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  1. Who’s ever owner pet this one . You should at least feed your pet . When players start to afk . They for got to take off there pets with them 🤦‍♂️
  2. I’m Legendarykapaw happy ending on this game . At last I’m I find new sever to play without bully me or tell me what to do. Thank you very much for everyone for being here with me every day on game. Also to all GM’s thank you very much you make me happy every day as well. May force be with you all and may God bless to all of you peace out.
  3. Welcome to anomalyRo enjoy playing ✌🏻😉
  4. it's not working at all even do i scan or restart the computer . still the same cam out
  5. I’m from LosAngeles California Newbie here in anomalyro . I donate every 2 weeks on game and helping lot’s of people in the game .
  6. this is what's look like when i making guild xD . but the problem it wont work 24x24 O_O and No Photo came out >,<
  7. can you add more stuff like cards , equipment and others. its hard to find nice Equipment on game . im newbie