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  1. I forgot you guys were bringing population on the server my man, sorry about it
  2. We're all new to RO, excuse us.. :')
  3. The thing is, with the current flag location, you get to respawn pre-emp. If the spawn changes, the "Zerg" team ( Not giving any name here ) has the advantage over the smaller guild(s). that's it, it'll all come down to numbers. Is it really what we want? Honestly don't think so. Please don't do it. I kinda like the server.
  4. Maaaan, where were these complaints before they lost one of the main castles
  5. There's a difference between Midnight & 3 - 4am tho.
  6. +1, from EU so.. if i can sleep earlier, it's good.
  7. Question : What's the point in having Unlimited FCP then?
  8. freddo

    Spiral Pierce

    I obviously upvote this post, spiral pierce on 1h sword is great for build diversity. #NoNerfPlz
  9. freddo

    Where Was I?

    IGN : freddo. Location : yuno_in03 34 121 Screenshot :
  10. freddo

    Where Was I?

    IGN : freddo. Location : mid_camp 247 217 Screenshot :
  11. freddo

    Where Was I?

    IGN : freddo. Screenshot : Location : Odin_tem03 279 211
  12. freddo

    Wild GM Crystal Event

    IGN : freddo. Crystal : Oblivion Screenshot :
  13. freddo

    Wild GM Crystal Event

    IGN : freddo. Crystal : Perry the Platypus Screenshot :
  14. freddo

    Costume Headgears

    But, Every HG has the same effect, so why bother...? You can look exactly like you wanna look, and still have the same pvp stats, i don't understand your request good sir !