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  1. True. There are things on the way for zeny sink, but if they are again for things that last long or not consumed (eg. god items, refines, headgears), it will still slow down at one point. All I'm saying is that, the more there is to buy with zeny, the better. It wouldn't hurt the farmers if you put bolt scrolls in the shop for 20m each (50 scrolls per 1mc). In fact, it will even help establish the prices by becoming a price reference, and might even increase the value of farmed scrolls. See it as an expensive convenience for those people who like to make their priest/pally/stalker/SINX cast bolts.
  2. Although I don't agree that bolt scrolls should be available in shops, adding them and making them ridiculously expensive might help stabilize the economy in the long run. Right now, we don't have any use for zeny aside from ebb and refining. And eventually, less people will spend on them, making zeny drop its value and get stuck in people's inventory and storage for long periods of time. If we add popular consumable items like bolt scrolls or speed potions in the shop and overprice them, it will give more value to zeny and will also serve as a good zeny sink in the server. Having less accumulated zeny in the server is good.
  3. Purple. That's lavender purple to be exact.
  4. The VIT is there to maximize Dame of Sentinel Card effect. With 360 VIT you get additional 20 DEX. :D
  5. Noted and thanks! <3
  6. Actually, gold farmers often ask their friends to AFK in the gold room so they could farm faster. Party leaders also put in their ads that they accept AFKs so people would join the party. So I don't think those people auto-following/AFKing in the room should be punished immediately when you see them doing it because maybe it is not their intention to cheat.
  7. I was kinda hoping this to become a collection of gold room builds from different players. That's why I generalized the title. The font. I will change. Thanks for the feedback! <3
  8. "Lazy to farm gold? No Problem! I will farm for you!" This happened earlier today when Rhapsody <3 started a gold room party that accepted AFK-ers. Nyok asked me if she can auto-follow my character while I farm so she doesn't get kicked out of the room. I told her she can auto-follow me, and so I farmed without using jump command. *Skipping the actual farming* Before the party disbanded, this is what it looked like on my screen!
  9. Let this thread be a record of FUN MOMENTS in AnomalyRO. Post the story and/or the screenshot of your happy moments. Share the fun! Peace! Format for Posting Title/Description/Caption(Optional) Screenshot(s)
  10. Hi! I would like to share a SIMPLE & CHEAP gold room build which I think can help out new players. The items and cards needed for this build are easy to get, so new players can quickly start earning ZENY! I also encourage other players to post their gold room builds here. Share the knowledge! Peace! CLASS Sniper STATS DEX: 500 VIT: 360 LUK: 220 STR: 248 (put everything that's left) AGI: 9 (put everything that's left) INT: 1 EQUIPMENT Headgear : Any Custom Upper/Mid/Lower [ w/ Any Cards ] Armor: Sniping Suit Anolian Card Dame of Sentinel Card Garment: Any Garment Dragon Tail Card Any Card Footgear: Any Footgear Merman Card Any Card Accessory A: Bow Thimble Alligator Card Zerom Card Accessory B: Bow Thimble Zerom Card Zerom Card Weapon : +10 Composite Bow Caramel Card Vadon Card Cruiser Card Turtle General Card/The Paper Card Ammunition : Crystal Arrow BUFFS Improve Concentration True Sight Wind Walk Expected Damage Output on Golden Bugs: 23-24k Critical
  11. Welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome