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  1. Chikunia hi cutie, welcome to the server. See you around 😎
  2. Tsokolate

    B>Ktullanx x2 = DC

    Pm me Samantha Fox Or mail got 2
  3. You so cuttie <3 . Welcome to ama find u :D
  4. Welcome to anomallyRO my friend see you aroooooooooooooooooound ! I Bet u going to join here . just be patient :D
  5. VEANKA <3 T_T tears of joy someone appreciates my work <3 thanka ganan hahah
  6. WELCOME TO ANOMALYRO. ENJOY YOUR STAY!!! , see you around ./gg
  7. 2b decent price for that card, and btw it would be best if u have 2 of them on ur armor, best investment for goldroom party.
  8. Ping is 166ms with original server // Philippines=MANILA All other servers gives me high ping, haven't took a test, but every time I ./sit its staticccccccccxxxzz
  9. May the force be with ya broh! MORE POWER
  10. Tsokolate

    I'm Lazy

    Hahahahahahaha (evil laugh), I want to know who will be the victim. HAHAHA <3 <3 <3 let him be a chicksilog
  11. Tsokolate

    I'm Lazy

    Female account and scam someone, here in PH we call it Chicksilog :D GOGO
  12. Tsokolate

    I'm Lazy

    Ahmmmm Go SOUL LINKER .. SL are OP with VESPER CARD, but u need kiels <3
  13. Tsokolate

    Sucked into AnomalyRO