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  1. Sad I missed it! Thank you for the journey from Inertia to Anomaly! It truly had the best memories. This server will always have a special place in my heart, always. Best wishes on your future endeavors, Perry!
  2. Force Lux

    False Accusation

    Alright, let's break it up. These pseudo intellectuals talking bout political standpoints and public filtering are trying to ruin the entire point of this topic and making it look stupid with each reply. If an action has been done, the this topic needs to be closed.
  3. I do understand this, but then again it's still directly affected by the said changes that took place. I'm putting this concern out because I'm part of the bracket of people that got affected by the changes. TBH, I've seen more in the said mentioned class than just having "utility". If stalkers had more things to offer rather than just either being "utility", or being a dps magic dealer, you wouldn't see me posting my thoughts and opinions about this. Just cause you justify that these magic classes need "priority" doesn't make my concern less important as again, this class is affected in line with the major update. (I mean I wouldn't bother if this was a Mage only rework thread, but you posted it for a reason). does this mean that stalkers will get a buff after you guys have completely omitted one of stalker's or other characters (if there are any) skill build variety (AKA magic)? cause it wouldn't make sense to me having to tweak the magic class without considering the overall impact it might and will make for other classes associated with it. Unless you're focusing on stalkers being mainly for "utility" in future updates.
  4. b-but this magic nerf also affects lower minority classes (AKA STALKER, HELLO, WE EXIST HERE) from the initial nerf of fbh matk % reduction, my matk decreased from the originally leveled 15k to the significantly reduced 11.9k, stalkers being half baked at everything deserves consideration before implementing these kinds of updates. imagine an 11.9k matk stalker and still being nerfed by -20% decrease overall damage to demi-human monsters. I bet the next couple of mag nerfs will put us mag stalkers further into the rabbit hole and closer to the brink of extinction. Stalkers should be inclined on build preference freedom so one can never argue that "stalkers have more potential as debuffers and utility characters". The recent stalker buff is nice, i have to agree but this, idk really. This makes me question the basis of nerfs from the balancing team as it's not really starting to sound that well-balanced to me.
  5. Force Lux

    False Accusation

    Just another point to be taken into consideration is the grounds for warning/sanction/ credibility of hired translator. We were yes clearly using our ethnic language to communicate in caspen but does this qualify as grounds for warning/muting? afaik, it's only valid as a violation if you're using @main as channel for communication. TBH, I've seen more toxicity between Saku's and Frankenstein's heated arguement prior to this event taking place. Oh the swear words were everywhere, Frankenstein got a ban and our boy Saku got away unscathed as per the usual. I mean it was okay, we let it slide since we thought of it lightly BUT, a friendly conversation between filipino friends cussing jokingly to each other apparently is NOT okay and ultimately led into getting mutes and warnings. Now idk if a biased judgement was at play, or you guys just had a pretty bad translator. I did see a guildmate's chat log and we weren't out to cuss other players from outside our group, so I was like "what grounds does this fall under?". Bio and culture diversity should be respected in an international server, you rarely hear us complaining but this is starting to sound like an absurd case of aggression/poor decision making on the GM team's part. PS: i also received a warning for excessive cussing among the reported bunch.
  6. I think this is actually a good suggestion, no complaints here. I'd +1 the softer solution though rather than the full opt-out, capture the point one and see how it goes from there.
  7. Force Lux

    A Kpop Thread

    why is my bias not here.
  8. Force Lux

    I'm Lazy

    No, you don't want to go down that road, believe me lol... -I believe the spawn rates of MVPs and Mini bosses are the same as what has been displayed in RMS. The stats have been boosted as well as the drop rates, but with respect to spawn time, it's the same as it has always been in line with the original RO spawn rates. as for the Replicated HGs, I'm not sure if you're referring to recolored ones or the ones you can buy from the donation shop? kindly elaborate as it seems pretty vague to me. but in an attempt to answer: 1). recolored HGs give more options for players to go with a specific color scheme that they want for their characters 2). as have been mentioned above, you can buy all the headgears available in different shops through the use of donation credits (but it's heavily advisable to just used the donation credits on its intended donation headgear shop rather than having to buy other headgears from other shops (eg: zeny shop/poring coin shop) using donation credits, as those resources can be easily obtained without the use of donating and are heavily abundant throughout the server.
  9. Force Lux

    I'm Lazy

    Hi, welcome to the server! I hope these will answer/address all of your questions: 1). Here's a complete list of headgears available from our donation shop: https://www.anomalyro.com/wiki/index.php/Donation_Shop *you can basically buy any headgears from any shop (PC, vote, BG, quest, zeny, and holiday) at the cost of 500dc *but anything from Donation Shops/KRO Donation Shops 1 & 2 are strictly in the currency of DCs. *MVP cards can be obtainrd through the use of Upgraded Card Album (UCA), but as far as listed MVP cards on demand, we don't have those (it's either through UCA or farming). *In essence, DC could actually work as a valid currency in purchasing desires items such as BG equips, MVP cards, and other weapons/accessories (with ofc the corresponding prices set by the sellers with respect to dc>zeny conversion). 2). it's actually dependent on the player, there are many ways to get money/items in this game, I guess one way to put it is through getting donation coupons to buy you the stuff you need (kinda like how you buy your way out of a specific game), there are also other features such as Gold Room, Contracts, MVP hunting and invasions, and farming (yes, AFK farming is not openly allowed as I know it is against the rules, but I know someone who runs 9 clients to afk farm for branches, unorthodoxed, but it seems to have been working pretty well). 3). as I've said from above, it is possible, but the delimitations of utility, I'm not aware of. You might want to contact a GM support staff for this. 4). While yes, it is true that this is a US based server, majority of the community is composed of SEA plauers (not that it's a bad thing), but we also have our fair share of westerners playing the game. Yay to culture diversity! 5). I believe mvps here are built for solo 1v1 matches, unlike instances like Niddhoggr's nest/endless tower which require you to organize a party with a certain number of members. dual clienting to hunt multiple MVPs at the same time or to use the other client to boost or benifit the hunting character is against the rules afaik. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask!
  10. Force Lux

    Sucked into AnomalyRO

    Stalker - Wanderer, leveling up fast, resource hunting, and doing merecenary work (PK in situational conditions) Probably cause: 1) Stalker has always been my main class eversince I started playing RO. 2). wanderer gives me mainly a great deal of advantage over other players. Being one step ahead of everyone in terms of battling capability, level, and resources can be a huge game-changer. Not really a "team" kind of guy as I like measuring my capabilities through independent battles, e d g y a f. but i am seeing myself as a soloist with large channels of connection from powerful and influential people. I also don't mind pairing up with people whom I know that are heavily capable of battling/supporting on different situations as I get heavily debuffed in team fights (harsh, but business is business boys).
  11. this reminds me of jack's sketches from titanic!