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  1. Here's a Comic / Storytelling piece. Done with a standard 2B pencil on computer paper.
  2. No male versions so far. Manga is still something new to me but eventually, I will get around to drawing them along with anthropomorphic creatures, like cat people as manga. But if you want, you can send me a picture of yourself and I can draw a manga style of you, Kratos. Unless you had something else in mind?
  3. Yo, is this hairstyle implemented in the game yet? I need the drapes to match the curtains. (aka, I need my in-game avatar to match my profile's avatar lol). Great job on the style by the way.
  4. Manga style. This was done with again, regular 2B pencil on computer paper. I drew this one based off of my cousin's face. She wanted to see how she would look like as a cartoon character, so I took a picture of her and simplified it to Manga / cartoon elements. Now she won't stop bothering me and keeps asking for a colored version lol. It's been almost a year now but she's still at it. I'll get around to it, eventually xD
  5. Thank you, Arisu! Also, it seems like I'm only allowed to post one picture per thread, so I will make another thread titled 'Valkyra's Art, Exhibit B' and present the second pic there. Edit: Nope, that's not an option either. It says I have a total 5mb allowance of posting use. So I can't post the second one unless I take down the first pic. Edit 2: Never mind, I got it to work lol.
  6. Is the first impression I said to myself when I completed this one lol Those are the same eyes someone gave me when I was shouting out in a mall, "Sir, SIR! You're taking my artwork! Your family photograph is still back here with me!" He looks at the artwork then back at the photograph I'm holding up, then back at the artwork and then back at me with eyes @[email protected] My speculators at my art stand were just laughing in tears. xD ... Thankfully the mix ups didn't happen as often since most of the time I was drawing from wallet sized photographs and blowing them up into large, frame worthy sizes. Bonus points! I can dig that! Haha xD Indeed. Seeing that this was done well over half a year ago, I'm impressed that the drawing has aged so well. Usually anything that is 3 months or older is considered out-dated and typically no longer reflects the artist's current skill level. I'm sure if I go back to it with a 4H pencil and use a standard 2B only for dark areas, it will be an improvement but probably not by much. Though once I'm done picking up all the ink techniques, and if I revisit the graphite medium again, we'll notice some huge improvements. The shadings will most likely be way smoother to the point where it will look like spray paint instead of pencil etches. At least, that's the goal. I will lol. I'll be posting a new one today now that I got a chance to reply to your feedbacks. We'll nit pick one picture at a time on a daily basis. ;P I get that A LOT whenever I am drawing in public lol
  7. Attached is one of my most recent works, a hand copied magazine ad with pencil on regular computer paper. I will post up more later in the week so stay tuned!
  8. Hello everyone! Now that I am a bit more situated on the server thanks to everyone's help, I have decided now is a good time for me to make a more formal introduction on the forums. I'll start off with a little bit of a demographic on myself: I am 30 years old and currently reside in Southern California, United States where the weather tends to go from one extreme to the other. We actually had snow for once on a November where in July it was over 100 degrees in the same year. Go figure. Aside from that, my hobbies are (and always will be no matter how old I get), number one: playing video games (amen), second one on the list would be writing and the third, Fine Art. I can also do Comic style art... though, Manga is still something I'm looking to work on more. I still have yet to find my own style for that one. Also, I have a habit of drawing people as realistic as possible to the point where one would understandably mistake my pencil drawing as a photograph of themselves. Drawing people's faces has been something I've been doing for about 10 years now as a hired artist. "Did your family photo get water logged? No problem, just send what's left of the photo to me and I'll restore the image on a large canvas." It was good money while it lasted... but times have changed and my business practices would have to change as well. Hence why I am currently studying Concept Art for the Video Games and Film industries. It's an amazing feeling to be taught by artists who made some of your favorite video games and movies. Feel free to ask me for my art work. I can always post up my recent and past works here on the forums for some fun times. As for my Ragnarok Online past experiences, I have been playing it on and off for the past 12 years. Though I wouldn't say I'm a guru at the game but it's work in progress. ;) As for how I got here and met you guys, I had decided it was time for me to revisit my childhood. And what better way to do that than to play RO? So I re-installed the RO client and jumped back into the game... and then I cried a bit when I realized I had lost my level 110 Royal Guard because 7 years ago I had to ditch my Yahoo e-mail account for a Google e-mail account to better suit my career. Yay adult life. xD So I decided, instead of leveling up ALL over again, I had figured now's a good opportunity (or excuse) to give private servers a shot. With that said, I found Anomaly's server ad on the RO Monster database site. I clicked on the ad and read up on the server policy. I was thinking to myself, "Oh man, automated queues? This server sounds like a more modern version of RO. I'm going to check this server out and see if it lives up to it's Anomaly name." And it truly was an anomaly for me as I was spawned in the center of Caspen with winged players all around me. My first impression was "Wait a minute... is this RO's Valhalla? I can dig this... What's that music? Why does it sound like Legend of Zelda's Windwaker's starting zone except it sounds like a better remixed version?... This. Is... AWESOME!" It took me 30 years, but I think I had finally found my Happy Place. xD Caspen's town design was so well thought out that my preference for Prontera had to take a back seat into second place. I still love that nostalgic Prontera, but I now prefer Caspen over it and I am looking forward to creating some nostalgic memories with the denizens of Caspen. Whoever's idea it was to have that welcoming tour of the town along with Windwaker's starting zone music, I have to tell them, good on you; You have revitalized my RO experience. Sometimes I just log on the game just to afk in Caspen and listen to the song while I study or draw. When I went to go check out Prontera on the server to see what it would look like with NOBODY in it not even the masses of merchants looking to make a sweet deal with you (or to scam you lol), it definitely felt like the Rapture had happened in Midgard. On a side note, I have pushed my Knight to a level 110 Lord Knight and planning on achieving server level cap as soon as possible or close to it with exceptional equipment in mind. I am looking forward to playing with everyone! P.S. If you thought my intro was a bit long, then in all fairness I have to say I did "warn" you at the start of this post that one of my hobbies is writing. If it has anything to do with pen or pencil touching paper, consider the activity a hobby of mine ;P
  9. Welcome Chronic. I just joined this server as well. maybe about a day ago now. And I agree, Rune Knight is the good stuff. I normally play Paladins in any game I play, but I've made an exception for RO ever since it launched. Nothing is more satisfying than to hear crits go off every second as a LUK, AGI, and DEX Knight build. I will miss Ignition Break though, but it's not going to be a deal breaker for me. Lord Knight should have most of the abilities I'll need for MVP hunts. Aside from that, I've had nothing but good first impressions from the Anomaly server's Casper tour and from the staff members. Looking forward to partying up with you in game. P.S. My character's name should be the exact same as my forum username, Valkyra.