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  1. When i found this server in rms i was excited at first then after download full client and installing, I tried to play but can't open. I thought there is something wrong with my PC so i check everything that would cause a problem and run the client/ patcher again. After that there is some need of additional file to be downloaded... soon i was trying again and guess what!!? Nothing happen. So, I reboot my PC and try again but with different tactic like I try to start using this (*look the attach pictures) but still nothing happen. I was checking forums and all and I saw many people complaint this and that but i didn't find any issues relating how to fix it, but one thing interest me when i check the forum, someone ask that he/she can't do full patch and the answer he/she got is to restart the PC and router also mention maybe internet connection is slow. So, i found it interesting or should i say funny.. why? you ask..... Well if the user can't do full patch means he/she didn't download in full, why can't he/she download in full? It means the user got slow connection... So to the main point, why DOES HE/SHE NEED TO RESTART/REBOOT THE PC or ROUTER.... So, I come to say hello and also goodbye. P.S. All others server are good and can play, just trying to feel new servers and maybe it's not for me so happy gaming. Maybe I'll change my mind someday and I'll BE BACK!!!