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  1. Ah I totally didn't think of the antivirus thing! Thanks!
  2. Didn't find it so I guess I have to dl the whole client all over T-T
  3. Don't think I saw that last time I checked but will next time. Thanks.
  4. It's been a long while since i played last and when I booted the client it said there was a new patcher and that I should download it. Looked on main website but didn't find it. Any way I can just download the patch client without dling the whole thing all over again?
  5. BlackJoker808

    Guess the Card!

    By winner you mean the account and not character right? Seems like no one is interested and I know the answer lol
  6. Since someone posted the Judgment Wings(the ones with 3 devil wings on one side and 3 angel wings on the other), I wanna suggest Judgement Valkyrie Helm(half black and half white). Don't think I saw it posted yet. The Valkyrie Helm I'm talking about is the one below.
  7. BlackJoker808

    Guess the Card!

    IGN: Tasha Godspell Answer: Marin Card
  8. Cool! Yeah I thought I'd just post a topic to see if other people felt the same way or had the same idea.
  9. Yeah I'm just sitting on points right now lol
  10. So I was looking at the voting headgears and was kinda underwhelmed at the selection. Maybe adding new/diff variation headgears or custom versions would increase the available choices?
  11. IGN: Twenty-Fifth Baam Crystal: Cara Screenshot:
  12. BlackJoker808

    Guess the Card!

    IGN: Urek Mazino Answer: Quve Card
  13. BlackJoker808

    Guess the Card!

    IGN: Urek Mazino Card: Sting Card
  14. IGN: Twenty-Fifth Baam Crystal: Mia
  15. IGN: Twenty-Fifth Baam Crystal: Mitha