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  1. Wait. Deviling card is for garment, not armor lmao. @Insanitarius @Scrub
  2. Maybe you can just make two commands: @checkphysical and @checkmagical. For checkphysical, you can includes all kinds of physical with attack and defense. For checkmagical, same as checkphysical but its for magical, you know. So, you dont have to make more than two commands to check. Less work I guess. I support this idea because I was the one who suggested the idea of @checkresist. So, I believe this idea will benefit more for players.
  3. 15. Sushi with EEL ON IT! My favorite ever
  4. Yo Yo Yo oh right. -464. P.S. search -464 picture on google. enjoy it
  5. Kiri


    Somehow, it went back to normal while this strange guild is up. I got my guild back. Thanks for responding back!
  6. Ah i saw that now. I like it. I realized that emperium is not a big deal than player. Thanks for responding back!
  7. I am not sure what's forum rules for post again but hello again. What do you think of this suggestion?
  8. Kiri


    All I can say. I think I got that after I changed the title and clicked all three boxes like invite, kick, and storage permission. So, what is up with that? lol. Please let me know. Thanks
  9. Kiri

    Your favorite games

    playing a board game with people is more fun than just video game. Monopoly board game is fun but can ruin my friendship... Catan is my favorite board game. It likes collect materials to make roads and house or you can trade with other people. however, they can be stubborn and reject you lol.
  10. Kiri

    Your favorite games

    Curious. anyone knows about castlevania SOTN? lol but yeah! breath of fire, legend of legaia and OoS/OoA are the best too. I mean I can't decide which is my favorite at all lol.
  11. Kiri

    Extended Jobs

    They added 2 slots to goibne's armor. so, its better than valk armor like perry said lol.
  12. Kiri


    Hello. I would like to make this topic because maybe some of us have no idea what's next anime we should watch lol. I have 900 anime shows in my account on other website lol but i still didn't feel enough! Sad. Drop your favorite animes :)
  13. Kiri

    Your favorite games

    I am so curious about what is your favorite game?! I have so many games like Ps4, 3DS, pc game, mobile game but my still top favorite games are Final fantasy 7, pokemon (there have so many different pokemon games lol), Dark cloud 2 and ratchet and clank. Tell me whats your :)
  14. Nice. Ps4 have some ps1 and ps2 games! Welcome :)