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  1. best screenies in my signature
  2. server closing because simmy posted a new rms review
  3. great, MHW and Kenshi is in it, you have me hooked.
  4. hopign for a good rpg games i wouldnt mind supporting like some good JRPG style/souls like game, i'll preoder isntantly if its good no Kapp
  5. thank you perry, for the best server in recent years <3 too bad people come and go, wish you all the best and hoping in the future you'll be rich enough to buy out Ragnarok Online and make your own version of it for thousands of players, prayge.
  6. merry xmas perry hope you're well and happy
  7. perry be my valentine? sike make more content 4head
  8. nothing but sadness and memories Sadge
  9. nice real nice very nice thanks perry sweet
  10. old vyra secret meta of +10 vmant on valkyrie card rip 1/17/2020 Justin will rmb this F
  11. uriel my apprentice have grown so much ;A;
  12. Vyra

    LHZ Dungeon 4 Farming

    son get me 800 mithril ore