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  1. This guy have a problem with his missing item and he spam #Main with some stupid words, He said his Valkyrie Randgris is missing and "Any Gm online?" and he say "F**k" at #Main. I said "Stop using Badwords at Main", "Bro go post it in Forums, maybe they can help you with your problem". " You can use #Request with your problem. ". Then the Cursing started in 1:1 Chat. RIP for those Kindly person's like me. I feel like i'm a Waste (Garbage) :'(
  2. Hennessy

    Akuma The AFK

    Hello Mr. Akuma you're not alone anymore, because we're here HAHAHAHA.
  3. Can you teach me how to uninstall the game? Because i need to re-install it.