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  1. Meemo

    Friendly Post WoE PVP

    Justin walking around looking for someone to Asura LOL.
  2. +1 it sux to manually look for the new updated head gear's when there's a lot HG's listed in one section (like BG KRO). or if its possible to add a 'temporary' section in previewer for a list of newly updated HG's for like a week ?
  3. Name: Ordinal Scale Sword ( don't know exact name ) type: Middle image:
  4. +1 having skin color would be great
  5. Thank u for the sharingan been waiting for it <3
  6. Custom Black Succubus Horn Upper
  7. You're a Legend! Glad to have u here in this server. Enjoy! the players here are friendly :D
  8. Meemo

    Godly Quest Guide

    You can use 7 different type of Drops or 7 of the same kind
  9. Sharingan/Rinnegan/Byakugan Eyes -Mid Custom Nine Tailed-Tails -Low
  10. Elegant top hat please :< the black one