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  1. Sad to see you go :( lmao OG post
  2. Miss Vanjie

    Duo Partner Thread

    Name: Ray Classes: Mages, Pally, SL, Ken's Lover Contact: PM me in game (Ken just slide into my DMs) Availability: Evening server time About myself: I'm pretty friendly and open to teaching folks about BG matches/and strategies. If you need knowledge about mage class mechanics in BG I'm your dude!! (let me know and I can get on pally and devo you while recording and providing feedback on your plays). I've taught a few of the newer folks in BG already as they can attest too (Hi BOB, Hi WAN). And Hi KEN.
  3. Not at all, thank you for clarifying. Perry's post really adds the context as I was unaware of the process investigating and/or punishing players. Therefore I wasn't able to catch on to what other players were bringing up in the suggestions. This helps. Thank you.
  4. Sorry, wait. Apologies Ganon your last comment confused me. Perry stated that account bans are treated as jail time --and a form of punishment. Are you stating that it should be considered a loophole if they do get account banned and log into another account? Wouldn't the issue then be the form of punishment and not the actual punishment? I think when IP bans are given out, they are given strict warnings not to play (loophole) on another account or computer until it is finished (if there is a duration). Are account bans to be treated as similar? (are account bans processed the same, ie players are told they can be banned if they log onto another account?.). Edit: This is with the assumption that many players have multiple accounts for various reasons and are not limited by one account. The jailing analogy makes me think you are unable to play on a char but go on another char - is that analogy applied to accounts for account bans? The issue being they didn't have to make a new account or they did but were progressed by friends or their own gear. Again I was following Perry's explanation and was thrown off by the last comment. Would this be rectified if with the account ban they are given a similar warning that logging onto another acc is also a loophole...and therefore wouldn't PC/IP bans be more ideal to use?
  5. Cool Siggy! Welcome :) See you in-game soon!!
  6. +1 to this command, the initial suggestion was around getting over positioning lag - sometimes you're SW a spot where you aren't even standing on anymore. This would be helpful in terms of just keeping up with everything thats happening on the field while casting. Even in crowded areas its easy to click on an empty cell and "walk" ur character there while lagging and not knowing you have moved. In terms of other mechanics, and the changing of spells/nature/interaction, that might warrant another kind of thread.
  7. Would that change the nature of the spell ie ground spell to single target? Might change how spells like Loki's interact with it. I also like using SW on targets/precasting it so they can't cast pneuma vs range or AD. Would it be possible to just add it as an option for self-cast so you don't have to like zoom in to cast on your cell? I'm not sure 100% sure about changing it to single target. Yes Pneuma actually makes sense that it is 3x3 and a lot more forgiving/flexible
  8. Would it be possible for SW and Pneuma to be added under selfcast? I'm not sure how this will effect gameplay in the larger scope, but this will help for folks who have really bad position lag and/or have a hard time aiming in areas that are crowded. Open to hearing the possible repercussions on why it shouldn't be added but I think it'll make quality of life easier for certain classes.
  9. -1 as well for the points made above. This was the best time when I was starting out to catch some MVPs and bounties.
  10. Still the best Sniper guide I've seen in RO so far. Not sure if you missed it but Glass Bracers for garments and added resist with mdef. And the BG Battle potions!! Lastly, not sure if you can answer, can you clarify what kind of speed boost Kaz boots give? Are they additive seperate of the MS WW/Speedies/Moonlight/Badges give?
  11. TFW when you make it twice
  12. +1 I think this would be a great idea....I've played the class and its annoying to have to break your @autobg to go and reset your hatreds - every minute counts right? I also thought that SGs are along the line of being balanced - would the changes to them effect how hatred works? (and therefore the mechanics of hatred?) Not quite sure but something to think about.
  13. Are you on budget build? I can add a budget GS guide to the Budget Woe Guides.