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  1. I see, now I get it, I will just wait for the achievement count to be fixed soon. I am looking forward to it. Anyway, thanks for the responses Perry! It is very much appreciated. /thx
  2. Oh, now I see why, thanks Perry! I will just achieve 1 more then. Another thing, regarding this statement: So in the future it will just be the ones in the first page of achievement page? Will the 'Ranking' in the Feats tab also be excluded in the progress?
  3. I have tried relogging many times after it happened and it does not do anything.
  4. Hi, It seems that I could not collect the Explorer title from Feats tab of achievements even though I think I have achieved half already. The scenario is like this, I am on my 58th achievement (49%) then I have achieved 2 BG achievements at the same time making it 60 (51%). One of my assumptions here is maybe it did not pass the 59th mark (50%) that's why it did not trigger the achievement (maybe). I hope this can help somehow with the debugging. Thanks in Advance! /thx