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  1. MY TURN!! I can only see few people who caught my attention so i wont mention all class GYPSY Rozen & Jai: Simply the best, their screams can Stone Curse you IRL.
  2. IdK this game is trying so hard to make it pve, when pvp is all we wanted.
  3. TOO MUCH HONG HERE, 100% Reported.
  4. Awzm

    WoE Time #DST

    but cant sacrifice poop time~πŸ˜²πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ jkπŸ™Œ HAIL CHINA, HAIL XI JINPING
  5. Awzm

    WoE Time #DST

    may be they want it to be dead? maybe they hate lively and fun stufff?, but im with u on this one, pvp more fun than pvm. we all have some bad times during woe, but we still had fun. +999 on me being awesome.
  6. Awzm

    Ifrit's breath...

    i have no issue with that, but the fact that it is named "breath" it should be functioning similar to chilly breath... no offense. I also like hg that doesnt show until i move like black magic, but this is different lol
  7. Awzm

    Ifrit's breath...

    Is it possible to make Ifrit's Breath similar to Chilly Breath, where the breath is also shown while standing or sitting unlike the current Ifrit's Breath it only shows when u are moving around or doing some skills.
  8. Awzm

    Sucked into AnomalyRO

    stalker strip every girl u see and close confine, dont care about subclass
  9. Awzm

    Godly Quest Guide

    where is this human's prize?
  10. Who win for the month of april sir?
  11. Awzm

    Godly Quest Guide

    oh really?, if u get first place, u give me all ur prize(except title), deal?