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  1. So if I get this right, it makes reflect less relevant, yet still not the sure-way to kill a prof spamming bolts, as his damage will come out on top. Interesting.
  2. You'll actually want to put a slight bit of luck so you don't get cursed.
  3. One thing I would like to add is that, if you actually have at least 1 randgris card, although unlikely on your first day, the fight against FBH and beelz gets significantly easier, as it is possible to dispel their magic mirror reflect buff. Note however that randgris is immune to dispel, meaning there's no stripping her of assumptio below 60% health. Also, for the list of useful items, these are also useful: Platinum shield (2122) Strong shield (2125) Steel (999) Pearl (722) Opal (727)
  4. IGN: Elminster Bunny Name: Bugs Location: @warp que_god01 151 93
  5. IGN: Elminster Bunny Name: Trix Location: nyd_dun02
  6. IGN: Elminster Bunny Name: Whisker Location: izlu2dun
  7. So as we know, if two guilds of similar number clashes, the defendant castle will always have the edge here. The flag-in being the cause, since you can go back to near emperium in 10 seconds. As a result, one of the achievement, AKA breaking the emperium in WoE, is virtually impossible. What is everyone's opinion on this? Should it stay that way? - One way could be to move the flag-in a bit farther away from pre-emp room, considering @warp is very possible, unlike standard ragnarok servers.
  8. I wholehearted agree. Just now, we had a team deathmatch where our team had nothing but paladins, snipers and HPs, which none of them are classes that can kill anything.
  9. Step 1: Have preserve on Step 2: Tarot card Step 3: Stalker is now unplayable Edit: This also dispels FCP, for purposes. Edit2: The suggestion? Making it so preserve can't be dispelled, as it completely destroys whatever build a Stalker's using.
  10. Well, even after the asura nerf, it still doesn't feel like anything changed at all.
  11. +1 for changing. I work, and since I sleep early, the earlier sleep is nice for me.
  12. Stalkers already have a very good soul link. Immunity to dispel without requirement of GTB is already very good, as well as increased speed in chase walk.