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  1. Yeah dude, Unity's 2D lighting is pretty shit by itself. URP is good, but not optimized enough for games to be playable on standard setups. And I totally understand regarding start-ups, I can assist though if you want to hit it off in Discord. Anything related to Unity's UI canvas components or 2D lighting/setting up shaders, we can talk about when you get the time. I don't 100% demand payment at all, more likely just a friend paying his dues LOL
  2. If you get started on that game development studio, I can help jumpstart your technical art department since I made some cool training materials for Unity/Unreal (Had to because of Art Director work). Mostly tackling shaders, lighting, post-production and particle systems. Let me know if you're down for it my dude Also, RIP Anomaly. I'm gonna miss you forever disguise event ;(
  3. thanks for the updates i love you and i miss you
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    Ray, I love your sig
  5. So basically like, a gacha system?
  7. True. I thought that would fit the scene better but then, that would've been boring to make. 😫
  8. everything i edit is out of pure boredom so i decided to hook up a few friends for a screenshot and here is what I ended up with @rozzy @mar @gelo @kaye
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    again, got really bored as hell and ended up drawing my LK Rin this time with his trusty wild rose partner LOL -->
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    YOU KNOW I'M GOOD FOR IT DON'T WORRY I WON'T FORGET MY BIRTHDAY PRESENT FOR YOU you don't even play,,,,,,, your kouhai is lonely NEXT UP ON BORED ART: i just noticed this but your sig is a work of art
  11. We both know what would happen. It's gonna go directly to the budget of the Brotherhood of Deadmau5 Fanatics.
  12. Ooh, a fellow artist~ Hi there, Chikunia! I'm Rin. I believe we haven't met in-game yet but I'm looking forward to it! Hoping to see more of your art though!
  13. My list is entirely based throughout since I became active again 😱 (also I'm too lazy to write up reasons as to why I chose them but w/e) LK - Pineapple Express, Gelo (Tanky, latches on pretty quickly, dishes out tons of damage and can get out of a kiting situation easily) Wizard - Gandalf, Erollercoaster (Knows their way around the class and has different strategies to play against different situations) Assassin Cross - Sebaz, Neo, Giannis Antetokounmpo (I thought assassins were squishy but they proved me wrong) Whitesmith - pvp is active 4head, Gelo (I hate matching up against WS in general but these two, I would avoid all the time in clashes) Sniper - Lunabell, Danbo (Clutch breakers and great trappers) Professor - Professor Mingming Kun, Hiyo, Tori Black, Aeryn Winter (You can tell if a prof is good if he/she knows how to switch around offensive and utility playstyles and makes efficient use of each one) Creator - grime, White Chocolate Cake (Hard to actually latch on to as an LK unless you switch to kiels, and they have good resists most of the time) Stalker - Sceadudenga (i forgot the spelling), Pin Head Larry (Stalkers that actually contributes a huge lot to the fight if not focused on) Paladin - Scourge, Head N Shoulders, White Daisy (Paladins like them most of the time determines the turning point of clashes) Priest - Aimee Leila, Rixen (Good supports, hard to kill and just outright annoying lol) Soul Linker - Christopher, buckets, Serendia
  14. ayyy yoooo don't sleep on my 2h parry flee LK bois
  15. False. I haven't had a jello shot in my whole life. The member after me likes grapes
  16. yes so justin and i can whack the shit out of each other without having to worry about our k/d record
  17. I'm willing to say good bye to my +30 STR for that yummy 20% holy resist
  18. OHHHH IT'S FINALLY OUT GOOD WORK ON THE UPDATE DAD can't wait to try out esper's glorious work with the insides