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  1. Trixie

    Definitely Macroing

    Tq for oldschool videos
  2. Trixie

    State of WoE

    This all seems rather easy to say as the guild in power. Sustainability goes both ways and not necessarily all the onus should be put on the struggling guild. Instant gratification isn't what I'm pointing out here - just don't want what happened to the previous smaller guilds to happen again (to newer and albeit guilds that may not have the resources and experience the previous guilds had). Again, place yourself in the position of the smaller guilds having to deal with this. As pointed out - how are you gonna pay guild members with experience and participation???????? That only goes so far esp in a game like RO where gear progression is linear and basically all the same. Experience and participation is great but getting something out of it helps a lot.
  3. Trixie

    State of WoE

    So how would you define hoarding castles? If you had enough to defend both castles with "lower numbers" that's a choice - and one you can afford based on comp/players no? And I think it's just worth noting how guilds can still be rewarded when they do face situations like this instead of leaving empty handed. IDK I'm still struggling to see how this benefits the WoE scene as a whole (healthy WoE) etc. Esp when folks have pointed out the importance of paying guildies for their time and participation (aside from the few who do it for "friendship".) In terms of WoE sustainability this didn't seem like it would last.
  4. Trixie

    State of WoE

    Curious though --I've seen some of the WoE vids they posted. It looked like they pushed for main and went to side only to lose side castle within the last couple of minutes due to being rushed (right to the emp). What does "giving" castles look like in this situation? I think this is why having some sort of reward for at least holding a castle can help with situations where they lose it right at the end (for whatever reasons).
  5. Trixie

    State of WoE

    Recently came back to find only one guild is currently active for WoE. This has been the case ever since the time-change was brought into effect. There have been some recent guilds that have popped up (X-men) being one of them that consisted of some veteran players leading newbies that promptly died out to inactive leaders. (Xylon's guild is another case yet the leader quit the server after feeling unable to compete with the current guilds and blamed it on some absurd notion that all the guilds/GMs were banded together against him --which was not the case but one can see where he is coming from as his guild was simply unable to 1) recruit in a sustainable manner and 2) compete in the long run 3) have an experienced leader. Currently, one Guild has only been active (and this was the case as well before X-men was formed it seems). THW has been away for almost 2 months now and doesn't seem to be active and WoE-ing any time soon. I know we are all hoping for a "new guild" to pop up but from what it seems like, as a WoE and BG centered server, the lack of WoE activity really impacts the population. I know some folks who have only logged in for WoE and/or played for WoE (not everyone likes BG as the class comps/initiatives are completely different). When a new guild does form, are they expected to face a seasoned guild who has amassed WoE drops/experience and gear? (Yes they can use the budget builds but it's also experience and familiarity with the game that many newbies may not have). How can we keep the new guilds engaged and lively about WoE and not be discouraged about just dying for nothing while the main guilds hold all the castles? X-men seems to be a bad example as there were veterans who headed the guild with resources/and also drew on a pool of guildless players who have had time to get settled in the guild to help with the newbies they recruited. I do think the situation would be different for new guilds forming in the server with no previous ties. What are some possible suggestions to address this? I feel like there are several players who will return given a chance that something changes with the current WoE scene (having another active guild + some form of rewards that may help with being unable to take castles but still participate in WoE might be one of them). Or are we all holding our breath for some random guild to return/form to provide "competition"? (No sarcasm, honest question).
  6. A bunch of folks have +1'd this but I think what it's getting at is having another option of gaining MC outside of GRs (which, for some people just never align with GR activity/server activity). +1 on gaining new ways of getting MC that aren't solely GR based....just as another option for folks
  7. Trixie

    Duo on bg

    Edit: Oh its for the balancing - trust 1 duo can screw up an entire hours worth of BG if the balancing is between the same players (mostly newbies especially wanting to gain Bg Tix or get some experience)
  8. Didn't he apply to join NATG too?
  9. Trixie

    Speed Pots

    I think from what I've seen - catching someone spamming speed pots is almost impossible without web (decrease agi/pdfm/quag but those you can counter with GTB or moving out of the way +spam more pots). Spamming @refresh along with pots is pretty OP at this point (5 seconds + unlimited pots on the keybar imo). The fact that in Woe as well - people can just pop speed pots to move faster which makes them regroup even faster than flag-ins (due to cooldown) + rebreaking with side guild - is super annoying.
  10. -1 Slow grace seems to work fine the way it is - especially since the movement speed of dancers/clowns have been buffed up as well as their ability to cast multiple spells while dancing/song. Dancers/Clowns have a more active role now in WOE than just PDFM-ing....My main concern is how this can be overpowered used to simply counter zerk as well as emp breaking classes in WOE if you just slow grace on the emp. Esp cuz there are already multiple ways to deal with breakers/zerk. Just some thoughts. Just ask THW to not run so many breakers XD
  11. Just cuz we get so many cute new HGs! Can we implement something similar to the refiner to transfer enchants from one headgear to the next?
  12. Yeah! People always sell composite bows since many use sniper as their first starting class. I know your pain lol - it is worse when you have to farm ET items and each item that you break took 30mins to farm. I believe it might be in the wiki, right above the picture of the % rates you posted. Whitesmith refine rates have been changed to use the same rates as enriched materials.