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  1. IGN: Angel Cake Crystal: Cara
  2. How did you even see that oml. n0 y0u d0n't. pl1s [email protected] y @r3 y0u 3v3n [email protected] th0se. God that was painful.
  3. Silmarillion was formed on September 16th, 2018 with the intention of being a competitive WoE guild. Within that short amount of time, we have built genuine friendships and camaraderie through good times and bad times. We don’t always win but we strive for every guild member’s betterment and will always encourage one another. We value honesty, loyalty, and good character. While we are serious and strict when it comes to WoE, we always try to have fun at all times. That is why aside from WoE, we also host other guild activities in and out of the Ragnarok. Uriel Angel Cake Gurgalo Franklin Richards Grandpa Lucky Charms ~Scourge~ Hiring If you think you meet our requirements please feel free to apply by replying to this thread with the following information. Hiring Process: Application You will be contacted either via Mail in-game or Discord if your application has been accepted. Interview with our PR General interview concerning your application. Interview with our Leaders In-depth interview to gauge your compatibility with the guild. Hiring You will be contacted either via Mail in-game or Discord for the results of your application.
  4. IGN: Cotton Candy Crystal: Selcouth
  5. IGN: Angel Cake Crystal: Surtr
  6. IGN: Angel Cake Caption: Ran out of stalker-ish ideas :c
  7. These are my favourite picks and some that I think are good with the classes that they play. Assassin Cross 1. Giannis Antetokounmpo (Gon/Kuya Cedy) - Like Gerg said, he has a way of moving around in WoE that makes him hard to target and a very threatening breaker. 2. Yuzu (Nove/Sarah) - She's fast and she's sneaky. She's also generally an awesome person. Biochemist/Creator 1. Lucky Charms (Eve/Bae/Evelyn Bloodhair/Cutest girl in the server) - BG Queen! I strive to play creo like her. Alas, the difference in skills are just too great. She's that good. ♥ 2. Pork (Higor) & Dabeliuteef (Ken/Beef) - These two creos know what they're doing. I just usually run away from them. Champion 1. Chocobo (Bun) - When it comes to MVPing, no one is greater than him and his band of bunnies. 2. Uranus - He got a lot of hate back when he was active because he gets most of the MVPs, that's just proof that he's good on what he's doing. But then again, he's one of Bun's bunnies. Clown/Gypsy 1. Sang's Ebil Sister (Porkie/Higs/Ebola) - He won't give you cancer since he's not cancerous. He'll give you Ebola because that's how annoying he is when you're on the opposing team. 2. Sang (Harley) - There won't be Sang's Ebil Sister if there is no Sang. 3. Sirena (Ray) - Thus, the Holy Trinity is complete. Here's my post so stop asking me for receipts! High Priest 1. Aimee Leila (Rozzy) - I think she masters her HP well and is a very good support for her team in BG and THW/DD in general. 2. Literotica (Bun) - One word: Bunnicade 3. Bueno Mars (Mazni/Unnie) & Marie Louise (Jessu) - Great people. They're smart, kind, and supportive. Their attitude in everything they do is something that I admire. High Wizard 1. Heaux (Ray) - BIFFLE. Annoys me in BG when we're not in duo or we're in different teams. But that's what makes him good. 2. Tummass (Tummy) - Amazing person once you get to know him. But get on his bad side and get rekt. Where are you sir? :c Lord Knight 1. Uriel (Angel) - Formidable. I mean, who hasn't mentioned him on this thread. I rest my case. Totally not being biased ok? ♥ 2. Pineapple Express (Mar) - Good BG duo partner. He's easy to support because he knows what he's doing. 3. Rampant/Grotesque (Ken) - Dominates in BG and in WoE, I hate it when he chases me. It's scary. Stop being good in every class you play please. Kthnxbai. Paladin 1. ~Scourge~ (Ralphy/Mike) - Reliable pally. He's super hard to kill, most of the time I just don't bother hitting him. A good person and a total sweetheart! 2. Roll (Aya/Oiya) - Oi! Cutest pally you'll ever see. Cute girl with a great personality and skills. She also offers good suggestions and feedbacks on whatever topic. 3. Teitoku (Tei) - Another reliable pally back when he was active. I feel safe when he's there for WoE. We miss you! Professor/Scholar 1. Seraphina (Yana/Bbg) & Sushii (Aya) - Mastered the class well, they utilise their skills and are reliable teammates. 2. Hiyo (Valk/Bulky) - His bolts hurt so much. I hate being on the opposing team when he's in BG since he's the only mage who can kill me quickly. 3. Professor Mingming Kun (Ming) - He's good at theorycrafting and plays a lot of classes well but I think he's at his best on this class. & Tori Black <3 (Mond) - Best ecaller, his webs are annoying. Very good coordination and aim. Sniper 1. Borrum (Ganon) - I don't think he's even serious when he's playing but he still does an excellent job. OP pls nerf. 2. Danbo (Ru) - Trapping skills are top notch. He moves fast and doesn't get bothered when someone aka. me steps on his traps. Sorry Ru! Stalker 1. Cancer (Michael) - His name says it all. He's so annoyingly good that he'll give you cancer if you're on the opposing team. He's also very funny. 2. Force Lux (Papa Roid) - My self-reproducing father. He's been loyal to this class even before it was good. So kudos to you papa. Soul Linker 1. Saku (Tommy) - Happy Little Accidents. Enough said. 2. Cake - Very reliable doesn't have to be asked for link. She just does it. 3. Ruka (Nyokie) - Great support! The effort she gives when she plays this class is excellent. Taekwon Master/Star Gladiator 1. Sato (Sherwin/Winwin) - Only person who comes to mind when it comes to Taekwon/SG. Also very skillful in other classes like Gerg said. So there's my list! I know my reasons are not that good. I seriously think I'm not cut to make judgements based on skills. I'm sure there are other people who are doing their best in their respective classes and I salute you all too, these are just prominent players that I know from BG/WoE. There wasn't much of PvP players since I don't really encounter them.
  8. Charmaigne

    Guess the Card!

    IGN: Strawberry Milk Answer: Drake Card
  9. IGN: Angel Cake Crystal: Cara Screenshot: IGN: Angel Cake Crystal: Scrub Screenshot:
  10. Name: Hibiscus HG Type: Upper Image:
  11. Charmaigne

    Where Was I?

    IGN: Strawberry Milk Screenshot: Location: nif_fild02 369 244
  12. Charmaigne

    Where Was I?

    IGN: Strawberry Milk Screenshot: Location: Caspen 268 276
  13. IGN: Strawberry Milk Crystal: Mia Screenshot: IGN: Strawberry Milk Crystal: Cara Screenshot:
  14. IGN: Cotton Candy Bunny Name: Br'er Location: @warp tha_scene01
  15. IGN: Angel Cake Crystal: Esper Screenshot: