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  1. Guys. how to use this or setup for 2 extra hot keys ? i cannot find in BM setting for assign the Letter of my choice. ty reply.
  2. why need kiel? hwc is soft and hard mdef ignore make 50+300 = 0 mdef? semi support sir
  3. what build stats and EQ item for prof woe / bg here pls for newbie pls
  4. still got error like that
  5. i still got error after i got install this u gave to me
  6. after i install that still got error patcher if i start the game like this
  7. need help to pls this patcher error ty
  8. cannot start the game error patcher
  9. still rgm sniper? i can play sniper for woe
  10. what sniper card for new player like me here.. start from 0 now.... i am not donor player... ty post guide for bg and woe pls
  11. tao gon ka card -def what def minus soft or hard?
  12. ok what better for woe / bg type thana or inca? why 3 tg not 2 hydra 1 tg? hydra or tg which better? final is 1 inca 3 tg that u use for bg?
  13. this my total def now. my question is still i get higher damage for thanatos card or ice pick user pvp character? or how many def need to less damage for thanatos? ty for replying