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  1. Name: Bunny In game name: - Class expertise: High Priest / Stalker / Super Novice / Economy and Finance / Accounts / Math / Statistics Best way to contact: Forums Availability (server time): We'll work this shit out later.
  2. SnowBunny

    Guild Package

    I find the Idea of giving out guild packs a bit underwhelming at this point of the server. It effects the economy, it's a hassle to filter out invalid applications and making items account bound would require time to go thru people one by one. All these wasted time can be put into better use with coding and client improvement. I have seen how guild packs effect a server. Some people just get em and quit 2 weeks later due to lack of motivation to farm since they've been just handed out free shit. I believe this is a very short-term idea and the server aims for a more long term setting. I'm a strong believer when it comes to working for your stuff. It gives a player a sense of accomplishment and appreciation. I'm sure you'll be happier and more excited when you farm your 1st Kiel or Tao card, rather than getting it a 2nd time after the whole guild package kaboodle. If you really want competition, be nicer to newbs. I'm sure they'd appreciate a warmer community who would help them thru their journey. Give them some cards. Not all. Just some. Help them with trivial things like guiding them around Caspen and giving them tips on what to build and farm. Encourage the fuck out of them to read the forums cause that's where all the good shit is. Eventually a group of them will bond into a guild and there's your competition.
  3. I'll just throw in a bit of my input here seeing that most of you rather focus on what's happening right now instead of the future of the server. WoE so far on the server has been a game of who has more checker pieces. Since the start of the server it has always been 'the guild with the most number' takes the cake. This went on and I've seen multiple guilds come and go, all through the server's growth. Then came a chess guild who employed strategies instead of numbers. Granted they had less pieces altogether but they overwhelmed almost everyone else. Right now we're back to square one again with checker pieces and numbers. Think about it, a guild of under 20 members constantly wiping full guilds when a majority of them were barely geared. I can see why numbers will affect the WoE gameplay but at the same time, I think people should just get good. Actually learn how to play the game and read up your skills. I'm all up for the guild change cause it would call for better organization, strategy and actually knowing how to play the game as a whole. I believe that a drastic change is needed to change this Zerg meta that we have right now. I'm a person that came from low and mid rates. Therefore, as much as I believe in skilled gameplay, things like 28 people charging after 10 people will definitely still result in a loss. Another issue that I would also bring up are guild hoppers. With the current number count, I've seen people go around and join other guilds for other WoEs when they don't have enough players or just want much more players. Granted, this is just a normal instinctual trait most players have. What comes after that? Will it indirectly cause drama because players are hopping around? Where will that castle's drops go to if the guild actually takes it? What if some people are uncomfortable with the hoppers who joined? By lowering the guild count this can be avoided much easier as well. On the bright side, with smaller guilds, it'll be easier to distrubute WoE drops cause there's less people to give it to. But this only works if you're skilled and dedicated enough to capture and defend a castle. Not to mention RNGesus' blessings for just getting the WoE drops. With this as well, mercenary guilds can become a thing. It's good for business. Granted that this change will cause some form of drama but think about it this way. Ya'll wanna take the bite now and know that something is wrong or wait till it rots and finally decide it's too late to save it? We all want to win. But what's there to win when there's no game to play?
  4. Headgear Enchants have affected the server positively in the Zeny economy. Zeny is now seen as a staple currency alongside DCs and BG tickets which wasn't the case before. GR now runs actively almost daily because of this which is good from a newbie's standpoint as they have the chance to join in the party and farm money for their gears faster. If Enchant Transfers were to be implemented, Cheap Transfers; Would possible not sink as much zeny as intended but the DC economy would flourish as people can now buy more hats for fashionable reasons because transfers are cheap Expensive Transfers: Will only sink Zeny periodically and DC economy wouldn't change as much as it is right now. Transfers are expensive so people would prefer to choose their hats wisely. If Enchant Transfers were not to be implemented however, The Zeny economy would be the main currency and DCs would lose a bit of it's general value as people are now thinking hard which hat to get cause they have to spend at least 40b per hat fo full perfect enchants. And then there's other solutions such as, Can only transfer single perfect enchants. Cause it makes sense to only transfer perfect enchants. Maybe lets say 7b per perfect or something 7 x 9 = 63 b if transfers are all perfect. Or transfer like a full hg enchant for like 15b just in case some enchants aren't prefect or whatever. At the end of the day, I'm on the fence about this but hopefully the statements here can help you guys out with thinking of a reasonable opinion for this issue.
  5. +1 previewer. It's a renewal things.
  6. I support this idea. If possible as well, Can casual guilds have a higher member cap? I run an MVP guild where every one of my guildmates would need at least 3~4 characters with access to guild storage. So the 28 member cap back then wasn't enough for me personally. As for WoE terms, I see the size reduction to be more of maintaining the WoE scene as the server grows bigger rather than fixing it's current disposition. I'm neutral on this but lowering the cap to about 20~24 wouldn't be that bad as well since currently at most we see are about 12~16 people WoEing per main guilds during WoE.
  7. Only MVPs with a natural tombstone counts. LHZ is a special case as that was added a few months ago therefore isn't really that "natural".
  8. False. I like sappy romantic movies. The member after me reads erotica.
  9. I've scanned thru the list of lowers and if a person doesn't like wings (well I personally don't) the amount of other HGs there are to offer are very limited. Granted there are more lowers than mids but a good portion of them are kRO recolors which (from what I personally have seen) fall short in terms of popularity compared to other more attractive kRO base sprites thus the whole debate over bagpacks. Granted there's still a variety to choose from as Eve has shown. Also not sure how Pear would feel about putting more stuff on the itemDB to swap since they would all need to have their own unique item ID. As much as I would like to have my Silver Earrings and Diamond Dust worn together as well, -1 to dis. :v
  10. There's already a @whosell command no?
  11. Do you have any 3rd party programs on? Such as macros, AHK, WPE or any of the sorts on?
  12. Also to note, Guild Leaders should never forget guild skills exist and can be used to turn the tides of unfavorable clashes.