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  1. Uh just to make it clear A few people seems to have the wrong impression of Sleeping Animals. SA is meant to be a troll guild, not competitive which is why the members are free to use whatever classes they want. We do not force them to use different classes to GvG's advantage. We only came back to be active months ago just to help newbies up on drops . We don't mind losing actually. Few of the members here whom joined are actually PvPers just going for kills. In fact, I actually miss the time when SA were so small it slipped through 2 main guilds' defense line for fun despite losing. In the end, regarding guilds. It all depends on the vision of the particular guilds. Whether they want to WoE or not, it depends on their own decision. If someone is dissatisfy with the current WoE situation, perhaps that someone could form his own guild to encourage more people to join? After all, what we actually need to do now is reach out to the newbies to ensure they enjoy their stay and not get bored from the server to increase the population. If any SA members decide to go competitive, they are free to move to a competitive guild btw. O/ hashire sori yo kaze no you ni tsukimihara wo PADORU PADORU
  2. Elkkira

    LHZ Dungeon 4 Farming

    sasuga jus1000000000000000000000000
  3. *Opens Coffins* If you wanna use elemental sword then you'd gotta go for int, otherwise it's kinda pointless :c Just get dem converters using poring coins
  4. I'm getting bad at socializing in game. Reading more isekai mangas, hanging out with friends for food (basically it's just about food) I'm done with life :'D
  5. It was already dropped so I didn't fix the speed of the sprite ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Hi all Please note that there will be aRO unofficial discord exclusive events soon! Thank you -Jururu/Honey-senpai
  7. Yes, I'd like a solution to see if there's a better way to switch accessories though I understand that the system is quite similar to left and right hand on EQ especially meant for Assassin Crosses. The solution for Assassin Crosses is that they switch to a two-handed weapon and quickly equip with the 2 one-handed weapons. Having said, is it be possible to have a two-sided accessory for easy switching on accessories?
  8. Hi all To join AnomalyRO unofficial discord server, please add me on discord at Lime#1614 for invitation Thank you -Jururu/Honey-senpai
  9. Hi Lui (no, I'm not gonna call you by your Kimo--urgh) Judging from what you have filled, I assume you'd go for any classes that is required? I am filipino but i was mistaken as a japanese guy.:Pic or it did not happen :P I am a chef in the making. Im currently studying at a Culinary School: You can send me some food. Food is always welcomed here. Thanks! wew Your application has been accepted Will pm you shortly Hope you will enjoy your stay with us Thanks ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hi Mimi (that's a really cute name) No worries, I'm usually quiet not unless there's topic of interest. Getting distracted is okay I believe some of us do but just make sure you listen to DA BOSS and follow accordingly then everything will be alright ^^ Your application has been accepted I do hope you will open up and enjoy your stay with us Thank you
  10. Hi Febby, please follow the below format thank you! IGN: Name or Nickname: Tell us about your self: Please do not say, "I like playing RO/playing video games". Do not put anything RO related.. This part of the application is where we get to know you a little bit. Class or classes you want to play: Are you willing to fill for classes needed: Do you have Discord: If you do not have a discord account, you can sign up here. Discord is a requirement to join the guild. How active are you: Please do not put everyday, all night, or any vague statements describing time. Timezone:  ______________________________________________________________ Ola Nicholas Wow I hope you're at least still focused at work o-o; As for me, I multitask between work and discord most of the time and I rarely see my boss at work since she lives in a different country :P Your application has been accepted Will pm you shortly Hope you will enjoy your stay with us Thanks
  11. IGN: AoDescription: Preparing Scrub's favorite dish, The Soov's Brothers while providing her some fan service in the process
  12. IGN: Bimii BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The Glutton Prince SCREENSHOT:
  13. Elkkira

    The Server's Economy

    Do note that the vote points are not transferable. :D
  14. Sleeping Animals wish you good lark, germ <3 Nyo [Not the LK]