Purposes HW

    Hi, this is my very first guide in this server. After playing for some weeks and observing everything, turns out in every server especially SHR and HR where you can easily achieve at least 90% delay reduce from cards and gears, Mage Class is still the best class to use for farming, BG, WoE and MvP. In this post, i will elaborate everything how i done these 4 aspects with HW, so enjoy the guide! If you are a newbie who are lurking around in this forum, and decided to try playing High Wizard, here is a little guide for you about how to level your character with the stuffs you have at your very first day in this server : https://www.anomalyro.com/forums/topic/296-novellis-newbie-leveling-guide-for-all-classes/, and now you are at maxed level High Wizard, you may proceed to read further xD Most of guides in every RO usually started with the explanation of how to allocate your status points effectively and efficiently~ Status Build It seems that i cant edit some texts in my Farming Content, so i will just add it here. Here are the list which items should be autolooted : Now, we move on to the build section :
  12. Bump (specifically for my 1st and 4th suggestion) we need more discussion on this qq
  13. Orpheus


    i do know damage reduction for every weapons , but again , if you already have your calculation for your multiplier damage, just add again the multiplier from damage reduction from each kind of weapon. Its not that hard, in addition to that, you can run to a simulation on MvP arena which has every size of MvP and certain race and elemental property to try which damage will be your highest output