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  1. Can anyone teach me how to use sniper? Stats: Str-80+ Agi- 300+ Vit-80+ Int- 90+ Dex- 500 Luk- 300+ PVM type (hit type) I do damage about 9k per hit, but i saw someone with 50k per hit What items and cards do i need? im currently using Sniping suit with venatu and ancient mimic card vali's manteau in garment with 2 noxious card vidar boots with boss egnigem cenia and amonra card freebies HG with vanberk card and gemini card brooch with owl baron card and kukre brooch with violy card and kukre Composite bow with 2 AS card 1 Paper card and Abysmal Card Composite bow with 2 Hydra card 1 AS and 1 Paper card Composite bow with 2 desert wolf card and 2 AS card Composite bow with 2 minorous card 2 AS card Anything i need to change?
  2. Im planning to make a stalker, but when i remember in my previous playing as shadow chaser, it is annoying to create characters in different account just to copy skills, like SG for mage, BB for knight and etc. So if ever it will be ok, i want an NPC that can let you copy different skills of different jobs. so i dont need to login other account and level up some characters. If this suggestion was approved before, where i can find the NPC because i cant see it in caspen. Thank you! list of skills First Class Swordsman: - Bash - Magnum Break Archer: - Double Strafe (Bow Only) - Arrow Shower (Bow Only) - Arrow Repel (Bow Only) Thief: - Envenom (Only if you have not learnt it) - Stone Fling (Only if you have not learnt it) Merchant: - Mammonite Acolyte: - Heal (Evil Druid Card Only) - Holy Light - Ruwach Mage: - Cold Bolt - Fire Ball - Fire Bolt - Fire Wall - Frost Diver - Lightning Bolt - Napalm Beat - Soul Strike - Thunderstorm Second Class Knight: - Bowling Bash - Charge Attack Crusader: - Grand Cross - Holy Cross - Shield Boomerang (Shield Only) - Smite (Shield Only) - Heal (Evil Druid Card Only) Hunter: - Blast Mine - Claymore Trap - Land Mine - Freesing Trap - Phantasmic Arrow (Bow Only) Alchemist: - Acid Terror - Bomb Priest: - Magnus Exorcismus (Evil Druid Card Only) - Turn Undead (Evil Druid Card Only) - Asperio (Evil Druid Card Only) - Sanctuary (Evil Druid Card Only, teaches Heal) - Resurrection(Evil Druid Card Only) - B.S Sacramenti (Evil Druid Card Only, needs 2 Acolyte classes beside you to cast) Monk: - Raging Trifecta Blow - Occult Impaction (Greatest General Card/Spiritual Bestowment/Power Velocity) - Throw Spirit Sphere (Greatest General Card/Spiritual Bestowment/Power Velocity) - Excruciating Palm - Guillotine Fist (Greatest General Card/Spiritual Bestowment/Power Velocity. Fury is activated by the Ring of Flame Lord) Assassin: - Venom Splasher - Venom Knife Rogue: - Backstab (Level 5 ) - Double Strafe (Only if you have not learnt it. Bow Only) Wizard: - Earth Spike - Fire Pillar - Frost Nova - Heaven's Drive - Jupitel Thunder - Lord of Vermillion - Meteor Storm - Sightrasher (Horong Card Only) - Storm Gust - Water Ball - Sight Blaster Sage: - Earth Spike - Heaven's Drive Expanded Class TaeKwon Kid: - Flying Kick Ninja: - Throw Coins - Flip Tatami - Haze Slasher - Shadow Slash - Flaming Petals - Blaze Shield - Exploding Dragon - Freezing Spear - Snow Flake Draft - Wind Blade - Lightning Jolt - First Wind Super Novice: - Bash - Magnum Break - Mammonite - Heal (Evil Druid Card Only) - Ruwach - Cold Bolt - Fire Ball - Fire Bolt - Fire Wall - Frost Diver - Lightning Bolt - Napalm Beat - Soul Strike - Thunderstorm I really love that InertiaRO allowed us to copy trans skill!!! So here we go! Trans Class Paladin: -Pressure -Sacrifice -Gospel -Shield Chain (Shield Only) High Wizard: -Magic Crasher -Napalm Vulcan Sniper: -Sharp Shooting (Bow only) Assassin Cross: -Meteor Assault -Soul Breaker Creator: -Acid Demonstration Thank you!
  3. GemGem

    Stalker Skill NPC

    Causes explosion for up to 10 consecutive hits. Target's weapon and armor has a chance to be destroyed. Deals only 50% damage to other humans. Damage formula per hit is: (0.7 * Target's VIT * Creator's INT^2) / (Target's VIT + Creator's INT). (0.7 * Target's VIT * Creator's INT^2) / (Target's VIT + Creator's INT) If this is the formula of Acid demo, i think i will OP even you dont have sufficient INT 10 Hits | 10% Chance to destroy weapon and armor Maybe it can be implimented here if GM @Perry the Platypus will approve it. But for me, stalker with acid demo= OP
  4. GemGem

    Stalker Skill NPC

    So basically it is like a storage of skills. Does it have limit or something like only one skill can be stored?
  5. GemGem

    Stalker Skill NPC

    Sorry i just copy that list, didnt see that acid demo haha..even shadow chaser cant copy that skill, and it is too OP and ruin the balance. hehe. @Perry the Platypus Maybe ill check that NPC later, as i clarify if the skill has been registered the NPC, so everytime i will go to that NPC the copyiable skill is still there? ex. i have storm gust before, so i registered it to the NPC, a few hours some mobs throw a fireball at me and didnt activate preserve. If i go back to the NPC is storm gust still there?
  6. I mean, in starting 35 to 40 mins all mobs around floor 1 to 30 or maybe 50 mostly not that strong but too annoying to kill like porings, bugs and etc. so i just use dark lord card to fasten the killing instead of spamming estun or esma. some mobs were not affected by meteor storm like, chimera, ice titan swordfish and seyren. maybe it was a misunderstanding haha..
  7. GemGem

    Stalker Skill NPC

    I hope Gm perry will make one, i want to make a stalker:)
  8. As i solo ET earlier with Soul Linker (approx. 35 to 40 minutes) Things i needed :) For starting like porings (not aggro but small type just use Es skill for small and medium) Vidar boots with Dark lord card for AOE damage since SL has no AOE skill but can tank ~just switching it depends on mobs Hard scenarios -Ice titan and other water mobs (Large) (Spamming meteor storm is useless) so you need to use Esma for these mobs.
  9. for me in my opinion, it is better to add some instance(s) even it is custom, better than reworking or editing. Ex. so simply i dont have Kiel card but at least durathor card is useful enough to replace kiel for starting. Removing/Reworking or Adding? editing E.T MVPs will sure have big impact the game. But some point, most of MVP can be found in MVP room and that's make the E.T other MVP useless. In playing, ive never seen a kiel card, even i use timer someone will go then with Champion Char and wait to KS my poor Kiel MVP as far as i know, first come per serve type and the most damager will be the MVP killer right? or the last hitter gets the loots? @Perry the Platypus And also, @Schotto nice ideas, i have think about this before because i always do solo ET, and i always login my other account just to have party, to do instances hehe..
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    i dont think champ is good in killing ghost MVP even creator haha..they have neutral element skill and cant damage the MVP with ghost property. champ for Asura strike and Acid demo for creator. (both neutral property skill even if you use converter) still it is nuetral im not expert in trans, but in 3rd job Archer is the most common MVP hunter. havent try here in server the soul linker. But i know SL has the most damager and flexible job in trans (PVM not sure in PVP). i started SG and it is about to damage 25k to 35 per hit and 19k using feeling map. (it depends on MVP) Correct me if im wrong hehe.
  11. what do you mean by goodbye ?
  12. 1st i have 29869 Pcs of Gold and i sold it to NPC with over price. But when i reach 2 billion, the gold gone and no zeny added to my zeny..very sad then i have 2 mitril coin to buy item in zeny NPC but i cant buy anything..very sad again all zeny gone then cant even buy ..so sad
  13. @Scrub Thank you for kindness and consideration! 1st problem: I have 2 mithril coin but i cant buy any item in Zeny NPC 2nd problem: i sold my 29869 pcs of gold in NPC with over price (28 869 x 12 400) and got only 2 000 000 000. Thank you! :
  14. @rozzy thank you for the info! ill try that too in GR i always play renewal so i dont know in pre renewal haha.. Im adjusting alot with items i used for my ranger and not existing in pre renewal hehe.. thank you for this guide