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  1. We are probably not recruiting atm unless you got some dope ass references. Except soul linkers. We are recruiting soul linkers.
  2. Justin

    Castle Rotation

    +1. Tactics can change a lot between castles. It would be real nice to mix things up.
  3. Hit me up on discord if you're interested in joining: j.l#3179
  4. Backpack headgears should be moved to lower instead of middle. They occupy the same spot on your body as wings. There's also a poor selection of lowers at the moment and an over abundance of mids. This would help balance it.
  5. This is the best (only) way to apply. We're probably not taking any new members atm unless they've got a recommendation from a current guild member or if they've played with us in the past.
  6. It's the same thing with donating. The economy around DC incentivizes people to donate. I forget to vote all the time but I definitely wouldn't if my VP were suddenly valuable.
  7. It's typically something like B - Blessing A - Agility Up F - Full Chemical Protection S - Soul Link + - Devotion FCP isn't really needed on this server though.
  8. I've never wanted anything more in my life than this Purple Striped Hat. (ID: 33169) I would do unspeakable things to obtain this headgear jesus. I NEED it.
  9. No. We've just started. We'll have videos from here soon.