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  1. nice real nice very nice thanks perry sweet
  2. old vyra secret meta of +10 vmant on valkyrie card rip 1/17/2020 Justin will rmb this F
  3. uriel my apprentice have grown so much ;A;
  4. Vyra

    LHZ Dungeon 4 Farming

    son get me 800 mithril ore
  5. i'll grind for it if it has rainbow disco deadmau5 33777 item ID no kappa mi serious
  6. er no because it'll just make pvp much more low skill require as instead of fumbling through 5~6 keys, you could just click it once and str8 up change into a counter build. -1 to this
  7. Vyra

    Duo Partner Thread

    she's mine since 4 years ago :Rage:
  8. Vyra

    Duo Partner Thread

    duo with me <3
  9. Vyra

    Duo Partner Thread

    i can proof that she's really bad at this game
  11. sorry i bursted into laughter at this, son you did good
  12. its just another source of free mvps without anyone contesting with you and also that sweet good drops from king poring (please sell me some glass bracers) and for new players to complete it, i reckon having a sniper would be clearable in like 25 minutes? since im using 3 kiels 2 pharaohs 1 mayap hgs and 2 sorcerer rings to just sharpshooting with 2 glooms card onto any mobs while just spamming berries. and if you dont have 3 kiels, you could always just go 6 durathor, which wont even knock off your dmg . my build literally just clear it in 20 minutes so i guess its pretty easy. and having sub accounts means... :winkwink: glooms arnet really necessary unless you're going for speed kill, but for king poring you can just snap on some immaterial arrows and you're doing 100k+ per sharpshooting already and with good mdef and some vit, you're good to go for berry spamming kingporing.