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  1. Hai........... Assassin Cross: 1.- Sebaz | a man of focus, commitment and sheer will LOL (its just Ego) 2.- Neo | GOAT 3.- Noctis | great sinx almost at the level of Neo Champion: 1.- Gabriel and Impact the GOATs 2.- Goku Black | i saw this guy on PVP against THW and got 15K 1D just amazing 3.- fingers go pew pew | Great Player knows about any job and he doesnt play gay tactics (Run and heal) (Erin Palm Strike might be here but you run too much Sorry :D) Creator: 1.- grime | a player that doesnt stick to AD, hybrid build 2.- Symphonia | Becky (might die for this) a great player and the girl that make me join this server :P 3.- Jimmy | the greatest pp LOL High Priest 1.- Aimee Leia | know everything about this job, and doesnt let me break :c 2.- Angel Cake | the best support ever :D 3.- Sherwin | the tankiest HP i've ever seen at WoE High Wizard 1.-Gandalf | the guy that always hunt me down at WoE/BG lol cant escape from him 2.- Erollcoaster | has different strategies to play against different situations 3.- High Wizard Katrin | amazing HW at WoE Lord Knight 1.- Pineapple Express | the gay LK really tanky and gay 2.-Uriel | really good player and mentor 3.-Yuji | Tank and great Dmg Paladin 1.- Chocolate Mousse | you and your fcking reflect 2.- Kengo | great devo'er always keep me safe when he is around 3.- Gurgalo | another great devo'er and team player Professor 1.- Tsokolate | the MANDILON hahaha 2.- Aeryn Winter | i hate you and your Spider web 3.- Profesor Ming Ming | the laziest guy, but a great prof, rather have you in your team Sniper 1.- Borrum (Best Sniper i've ever meet) | this guy knows everything about this job, great trapper 2.- Bagel | great trapper and breaker 3.- Lunabell | you better kill her at WoE 2.0 before she break Soul Linker 1.- Saku | great SL and keep us linked 2.- buckets | used to main SL Stalker 1.- Sceadugenga | Great stalker that always focus on breakers and ecaller 2.- Kalvius-kun | i hate you Sp drain 3.- Pin Head Larry | you too i hate your sp drain Whitesmith 1.- Grandpa | tankiest WS i've seen great player and mentor, always killing me at BG 2.- GeloKART | Trashtalker but good with this job 3.- Saiorse | saw him few times but he is good other jobs are just useless :c
  2. Name: Phantom of Opera Type: Middle
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    Trading>+8 Love Bunny Band = +8/+0 Bandage Scarf pm me *TRADED* IGN: Sebaz PD: Make CK Great Again
  4. +1 farming for this item might be annoying af 20 monster on map 10% drop rate... from the list i would rather pay 2000dc get unli and *pvp orientated* or as a unlimited rental item (if possible), bi-weekly or monthly rent with the current people playing we cant get enough BG tix and since some jobs need items from Poring Coins...
  5. Sebaz

    Guess the Card!

    IGN: Sebaz Answer: Peco Peco Card
  6. Red Glasses Little Devil Tail Dark Devil Tail Custom Spare Card