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  1. Ardee

    Want some twist??

    T>> my Bandage Scarf ++8 Waffle to your + Dc for your Falling Feather pm me here :)
  2. Ardee

    spam faster with /q1

    It is working on laptop??
  3. In-game-name: Madeleine Job or class: Prof Activity-time: any time Discord-tag: Renz0123
  4. IGN: Salvation Name or Nickname: Renz Tell us about your self: im a musician student and i love music :D Class or classes you want to play: Sinx, Wiz, or LK Are you willing to fill for classes needed: yeah Do you have Discord: yeah i have Renz0123 How active are you: 10-12hrs a day Timezone:  gmt +8
  5. Ardee

    +10 Shop

    how much +10 vmant??
  6. Ardee

    B>> Falling Feather

    B>> Falling Feather = Name your Price mail me or pm me IGN: Saoirse