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  1. IGN: Cake Crystal: Cara
  2. IGN: Cake Crystal: Perry the Platypus
  3. Thanks, Esper! Just added your request.
  4. Ugh... I was hoping to write a good intro but meh, let's get to the point. Custom headgears in this server have the same stats as the rest of the custom headgears found in game, as they are for cosmetic purposes! They do the same as the Newbie Wings and Newbie Halo you get when you start your character. There is no advantage or disadvantage when it comes to which headgear style choice no matter which you decide to choose (Quest, VIP, Donation, BG, Vote, etc!) Headgear attributes: Upper Headgears: +10 all stats, +10% resistance to Demi-Human, +2 mdef per refine level Middle Headgears: +20 all stats, +1% damage to Demi-Humans per refine level Lower Headgears: +10 all stats, +1 all stats per refine level With that said, here's my simple guide for the "Custom Quests" NPC in Caspen. Which you can find at caspen 161 188. "Custom Quests" NPC For those who are new to the server, the "Custom Quests" NPC is an NPC that'll give you custom headgears in exchange for items/ingredients/etc. When you talk to the "Custom Quests" NPC, you'll get 85 choices of custom headgears. The annoying part about it is... you'd have to go to the "Previewer" NPC at caspen 157 192 just to know what they look like! "Previewer" NPC THAT'S WHY I MADE THIS GUIDE. (for YOUR CONVENIENCE, I also included the items/ingredients needed for each headgear. Just click "Reveal hidden contents" under each headgear to see them. YOU ARE WELCOME! <3) Now, You can just tab to this window to check out what the headgear looks like once you decide which one you want. No more going back and forth just to see them damn headgears! and so... Enjoy...
  5. IGN: Pastry Crystal: Mia Screenshot:
  6. IGN: Odheliah Crystal: Perry the Platypus
  7. IGN: Silvanas Crystal: Vanilla
  8. I can finally max my Whitesmith! xDDDD! Nice one, Nove!