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  1. were already have lhz_dun04 daily rewards, daily contracts and other's..
  2. it's ok for that scroll, i didn't really much care about the scroll's, but why did i suggest that LUL, but the main thing that i wanted to suggest is that from refining, im good with refine all items in inventory. ~snarky ty sir..
  3. good morning, good afternoon, good evening, what ever time it is, when you read this. hello sir/ma'am, i'm always thinking this a day's ago, i was refining a bunch of will of fire, which suddenly don't want to waste this cool hg, since it's cool and it has many colors, black and green is my favorite, now. when i did is. i refine them all at the same time with batch refine, but it take's time to refine those will of fire in different colors, i wish u could make another selection for npc refine, in that state, like (refine all item's in inventory, or check a list of item in inventory) something like that. XD ~~~~~~~~ and wishing for another for lvl 5 or 3 scroll cold bolt skill in npc, can you add it on the convenience shop near at the caspen, idk why but , it's pretty cool to bring wizard on gold room, but u cant skill inside of it, but instead i can used lvl 5,3 skill scroll for only gold room XD. TY